JP - Commodore V’Airu & Maj Greaves - End of an Era, Part 3

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Jun 24, 2022, 3:09:14 PMJun 24
to USS 'Oumuamua – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Main Mess Hall, Deck 7, USS ‘Oumuamua ))

Greaves: If you’ll allow me Commodore, I’d like to do the next couple.

Kells: Certainly. Actually, why don’t I duck away for a moment. Commodore V’Airu?

Ossa stood, her impeccable posture while sitting becoming her impeccable posture while standing, and took two swift steps to stand beside Greaves. Kells shuffled offstage, and Ossa took the box of ribbons and pips from Greaves.

Wes smiled and nodded before looking back out onto the small crowd of officers. His eyes scanned the room until they finally landed on their target. Ensign Kessler.

Greaves: Jack Kessler, if you’d please join us?

With a motion of his hand, Wes gestured toward the steps and a few seconds later the Thor’s former tactical officer was standing between Wes and V’Airu.

Greaves: Jack, we spent a not insignificant amount of time on that bridge together in some of the most dire circumstances. Your ingenuity and grit were pivotal in getting the Thor off planet safely. The repairs to the torpedo system, and the modification of the firing system to operate underwater… well we probably wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t pulled it off. For that, we’re awarding you the Captain’s Commendation.

V’Airu: Your record is stellar, Kessler. I’m pleased to be a part of your next step.

As the commodore spoke, Wes pinned the crimson medal on Kessler’s chest, and then turned to receive the darkened bit of metal from Commodore V’Airu.

Greaves: And like your peers, you too are being promoted. Earned in the fires of crisis, few officers now have the experience you have, and with that experience comes this added responsibility. Congratulations Lieutenant JG.

Kessler: Response

Wes brought his hands together to start the newest round of applause and everyone immediately joined in as Jack took his seat, blending back into the audience. As the clapping died down, Wes again scanned the faces of those assembled until finally landing upon their Saurian helmsman.

Greaves: Our next officer to be recognized is Ensign Ulasso. Ensign, Please, join us.

Polite clapping resumed as the Saurian clambered forward and up onto the makeshift stage.

Greaves: Ensign, recognition for positive actions can be hard sometimes. We don’t always see the good things that all of our officers do. In this instance however, internal sensors were still recording during the ship’s evacuation. After I gave the order to abandon ship, you made your way to an aft escape pod on deck 1 of the Thor, but there you were presented with a choice. A family was also trying to board that escape pod and there wasn’t room for you and them both. In that moment you chose the selfless action, one that likely would result in your death. You chose to give up your seat and return to the helm as the Thor was still falling out of the sky.

V’Airu: I also recognize your helm skills during the ‘Oumuamua’s run-in with the UDP battlecruiser. You are second to none, Ulasso.

Taking the ribbon from V’Airu, Wes examined it closely, taking a small moment to recognize the significance of the Silver Star before pinning it to Ulasso.

Ulasso: Response

Greaves: And there’s one more thing as well. Not to be outdone by your peers, you too have gained valuable experience and demonstrated you are more than capable of rising to any occasion. For that, you’re being promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Holding his hand out, yet still looking to Ulasso with a smile, Wes waited for V’Airu to drop the small pip into his hand before pinning it on the Saurian’s collar.

V’Airu: Congratulations, Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Ulasso: Response

The crowd once again applauded and Wes joined in as Ulasso climbed down and disappeared back into the group of assembled officers. Stepping back from the edge of the stage, Wes resumed his position holding the box of ribbons and rank insignia, smiling as he took it from Commodore V’Airu.

V’Airu: Thank you. I now have the honor of recognizing more of my incoming officers. I shall begin with Lieutenant Corelli.

Corelli’s hairless pate was obvious as he cut through the small crowd and joined Ossa and Greaves onstage.

V’Airu: It is my honor to present you with the Purple Heart, the Innovation Ribbon, and the Captain’s Commendation. Lieutenant, your engineering innovations allowed the Thor to avoid sinking and allowed the ship to move under its own power, and allowed transport through Dominion shields. You were injured, but were still able to carry out your duties. (beat) You have the thanks of your crewmates and superiors. (beat) I will rely on you. Beware.

Greaves: There aren’t many officers out there that could have pulled it all off Corelli. Damn fine job.

Corelli: Response

V’Airu: However, before you leave, I wish to make your position more secure. It is my genuine pleasure to promote you to the rank of full lieutenant and the position of permanent chief of engineering, effective immediately.

Ossa removed the hollow pip from Corelli’s collar and, once Greaves had handed the solid pip over, placed it next to its twin.

V’Airu: My congratulations, Lieutenant.

Corelli: Response

V’Airu: Yes. You may return to your seat.


JP by:
Commodore Aron Kells
Former Commanding Officer
USS Thor
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Commodore Ossa V'Airu
Commanding Officer
USS 'Oumuamua
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Major Wes Greaves
Executive Officer
Marine Detachment Commander
USS ‘Oumuamua
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