Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti - Into the Briar Patch

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Marissa Jeffrey

May 6, 2021, 1:04:58 PMMay 6
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((Conference Room, Deck 1, USS Resolution))

Having given her first officer a very much deserved promotion, Kali allowed her a moment in the spotlight. It was only then that she turned her thoughts towards the next mission and the limited information that they had been given to go off of. The holographic image of the Briar Patch remained, suspended over the center of the table for everyone to see. Kali gestured towards it.

Nicholotti: This is the area of sector 441 known as the Briar Patch.

She magnified the gas-cloud so that it appeared in greater detail and obscured her view of some of the others around the large table.

Nicholotti: For those who do not know, this area of space is known for its hazards to travel. It's flooded with radiation and harmful fluctuations that require traversing the area at less than a third impulse. 

Letting the information sink in for a moment, she glanced around the room. As there were no pressing questions, she continued.

Nicholotti: A few hours ago, the station received a distress call from the Starfleet survey ship Hanno. They tried to respond, but nothing further has been heard. The Hanno is an Oberth-refit, designed specifically to survey potentially habitable planets and other specific spatial anomalies within the area. The distress call states that they were going down, but their exact location is obscured by the hazards of the Briar Patch itself. No further information has been recieved. 

The holographic image of the cloud shifted and changed as it offered different viewpoints for the crew to see.

Nicholotti: We are being dispatched primarily as a rescue for the stricken ship, and to find out why they have not been able to contact the station beyond their general distress call. That means the Resolution needs to be prepared to travel in this area as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Turning the projector off, she started her way around the table.

Nicholotti: Doctor Adea and Counselor Sirin, aside from preparing for whatever medical trauma we may face when we find the Hanno, I need you to assist in preparing for away team activities in potentially harmful areas. The idea that she went down on a planet bombarded by any of the harmful aspects of the sector is far from unthinkable.

Adea/Sirin: Responses?

Nicholotti: And be prepared for any potential exposure here as well.

After all, with the various kinds of radiation pelting the hull and the shields, one wrong turn could get them all in a very bad place. At least they had a great team on it. 

Nicholotti: Lieutenant Sherlock, assist them and make sure we cover the security needs for such excursions please.

Sherlock: Responses?

If the Hanno went down, there was a very high chance that at least a team would have to go after them. Kali looked towards the science team.

Nicholotti: Our science team is going to need to focus on understanding what we face, exactly. Lieutenants Yellir and Etan, I need you two to become experts on the Briar Patch, and then Liaise with Lieutenant Yalu and Commander Ilsam to develop contingency plans for the ship. 

Etan/Yellir: Responses?

Then Kali looked at the second half of that group.

Nicholotti: While you wait to hear from them, you can start looking at ways to outfit the Resolution to minimum impulse manifold overheating, and avoid losing our shields at the worst possible moments. Ensign Nox and Commander Amari can assist.

Yalu/Ilsam/Nox: Responses?

The acting chief engineer simply nodded towards her and Kali moved on.

Nicholotti: Commander MacKenzie, prepare the ship for departure and get us underway. I will be taking our guest on a tour of the Resolution.

MacKenzie: Responses?

Kali gestured towards her old friend. The crew had all undoubtedly noticed the woman there, so now it was time to introduce them.

Nicholotti: This is Senator Vreeya of the Romulan Star Empire here as my guest and an observer. Please assist her in any way possible throughout our trip. ::Kali paused, but not long enough for there to be any thoughts shared.:: Are there any questions?

Vreeya/Any: Responses?



Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Resolution


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