JP - Commodore V’Airu & Maj Greaves - End of an Era, Part 1

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Jun 24, 2022, 2:10:25 PM6/24/22
to USS 'Oumuamua – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Main Mess Hall, Deck 7, USS ‘Oumuamua)) 

With repairs and refit finally completed, the Oumuamua was finally approaching the time to launch again back out into the void. The crew had a few days left in shore leave as the ship took on a full restock of cargo and supplies, but it wouldn’t be long until the Luna class was once again sailing under her own power in the Gamma Quadrant. With that impending launch came something else that had to be done. Recognition. 

The near destruction of the Thor had been devastating, but in crisis the true colors of her crew had been revealed. Wes had heard that adversity reveals a person’s true character, and adversity was something to be had in spades on that planet. Acts of bravery became the standard as the crew had fought to save the ship and their crewmates. More importantly for their new posting, the crew of the Thor hadn’t been the only ones to reveal their character that day. The skeleton crew of the ‘Oumuamua also had faced their own adversity in the Dominion Battlecruiser and the battles that had followed. Now those multitude of acts would be recognized  for all to see.

Wes stood in the center of the mess hall, one of the largest rooms on the vessel. Him and several of the ship’s petty officers had spent an hour clearing out the main portion of the room, pushing tables and chairs to the walls to create a large open space in the center. Usually framed by tables, the inlaid seal of the ‘Oumuamua now was clearly visible in the center of the floor. Crew from the ship had already begun arriving and Wes glanced toward where he’d placed the small metal boxes containing the number of awards. Every box still lay where he’d left them on a table near the door. It was then that the double doors to the mess slid apart to reveal Commodore V’Airu.

Greaves: Good evening, ma’am. 

V’Airu: Major. 

Greaves: We’re pretty much ready here. 

Ossa examined the mess hall, which indeed had been transformed from the utilitarian space she was just coming to know. It wasn’t a grand ballroom or a soaring auditorium – it was a mess hall, after all – but it was festive, and would serve well for the ship’s first award ceremony.

V’Airu: Well done, Greaves, and thank you. We have time to spare?

She glanced at the few officers and crew who were already there, which included no members of the senior staff. Greaves followed her gaze and interpreted it correctly.

Greaves: (Motioning toward the handful of crew near the back) Some got here early, but everyone else should get here in the next 15 minutes. 

V’Airu: Speaking of. I arranged for a guest.

She couldn’t have timed his arrival better if she’d tried. She’d asked him to arrive about twenty minutes before the ceremony, which meant that he was both late and early. The privilege, she thought, of a CO: to be late when early, and early when late. Because who would disagree?

Kells: Commodore V’Airu, thank you for the invitation. (to Greaves, with a grin) Hello, Wes. 

Wes smiled widely at the sudden appearance of his former CO, a pleasant and unexpected surprise. He’d been so busy with the ‘Oumuamua refit and personnel transfers that the Marine hadn’t seen much of Commodore Kells in the month  they’d been in spacedock.

Greaves: Sir, it’s good to see you again. I gotta say, it’s a surprise. 

Kells: It seemed only fitting that I help toast my former crew. I couldn’t say no when the commodore asked.

V’Airu: (raising an eyebrow) You could have. But I’m pleased you didn’t.

Wes’s grin grew and he offered a strong handshake as he closed to within Aron’s personal space before stepping back. 

Greaves: Same. I think the former crew of the Thor will appreciate it too… Speaking of… with two Commodores… how’re we doing this? 

Kells: I think the plan is for me to start and finish, and for the commodore to take the middle. All with your help, if you don’t mind, Wes.

Interesting, Ossa thought. He, Kells, had such a personable style with his command staff. True, he was talking to his XO – his former XO – but the sense Ossa had was that he might have spoken to Ulasso or Toz, two of the newer senior ensigns, the same way. So far, she hadn’t noticed any major differences in their command styles, but this was certainly a major difference, and one that she planned to observe throughout the ceremony to understand more about how this CO interacted with his former crew.

Greaves: Of course.

V’Airu: We have only to wait for them to arrive.

It didn’t take long, and the group of three busied themselves with preparation – making sure they had the correct ribbons and the correct pips in the correct order in the boxes that Greaves had prepared, and that sort of thing – and before they knew it, the ceremony was ready to begin. Ossa allowed Kells to take the makeshift stage first, and he and Major Greaves clambered up makeshift steps onto a slightly raised platform. 

Kells: Hello and good evening, ‘Oumuamua! I’m Aron Kells, for those who don’t know me, former CO of the Thor, where most of you previously served. I’m grateful to say that Commodore V’Airu invited me here to help recognize you for exemplary service during the Thor’s final mission, and I’m very happy to be here. (with a glance at V’Airu) When your name is called, please join me and Major Greaves, or Commodore V’Airu and Major Greaves, onstage. Please also hold your applause until the end. A reception will follow the awards and promotions. (beat, slight smile) Any questions?

As soon as they had climbed the steps the crowd had begun quieting down, and once the Commodore began speaking the room was silenced. Being a mess hall, there were no bright lights or darkened audience and Wes was able to see out over the assembled officers with ease. His gaze shifted from face to face as the assembled remained silent, no questions being raised. 

Greaves: I’d say they’re ready sir. 


JP by:


Commodore Aron Kells

Commanding Officer

USS Thor


he/him/his (character & player)


Commodore Ossa V'Airu

Commanding Officer

USS 'Oumuamua

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Major Wes Greaves

Executive Officer

Marine Detachment Commander

USS ‘Oumuamua



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