JP Yogan Yalu & Genkos Adea (embodying Benim Yalu) — The prices we pay, Part 2

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Elliot Huxtable

Apr 22, 2021, 2:09:12 PM4/22/21

(( Timeskip – Nahx Café, Leran Manev, Trill – a few hours later ))

Having come to the café after each of his experiences thus far, and having ordered a raktajino each time, Yogan realized that he was probably over-doing it on the Klingon beverage.  Choosing something less stimulating this time, Yogan squinted in the midday sun as he finished the dregs of his Pyrellian ginger tea, and filled in details of Benim’s story that Genkos could no longer remember.

Yalu:  After months of chasing dead leads, Benim finally got the story.  It turns out that smugglers running weapons and illegal narcotics along the Helaspont Nebula were using Barisa as a waypoint between Federation and Tzenkethi space.  And the Barisan government was helping them evade capture in exchange for a cut.  Pretty damning stuff.

Adea:  ::sipping a dark mug of uttaberry tea, grateful to be in full control of his own body:: Indeed. And what was the fallout of that?

Yalu:  Benim’s reporting galvanised the people living there.  They organised, they demonstrated.  Eventually, the protestors became a full-fledged political movement.  They unseated the government at the next election.  ::beat:: But there was retaliation.

A well of sadness opened in the good doctor as he remembered the memories of Benim’s loss. It was as if he too had lost his partner and children. It would most likely fade, as had many of Erin’s memories. But still, he still had the occasional flash of knowledge about a particular plant, or a burst of passion for a topic he otherwise ignored. He was sure, though, that much like Erin, a little part of Benim would always stay in his brain, if not his heart.

Adea: Yaver and the children.

Yalu:  Exactly.  The bomb on that shuttlecraft was meant to assassinate Benim, but– ::long beat::  Well, you know.

Adea: Better than I care to. I can’t imagine how you live with so many different lifetimes of sadness. ::furrowing his brow:: What were their names… ::the memories were fading fast it seemed:: I can’t recall.

Yogan smiled slightly.  The tragedy of their deaths had always made Yogan reluctant to recall them, but after speaking with Benim and realizing how devoted he was to his family, Yogan pushed past the unpleasantness to experience the fullness of Benim’s lifetime of memories, including his happy marriage and two beautiful sons.

Yalu:  Hraz and Bror.  They were fifteen and fourteen years old.

Adea: Taken far too soon. ::he placed his mug down on the small table between them:: Can I ask, how does that affect you, as Yogan? Time and distance being what they are, and the fact that they both were and weren’t your children. I hope I’m not being dreadfully inconsiderate, I would just like to get more of my head around being a Trill.

Yogan set his empty cup on the table and tried to find the right words.  Explaining the nature of the relationship between host and symbiont to a non-Trill was never easy, even after 368 years.

Yalu:  On an intellectual level, I can distinguish between the memories that belong to Yogan and those that exist within Yalu.  ::beat::  But if we’re speaking about emotion, about how memories affect us, then they’re all mine.  I feel Benim’s memories, and all the others’, just as if they had happened to me.

Adea: It’s different being a telepath - if I want I could ::he waved a hand languidly at the punters around them:: take all these people’s lives and add them in some way to my own. Learn little bits and bobs from all of them. But you, you actually lived that life. ::he wriggled his fingers dismissively:: I’m sorry, I’m not articulating very well.

Yalu: No, you’re making perfect sense.  Even after being Joined for six years, it’s still complex and confusing.  ::beat, chuckling::  You’ve certainly had the opportunity to learn a few bits and bobs about me since we got there.  ::wryly::  Was it everything you hoped it would be?

Adea:  ::pursing his lips:: And more. I don’t know if “pleasurable” is quite the right word, but it has been an honour, for certain. 

Yalu:  And for me as well.  I feel privileged to have you, all four of you, sharing this experience with me.

Adea: If it isn’t too intrusive, may I ask how the others did? I’m assuming there weren’t any medical emergencies, ::he smiled:: seeing as I was never called…

The only difficult experience thus far had been with Yogan’s father, but the encounter had turned beautiful and moving, and not just for Yogan, but for Aydam and Omed as well.

Yalu:  ::chuckles::  Iljor-- erm, Ensign Etan, did masterfully.  I think I learned a few things about each of you, in addition to the hosts you embodied.  In about an hour, I’ll meet Commander MacKenzie right over there and it’ll be her turn.  Lieutenant Sirin is tomorrow morning.

Yogan was tempted to make a joke here, something about having security on standby in case things got raucous, but changed his mind.  Meidra had proven herself to be competent and professional in her dealings with the Nascaik and the Thama.  Her actions, and those of Commander MacKenzie, had likely averted a war and saved countless lives.  That should be her reputation, not a night in a holding cell.

Yalu:  I’m a lucky guy to have all of you as friends.


Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD (embodying Benim Yalu)
Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer
USS Resolution


Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145

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