Lt. Cmdr. German Galven & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Wandering Pet, Wonderous Plants" (Part II)

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German Galven

Jul 18, 2020, 1:10:49 AM7/18/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Time Skip - 30 minutes later))

((Alora DeVeau's Quarters))

German arrived precisely on time, wearing a lightly colored green shirt, brown khaki pants, and a large oversized gardener's hat that was supposed to be comical. He had done some research and saw that there were people who wore similar hats, but he wanted to be funny. As he approached Alora's door, the Denobulan pressed the chime. 

The doors slid open in response to some command made inside.  Alora was there, dressed in civilian clothing as well, but her back was to German as she was bent slightly over something.  

Galven: StarBase Rent to Own Floral services, ready to pick up an order? ::chuckles::

Alora straightened and turned, then laughed out loud as the sight presented before her.  She shook her head and motioned to the hat. 

DeVeau: Going all out are we?

Galven: ::pretends to be stern:: Just the basics, miss. Going to need to inspect the plant subjects. Things like that. 

DeVeau: Oh, is that so?

Alora couldn’t extinguish the giggles, and she kept on shaking her head.  

Galven: ::smirks:: I've always wanted to do that. ::glances around:: You have a splendid apartment. Could I get something to drink, please? I'm a bit parched. 

DeVeau: Of course!

Alora had to agree that her quarters were quite nice.  There was so much room!  So much that she was going to expand her plant collection, even though originally she was hesitant to.  Hopefully, Starfleet would keep her at the base for a long time.  Otherwise, she’d be in trouble. 

Crossing over to the replicator, Alora requested two waters, picked on up, then passed it along to her guest.  As she did so, Sachiko appeared, jumping up from the floor on the other side of the couch to the back of it.  She sat down and curled her tail around her feet, purring, eyes half closed. 

DeVeau: Well, there you have it.  Sachiko is back.

German was perplexed by the cat as he graciously took the offered glass of water. He was wondering if Sachiko had some sort of special powers as if she could teleport. 

Galven: ::scratches his head:: That's some feline you've got there. 

DeVeau: I don’t know how she does it, and I’ve tried all sorts of things, but she always gets out.  It’s a mystery to me. 

Galven: Well, at least she's very nice. ::kneels down and rubs the cat's back:: Granted, I'm not one to talk. I've been practically everywhere this shoreleave. 

Sachiko responded by rising and arching her back to encourage the caress.  She turned and butted her head against his hand, her purring uninterrupted. 

DeVeau: She’s very sweet, very sociable.  Sometimes, a little too sociable.  

Alora reached out and immediately, Sachiko moved to her, butting her head against Alora’s hand, insistent on some scritching.  She, of course, obliged.  

Galven: By the way. ::stands back up:: I heard what you did for Miskre. She's been mothering her plant ever since you gave it to her. ::smiles::

DeVeau: I just gave her a plant, nothing much.  I’m glad she likes it though. 

Sachiko crouched down, readied herself, then leaped to Alora’s shoulder.  Carefully she balanced herself there, and Alora grew still to prevent her movements from getting the feline off balance.  

DeVeau: Speaking of plants, do you know what you want?  The large plants over here…

Alora motioned toward the shelves of plants, most of which included smaller plants with fuzzy leaves and velvety flowers. There were a variety of hues in all colours as German walked over to look at each one. When he was on the Astraeus, his office overlooked the arboretum so it'd be a pleasant reminder of the former Galaxy class starship. 

DeVeau: You would get an infant, one not blooming yet, but they should bloom soon. 

Galven: That shouldn't be a problem. Start from the ground up. Which can I have?

DeVeau: You can have multiple ones.  Which ones tickle your fancy?

Galven: ::side steps to one end of the shelves:: I do like the plant with fuzzy leaves. I'll take that one… . ::side steps towards the middle of the shelves::

DeVeau: The ones with the fuzzy leaves are African Violets, they hail from Earth.  All kinds of colours, but which one do you like?  

Galven: I'll take one of each. 

DeVeau: of each?  

Did he really mean that?  Alora had more than thirty varieties, and there were more on the way - not to mention she was waiting to see how the ones she was personally hybridizing turned out.  

The way she asked him about having one of each made German realize that he wasn't looking at every single one. When he looked more at the shelves, the Denobulan realized his blunder. 

Galven: Ah. There's even more than meets the eye. ::slightly chortles:: I'll start with an arrangement of five for right now. I'll be putting the African violets in my quarters and then once they grow, I'll have plenty left over to put inside my office.

DeVeau: I can also teach you how to propagate them - it’s extremely easy.  Go ahead, take a look and point to the adults that you want, and I’ll give you the babies. 

Galven: You certainly have quite the collection. What made you so interested in plants?

DeVeau: Oh, just...they’re fascinating.  There are so many different kinds, just on Earth alone, and then when you branch out into other planets?  It’s amazing.  It was the same with fauna - creation is just fantastic.  

Galven: ::nods:: I can definitely relate to that. There's just so many interesting topical xenobiological variations of many things that it's incredibly fascinating. 

DeVeau: I agree completely.  The complexity of the universe is just too marvelous /not/ to study.  I couldn’t help myself.  

During their conversation and getting the things needed for his plants, German's PADD chirped out a notification tone. He always had it on his person, taking it from his pocket and noticed there was an email from Sal. 

DeVeau: Everything okay?

Galven: Looks like Sal has arranged a crew party and to meet him at the center lake inside the Commercial Sector in a few hours. ::reads on:: On a ship. Are you getting the same message?

Alora didn’t answer right away, but instead, walked over to the coffee table and scooped her triPADD from it.  After a moment, she nodded. 

DeVeau: Sure am!

A party!  Alora did enjoy a good party - and it would be a great way to meet and greet more people at the base.  

Galven: I should get going back to my apartment and get ready. I have a costume in mind that might take up some time that needs some stitching. 

DeVeau: I have to figure out what I’m going to do, period!

Alora put the triPADD to sleep and set it down. 

Galven:  ::picks up the box of plant supplies:: We should do this again. ::glances at Sachiko:: And you're more than welcome to stop by my place whenever you like. ::snickers, looking back at Alora:: And you the same! ::Denobulan wide grins::

DeVeau: I’ll remember that. 

Sachiko perched on the back of the couch simply did her closed cat smile and purred loudly. 


Lt. Commander German Galven

2O/Chief Science Officer

StarBase 118 - USS Narendra 




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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