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Meidra Sirin

Sep 22, 2021, 11:49:33 AMSep 22
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Rinascita Station ))

Grendle kept a placid expression on his pale face. It would serve no purpose to invite discord into this discussion. Once this farce was completed, he would go for his next meal of bone marrow, imagining it was bones from a certain security officer. He waited patiently for the other officers to introduce themselves. The pink one with the unusual eyes was next, and he sensed a pure love of science within her. This one, he may consider conversation with in the near future. 


Yellir: ::bowing slightly:: Junior Grade Lieutenant, Hallia Yellir. I’m a Science Officer aboard, it’s lovely to make your acquaintances. I’m certain I will thoroughly enjoy looking through your science facilities. 


Etan: Response?


Careswell:  ::chuckles::  Heh, I could tell you anything you want to know about our security arrangements, not that we have many.  But for the sciencey stuff, you’ll have to ask my friend Grendle here.

 Grendle noted with mild interest the way Careswell stared at him. He didn’t miss the way the man’s hand lingered by his side, close to his phaser. He was not impressed by the show of strength. Those who depended on weapons had no concept of honor. Respect for science was the true measure of a being’s worth.


Grendle:  I am certain of my ability to do so, yes.


Adyr : Good. Then perhaps we can get started.


Yellir: What does this station specialise in? Do you have multiple officers that work towards a singular purpose? Or do you prefer to generalize?


Etan:  response


Grendle: We are a simple station, reclamation of water from the atmosphere is our primary goal.

 He remembered one of his human colleagues once saying that a good philosophy when explaining science to a group with varied intelligence levels was something called KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid. Trying not to glance over at Careswell, it was difficult not to smirk.

Sherlock: And what about you, Chief? You have many security issues here?


Careswell: response


Adyr: Seems reasonable for a small station.


Yellir: What sort of technology do you use for your procedures? Have you modified any of your instruments to better streamline such a task?


Etan:  response


Grendle: It is a mundane, yet common enough procedure. I am certain you have better things to observe than an old scientist bringing hydrogen and oxygen together to water their plants.


Careswell: response


Adyr: Oh, but we are here to observe your work. It is fascinating, research on the edge of the frontier. 


The pink one’s smile grew increasingly huge. Grendle wondered if he should offer to share some marrow in his office and get to understand what had brought such a cheery person into the world of science. What they were all doing on this mismanaged station was hardly a cause of celebration.


Yellir: You sound like an expert in your field, perhaps… a demonstration would be in order? I’ve always been very fascinated by the process of water reclamation. It’s such a noble goal for a scientist to dedicate themselves towards.


Etan: response


Sherlock: Yes, we'd love to see the work you do. ::pointing to Iljor and Hallia:: Especially these two.


Grendle: I see. They have some fascination with the production of water?

Careswell: response


Adyr: These are our two brightest science officers. While I am certain to be awed by the work, they will find the meaning in it. 


Grendle stretched to his full height, looking carefully from one intruder to the next. His long black hair, currently in a complicated braid down his back, was styled in the manner of a warrior from his people’s shrouded history. He felt a bit like a warrior, but who exactly he was meant to fight was still in question.


Grendle: The meaning is more water. ::glances at Careswell:: But if it is permitted, I see no reason why you may not observe.

Careswell: response


Sherlock: Response?


Etan: response 

Grendle did not miss the look shared between the Trill woman and the human security officer at her side. Nor did he miss the pink one casually turning on her recording device, but would not mention it where Careswell could hear. No one had mistepped, and Grendle was content to keep it that way for as long as possible. 

Adyr: Yes, I look forward to seeing it. So far the station is quite unique. How long have you been here?


Grendle: Since the beginning of the project. It has been a most...unique experience thus far. When I am allowed to do my work, it pleases me greatly to learn more of our experiment. Knowledge paired with intelligence is a boon to be respected. Not all have this capability.

Careswell: response

 That didn’t deserve a response, so the tall scientist remained silent.

Sherlock: Response?


Yellir: Ooh?! That long? I would never have guessed! Everything looks brand new, even the environment is quite sterile and incredibly clean. 


Etan: response


Yellir: I do suppose that’s the benefit of having a smaller crew, everything is often much more manageable on a smaller scale. 


Grendle: In truth, there are times where I believe being alone on the station would be most beneficial. ::turns to Careswell:: It would certainly make your job easier to only protect one being here.

Careswell: response


Adyr/Sherlock/Etan: Response?


Yellir: Was this station always dedicated to water reclamation? Or did it serve some other purpose previously?


Grendle: The station is doing exactly as it was meant to do. Anything other would be illogical.

Careswell: response

 Let the fool prattle, the sooner this was over with, the sooner he could kick Careswell out of his lab. 

Adyr/Sherlock/Etan: Response?


 MSNPC Grendle, scientist first class

as simmed by

Lt Meidra Sirin                                                                                                                                     Counseling Officer                                                                                                                             USS Resolution                                                                                                                                   R239707MS0

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