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Meidra Sirin

Sep 23, 2021, 11:41:13 AMSep 23
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Sickbay, Rinascita Station ))


The counselor easily put on her mask of Vulcan impartiality and listened carefully to the words around her. There was something off on this station, but then again, no place was inherently perfect. She could not let her awareness of the everyday frustrations of the station’s crew make her believe something more sinister was hiding beneath the surface. She had enough to worry about navigating the emotional issues of her own crew.

Morgan: Can you tell us what happened?

Morka: Well, I'm not really sure what happened…

If this were true, the station was in need of better medical personnel. Meidra could sense a bit of nervousness from this man, but no real malice. She followed his gaze to the man lying on the biobed nearby, observing the wound and hoping that she would not be called upon to assist in any spontaneous surgery.

Morka: ::pointing to the wound:: As you can see, this was a close energy discharge. Was it a weapon? Was it a localized plasma discharge from a damaged conduit? I don't know. I got here after the fact.

Meidra was not a doctor, but had seen enough injuries in her life to wonder what type of medical training this man had received. A correspondence course of some kind? Perhaps advertised on some breakfast food product the humans were known to consume.

Yalu:  Even if the exact cause is unknown, we would be interested to hear your professional opinion, Doctor.

Sirin: Surely someone would have seen this incident?

Morgan: You said you got here after the fact? What happened when you arrived?

Morka: I stabilized and sedated him so I could work on the wound itself. Though ::gesturing around the sickbay:: I'm rather limited to what I have to work with. Usually the worst injury on Rinascita is a bruise from fighting. We don't get a lot of injuries here.

The fact that the man couldn’t tell them what the injury was spoke volumes of this assessment.

Yalu:  The limited facilities are certainly no fault of yours.  ::beat, gestures to himself and his team::  We’ve all cared for patients under less-than-ideal circumstances.  We know how difficult it can be.

Yogan was a bit obvious. Meidra put a benign smile on her face, realizing that it was her turn to speak. These people were not Vulcans, they did not have the smug indifference to questioning that plagued her father’s people. Perhaps she could get information without resorting to trickery.

Sirin: Did you manage to speak with him before his unconsciousness?

Morka: response

Meidra nodded, her gaze flickering from the patient to the supposed doctor. It was obvious that someone on this station was not telling the full truth, but without proof, there was little she could do at this time. She would continue to monitor the crew’s reactions to questions.

Morgan: Can you walk me through any theories you might have?

Morka: response 

Morgan: Would you mind if I take a look? Our instruments may be able to provide a more thorough analysis…

Morka: Response

Sirin: Is there a time you believe the doctor will awaken? His injuries do not appear life threatening, but as I am not a physician, I defer to your prognosis.

Yogan spoke up next, and Meidra made a show of checking her medkit to remind Morka that they could certainly scan the patient themselves to get more information.

Yalu:  We would also like very much to speak with Dr. Keita.  ::beat::  When your security chief retracted the distress call, he said that the doctor was in a panic.  We’d like to know what caused that panic.  Can you revive him?

Morka:  response

Yogan bit his lip. Meidra resisted the urge to do the same. Something was not quite right on the station, and the more time spent there, the more uneasy she became.

Yalu:  I see.  ::beat::  We appreciate your allowing us to board your station and– ::beat:: visit.  Believe me, I know how you must feel.  When I practiced medicine, there’s nothing I liked less than when some doctor I’d never met interfered with how I treat my patients.

Sirin: Especially when all the pertinent facts were not presented.

Morka / Morgan:  response

Yalu:  But I am afraid we cannot just ignore Dr. Keita’s distress call.  He is a Human, from Earth, which makes him a Federation citizen, and our duty to protect.  We will need to speak with him, or at least see evidence demonstrating to our satisfaction that his injuries were not the result of foul play.

Morka / Morgan:  response

Sirin: I can sense that he wishes to awaken. But past that, I am not able to read his thoughts. As a counselor, I know that there are times where people feel safer in their own mind, to protect themselves. I do not feel that with this patient. He wants to be awake. 

Yalu/Morgan/Morka: responses

Meidra waited to see if they would be granted access to the patient. It would be seemly to examine a man who was already being tended to by...a medical professional. 

Anyone: response

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