JP - Commodore V’Airu & Maj Greaves - End of an Era, Part 4

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Jacob Rittenhouse

Jun 24, 2022, 3:14:02 PMJun 24

((Main Mess Hall, Deck 7, USS ‘Oumuamua)) 

V’Airu: Yes. You may return to your seat.

Now officially dismissed, Corelli left the stage at once, while Ossa looked for the next officer she wanted to summon. For better or worse, he was easy to find, thanks to his unique heritage, and she locked eyes with him for a moment before she called his name.

V’Airu: Doctor Kel.

He, too, arrived onstage in a short moment, just as Ossa received the three ribbons with which he was to be recognized from Greaves.

V’Airu: Kel, you knew the burden of both patient and physician aboard Thor, ‘Oumuamua, and the UDP flagship. I will not congratulate you on this Purple Heart, but I will regarding the risks you took and lives you saved aboard the Thor that earned you this Gold Lifesaving Ribbon. I also wish to recognize you with the Innovation Ribbon for the burn treatment I understand you concocted from saline water and bio-neural gel. I am impressed.

Greaves: Doctor, there are so many lives changed by your actions that day. People are here who wouldn’t be otherwise. On their behalf, thank you. 

Kel: Response

V’Airu: Before you leave, I also wish to ensure that you are amply rewarded – and, I hope, not punished – for your service, by promoting you to the rank of full lieutenant and assigning you as permanent chief of medicine.

As she had for Corelli, Ossa replaced Kel’s hollow pip with a solid one, and stood back to congratulate him.

V’Airu: I trust you with my crew, Doctor.

Kel: Response

V’Airu: Dismissed. Counselor Brodie, please.

As Kel left the stage, Brodie approached to share the stage with Ossa and Greaves.

V’Airu: I understand that you also stayed aboard the Thor rather than to abandon ship, Brodie. You also provided significant medical treatment to your crewmates – including to Doctor Kel aboard ‘Oumuamua. Greaves, anything to add?

Wes nodded, a smile plastered on his face. 

Greaves: Some day, you’re going to have to explain to me how a counselor thrives in life and death crisis and always comes out on top. Alex, you were the rock of the Thor, and you put your life on the line to keep her crew safe in the worst conditions. Hopefully that’s the last time you’ll have to do it, but I have no doubt you’ll rise to the call if needed again. 

V’Airu: Exactly so, and I am honored to present you with the Gold Lifesaving Ribbon.

Ossa accepted the ribbon from Greaves, and pinned it to Brodie’s impressive cluster. It was, as far as Ossa could see, the first ribbon of its type.

V’Airu: Congratulations, Counselor.

Brodie: Response

Greaves: Between the QSD mine and Okaea, that’s two disasters. Let’s see if we can avoid a third, eh? Congratulations. 

Brodie: Response

V’Airu: Please retake your seat. Commodore Kells?

The other commodore rose at once and returned to the stage, but Ossa was not ready to relinquish her role as awards emcee just yet. However, she turned to her partner onstage, and soon on the ‘Oumuamua’s bridge, and took the box from him – so that he could remove two ribbons from it.

Greaves: Commodore… Aron, what you went through down on Okaea and on the UDP ship… it’s something that would have broken lesser men. The sheer tenacity and grit you displayed just to stay on your feet and keep the away team moving… to keep leading after your disruptor wound… Sir, it’s a testament to your commitment to the crew. 

Kells: (with a slightly uncomfortable shrug) I like to think that I’d do what anyone would’ve done in my position.

He glanced at Commodore V’Airu, and she gave him a slight nod. Perhaps she agreed with him, but perhaps not.  

Greaves: No matter, Starfleet has recognized you with both the Purple Heart and the POW ribbon for everything you went through.

Wes took the pair of ribbons from V’Airu’s outstretched hand, one purple and one darkened black. They were not to signify heroics or achievement in themselves, but instead they both signified the sacrifice every officer must be willing to face, but always hopes to never experience. 

Kells: Thanks, Wes. I’m glad it was you.

Greaves: No, thank you sir. 

Once Greaves had presented the ribbons, Ossa handed the box back to him, and nearly stepped smartly offstage before Kells stopped her.

Kells: Wait, Commodore! I might have been off-ship and mostly unconscious, but I still heard about the excellent job you did in negotiating with the United Dominion of Planets. I think it’s only fitting that you’ve earned the Diplomacy Ribbon.

Aron took the ribbon from Wes, and pinned it (a little nervously, since V’Airu stood to perfect attention as he did so) to the other commodore’s cluster. Unsurprisingly, it was quite a cluster of honors, though he was pleased that, in some small way, he could recognize her continued service.

Kells: Congratulations, Commodore.

V’Airu: Thank you, Commodore. To many more.

The solemn moment he’d just experienced had passed and now Wes smirked as the pair of Commodores addressed each other by title. It had a comical air to the whole thing which brought much needed levity. 

Greaves: I do believe we still have a few more in the box here.


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Commodore Aron Kells

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USS Thor


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Commodore Ossa V'Airu

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USS 'Oumuamua

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