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Elliot Huxtable

May 25, 2021, 2:13:26 PMMay 25

((The Cave of Survivors, Briar Patch planet))

Gabbro had manipulated themselves into the form of a rocky chair for the oldest of these fleshy beings. They liked the old one, they seemed amusing. 

Gabbro: ~ The Skarn try to show deference to our elders. ~

R'mor: I don't know that I fully trust you. I hope you can understand my hesitation. But I am willing to meet your leader.

Gabbro: ~ I am glad to hear it. Arbelo will take time to trust you too, I am sure. ~

Francis: And of course let them know we mean no harm as well. We just want to go home.

Yozal: Yes - we are stuck here… We crashed on your planet by accident.

Gabbro was sad for these flow; they seemed to be stuck on the planet of the Skarn with no hope of rescue. Hopefully Arbelo would be able to help them. And that they would be willing to. If they weren’t, Gabbro might have to have a thought with them.

R'mor: How far is your leader?

Gabbro: ~ I do not know how you measure distance, but not far. Maybe twenty minutes as the stone throws ~

R'mor: Alright. ::turning towards the survivors in the cave:: Everyone, stick together. We go as one. ::turning back to the creature:: Lead the way.

Gabbro shifted their rocks slightly to be more comfortable for Ferdzy, and then started off. They floated along seamlessly, light as air; the extra added weight of the old one might have been a problem for them in years past, but recently their telepathy had come along leaps and bounds.

Yozal: If you don’t mind me asking, how are you able to manipulate the rocks? Telepathically - as you talk to us?

Gabbro: ~ I would assume so. I am afraid I do not understand how it works; it just comes naturally to us. Even the youngest Skarn know how to use the rocks to survive. ~

Yozal: How many of your kind are there?

Gabbro: ~ There are many Skarn. We number at around one hundred. ~

Ferzdy:  Gabbro, might you be so kind as to recline a bit?  The trip has me feeling a little fatigued.

Gabbro: ~ Of course. ~

The Romulan old-timer relaxed into the seat as it morphed to accommodate his request, and Gabbro felt his mind relax. It appeared he was content.

R’mor / Yozal / Francis: response

(( OOC:  Please continue as desired. ))

(( Near the Cave of Retribution, Briar Patch Planet ))

Gabbro came to a lilting halt outside of the cave, and they felt Ferdzy jerk awake. Or possibly just pay attention, they weren’t sure. Either way, he spoke to Gabbro. 

Ferzdy:  Have we arrived, Gabbro?

Gabbro: ~ Indeed, we have. ~

Ferzdy:  Thank you for the lift.  ::standing::  I think I can take it from here.

Gabbro: ~ I will go first, and tell Arbelo of your arrival. ~

R’mor / Yozal / Francis:  response

Gabbro floated off, shedding off the rocks as they did so, until they were barely more than a glowing ball of rock. It was a sign of trust to the other members of the Skarn that they went about lightly armoured when in their caves, but it was also a sign to Arbelo that Gabbro trusted their guests.

Gabbro: ~ Arbelo, the Stranded are here. ~

Arbelo / R’mor / Yozal / Francis / Ferzdy:  response

Gabbro: ~ I truly believe they mean us no harm, Arbelo. ~

Arbelo / R’mor / Yozal / Francis / Ferzdy:  response




a Skarn 


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Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD

Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer

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