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Sep 25, 2021, 2:46:56 AMSep 25
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Sickbay, Rinascita Station ))

Yalu:  But I am afraid we cannot just ignore Dr. Keita’s distress call.  He is a Human, from Earth, which makes him a Federation citizen, and our duty to protect.  We will need to speak with him, or at least see evidence demonstrating to our satisfaction that his injuries were not the result of foul play.

Ugh, that could have been done better.  His hand subtly went to his right pocket, where he’d secreted the programmable hypospray full of benzocyatizine.  Maybe he was being paranoid, but his little monologue just now sounded more like Auzell than Yogan.  He let the concern pass from his thoughts, at least for now, but he would need to be careful.  No swashbuckling or courtroom dramas here, please.

Morka: I understand your duty, but even you, as a former Doctor, must understand we need to make sure he lives first.

Yogan winced.  Morka would have had no idea, considering the two had only just met, but the Argelian referring to Yogan as a former doctor stung him, somewhat unexpectedly.  Morka wasn’t wrong, but “former doctor” was not how Yogan would characterize himself.  Doctor-on-hiatus, perhaps?  Doctor-on-secondment-to-helm, maybe?

Morgan: I agree with Dr. Morka… The extent of the injuries were not insignificant – it may be in the patient’s best interest to keep him sedated for a little while.

Yogan bit his lip.  Former doctor was accurate.  So wrapped up was he in trying to solve a mystery where none had yet been confirmed to exist, he’d overlooked the fact that the patient wasn’t even yet out of the woods.

Sirin: I can sense that he wishes to awaken. But past that, I am not able to read his thoughts. As a counselor, I know that there are times where people feel safer in their own mind, to protect themselves. I do not feel that with this patient. He wants to be awake. 

If there existed a god to whom Yogan felt moved to give praise, he would have said a prayer of thanksgiving in that moment for the presence of one Meidra Sirin.  Not only did she artfully pivot the proceedings away from what Yogan had just said, but she also defected attention from him in the process, allowing him to step back and get both some metaphorical and literal perspective of the situation.

Morka: Well that's good! He has a will to live.

Morgan: Doctor, would you mind giving me a hand?

Morka: Yes, Doctor. I'll happily assist you. You just tell me what you need!

Morgan: I’d like you to watch how I’m closing this wound – I’ve got a trick for making sure things heal with minimal scarring.

Sirin: response

From off to the side, Yogan watched Kyle take his station counterpart under his wing, walking him patiently through the procedure, then handing the device over and allowing him to try it on his own.  Did he feel jealous of Kyle?  He expected he would, but he didn’t.  Later, with some time to reflect on the experience, he might try to understand why not.  Preferably in Meidra’s office, in the wee hours of morning, over a mug of glurtch.

Morgan: I’d like you to finish closing this wound using this technique while I speak with my colleagues. I’ll be back in a moment to check your work.

Morka: Yes, Doctor. Right away!

With a nod, Kyle beckoned Yogan and Meidra to the far corner of the room.  One didn’t need to be a telepath to predict what was coming.

Morgan: Commander, respectfully, we don’t know this man’s role in what happened here. If your inquiries take a tone that’s too aggressive, you risk alienating him before we learn exactly what happened.

Yogan nodded.  A fair assessment.  Heavy-handedness seldom accomplished much.  Yogan wondered whether the preoccupation with his current medical predicament with his past host had become a self-fulfilling prophecy, or if Yogan himself was trying too hard to prove something.  Either was plausible, and neither was much of an excuse.  Oh, why couldn’t CloQ show up now, and let Yogan repeat the last five minutes over and over until he got it right?  With nowhere to go but forward, Yogan accepted Morgan’s candor, then turned his attention back toward the situation at hand.

Yalu:  Your concerns are noted.  ::beat::  And appreciated.  What can you tell us about the patient?

Sirin: response

Morgan: It was very clearly a disruptor blast, but I don’t think my friend over there has enough training in forensics to be able to tell much more than that. For as deep as it was, the shot had to have come from a very close range, so the doctor either never saw the blast coming, or he knew the person who did it.

Yalu:  Interesting.  What do you think, Meidra?

Sirin: response

Morgan: I don’t disagree that it’s probably better that the patient remain sedated, though I don’t agree that it’s totally necessary… The sedation he’s under is pretty heavy, likely on purpose. Regardless, it may buy us some time as the other teams try to learn more, and I think there’s more our friend can tell us, but I’d suggest a change in tactics.

Kyle seemed to have established a quick rapport with Morka.  Yogan disliked where his reasoning immediately took him, but that rapport was currency they could use to their advantage.  Shaking the more unsavory components of that thought, he stuck with the basic premise:  If Kyle and Morka continued to hit it off, things kept from escalating, it may give them all some more information to work with.

Yalu:  Good idea.

Sirin: response

Morgan: Hey, that’s pretty good. What did you think of the technique?

Morka: response

On the biobed, Dr. Keita was still unconscious, but he trembled and his body jolted as if he was hit again.

Yalu:  What was that?

Morka / Morgan / Sirin:  response

Yalu:  His body reacted as if he’d just been shot.

Morka / Morgan / Sirin:  response

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