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Sep 23, 2021, 12:57:48 AMSep 23
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Sickbay, Rinascita Station ))

The away teem had been greeted warmly, even fervently, by the station’s junior doctor.  Physicians occasionally trended toward the macabre–Yogan had known his share of doctors and medical students who thrived on grisly humor–but Morka’s bloody-handed have hello surprised even Yogan.  Eager to move past the jarring overture, he segued to the purpose of their visit.

Yalu:  Thank you for welcoming us aboard.  I am sure you can understand our concern.  Your CMO’s distress call was rather worrisome.

Morgan: Indeed… Has the situation been resolved?

Morka:  Yes, yes. I mean, most of the time Rinascita is pretty unremarkable. ::shurgging:: until today. ::pointing over to the biobed with Keita on it::

Yogan looked over Morka’s shoulder at the station’s chief medical officer, the sedated Dr. Keita.  Yogan squinted at the monitors adjacent to the biobed, unsuccessfully trying to read the patient’s vitals.

Sirin:  At times, something that seems innocuous can grow into a real concern. If nothing else, we are gratified to establish that all is as it should be here.

Yogan seconded Meidra’s erudition with a nod.  As Morgan began asking questions, Yogan took the opportunity to get a closer look at the place.  He was no stranger to hospitals, he damn near lived in them for years as a med student.  Rinascita was a small station, but he did strike Yogan as a bit odd that, aside from Morka and the incapacitated Dr. Keita, the sickbay was empty.

Morgan: Can you tell us what happened?

Morka: Well, I'm not really sure what happened…

Yogan looked over his shoulder with a raised eyebrow, then rejoined the group as they walked over to Keita’s biobed.

Morka: ::pointing to the wound:: As you can see, this was a close energy discharge. Was it a weapon? Was it a localized plasma discharge from a damaged conduit? I don't know. I got here after the fact.

Yogan glanced at Morgan, then at Sirin, trying to take his own advice and walk the line between curiosity and suspicion.  It was hard, because what Morka said didn’t make much sense to him.  All energy discharges were not created equal.  A weapon left a rather different-looking wound to a piece of exploding conduit or a plasma fire.

Yalu:  Even if the exact cause is unknown, we would be interested to hear your professional opinion, Doctor.

Sirin: response

Morgan: You said you got here after the fact? What happened when you arrived?

Morka: I stabilized and sedated him so I could work on the wound itself. Though ::gesturing around the sickbay:: I'm rather limited to what I have to work with. Usually the worst injury on Rinascita is a bruise from fighting. We don't get a lot of injuries here.

Judging from Yogan’s quick look around the place, that was a fair statement.  Rinascita’s sickbay wasn’t exactly an exemplar of modern medical science.  The spartan facility actually made Yogan grateful for Resolution’s small, but extremely well-appointed counterpart, and her skilled staff.  He couldn’t imagine Genkos or Kyle greeting a patient with a Hi’Yo while covered in another’s blood.

Yalu:  The limited facilities are certainly no fault of yours.  ::beat, gestures to himself and his team::  We’ve all cared for patients under less-than-ideal circumstances.  We know how difficult it can be.

Yogan hoped that his interjection might build some rapport with Morka, perhaps enough for him to open up to Meidra about what was really going on at this station.

Sirin: response

Morgan: Can you walk me through any theories you might have?

Morka: response 

Morgan: Would you mind if I take a look? Our instruments may be able to provide a more thorough analysis…

Morka: Response

Sirin: response

Yalu:  We would also like very much to speak with Dr. Keita.  ::beat::  When your security chief retracted the distress call, he said that the doctor was in a panic.  We’d like to know what caused that panic.  Can you revive him?

Morka:  response

Yogan bit his lip.  Surely, if there was nothing to hide, there was nothing to lose by allowing them to speak to Dr. Keita.  Maybe it was time to take a different tack.  Yogan did his best to moderate his tone of voice.

Yalu:  I see.  ::beat::  We appreciate your allowing us to board your station and– ::beat:: visit.  Believe me, I know how you must feel.  When I practiced medicine, there’s nothing I liked less than when some doctor I’d never met interfered with how I treat my patients.

Morka / Morgan / Sirin:  response

Yalu:  But I am afraid we cannot just ignore Dr. Keita’s distress call.  He is a Human, from Earth, which makes him a Federation citizen, and our duty to protect.  We will need to speak with him, or at least see evidence demonstrating to our satisfaction that his injuries were not the result of foul play.

Ugh, that could have been done better.  His hand subtly went to his right pocket, where he’d secreted the programmable hypospray full of benzocyatizine.  Maybe he was being paranoid, but his little monologue just now sounded more like Auzell than Yogan.  He let the concern pass from his thoughts, at least for now, but he would need to be careful.  No swashbuckling or courtroom dramas here, please.

Morka / Morgan / Sirin:  response

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