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Noelle Motuelle

Oct 10, 2020, 11:10:20 AM10/10/20
to SB118 Ops

((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora's Office))

The chimes indicated someone was at her door.  Such an arrival was unexpected.  Alora had already touched base with the science officers on her roster for the day and had just settled down to peruse some of the data on an ongoing experiment.  

DeVeau:. Come in.

When those doors parted, she didn't hide her surprise at who they revealed.  Inwardly, Alora wasn't quite sure how to react, but she did manage a half smile as she rose from her chair.

DeVeau:. Commander.. 

::The visit wasn’t preplanned, so the Rekarian was unphased by her surprised look. He had come across a rather interesting request from the science department signed by the lieutenant commander before him. While it wasn’t anything out of place or some outlandish request, though it was an unusual one. So he thought he’d investigate… Like he had investigated into Alora DeVeau more after the night he returned her feline. ::

Nijil: May I? ::he asked.::

DeVeau:. Of course.  Please, have a seat.

Alora motioned to one of two chairs that sat opposite of her desk.

Nijil:Thank you. I don’t intend to take up much of your time - I just wanted to clarify something.

DeVeau: Certainly.  

Alora couldn’t fathom what it was, but she would certainly find out.  She had no doubt he wasn't a man who would let something slip by.  

::He took one of the seats, letting his legs extend out far before him and his arms crossed at the chest. He looked at the woman across from him curiously. She wasn’t as shut down as she had been, but still seemed …. Hesitant towards him.::

Nijil: I was curious about a request you made on behalf of one of your officers, about Andor? 

DeVeau: Oh, for Pepper.  Yes, I did.  Is something wrong?

Nijil: ::paused.:: No, just clarifying. ::he reiterated gently.::

DeVeau: I’m trying to encourage her. 

::oO To catch a cold? Oo Nijil thought to himself. But after the last time they had spoken he decided to stay professional. It was surprising how much he wasn’t outside of the office. Which made him retract his legs and sit up a little more.::

Nijil: I see. Is there a reason for Ensign O’Grady need for encouragement? 

::He wasn’t aware she had a lack thereof… But then he also didn’t speak with the woman often. What he did know was the list of projects she participated in as well as all of those bugs.::

DeVeau: I think everyone can benefit from encouragement.  In the case of Pepper, there’ s a...well, a lack of focus and direction.  I want to help her pursue her interests, but in a disciplined way.  I’m hoping by narrowing down things, that will be a start.  

Alora was really bad at explaining things sometimes, and she felt like she hadn’t done a very good job attempting to explain why she was doing what she was doing, but hopefully the first officer would understand.  

Nijil: ::he nodded his understanding.:: She had a wide scope. ::he agreed.:: Are there others you intend to focus like this? ::he asked only to be prepared..::

DeVeau: I intend to encourage everyone.  Support is needed if we want others to succeed.  They need to know someone believes in them.  Whether it be an Ensign or my Chief Science Officer, I will do what I can to offer that support and encouragement.  

Nijil: You seem rather taken by the ensign. 

A single eyebrow arched upward in a motion that would have impressed a Vulcan.  

DeVeau: I’m rather taken by most people. I like people. I’m interested in people. I want to see people grow.  

::He matched her gaze and the raise of an eyebrow. While he knew his small talk skills were nothing to boast about. He got the feeling it might not matter what he said, she was on the defensive.::

Nijil: By all means. ::he nodded.:: 

By all means?  Was he giving her permission?  Alora wasn’t sure how to take that, but she wasn’t going to press the issue. 

DeVeau: Is there anything else I can help you with, commander?  

Nijil: Yes there was one more thing… I wanted to talk to you about your medical file.

That was surprising as well.  The commander seem to have a knack for that.

DeVeau: My medical file?

Nijil: Yes. ::he confirmed.::

Alora supposed she /shouldn’t/ have been surprised.  Because of her involvement in certain projects, her security clearance is fairly high - but as first officer of a starship, she imagined Nijil had access to information that would make her hair turn white.  

DeVeau: What about my medical file?

Nijil: ::he gazed at her with a look that said, ‘really?’:: About your overall health. ::paused a beat.:: 

DeVeau: You have some concerns? 

Nijil: ::he let silence fill the room for a moment.:: Not yet. But some assurances would go a long way.

Assurances.  He wanted assurances?  Alora wanted some as well, but she hadn’t gotten any yet.  Not that it was anyone’s fault. 

DeVeau: What kind of assurances?

Nijil: Specifically? Tachyon radiation, and its effect on your health. 

DeVeau: I’m pretty sure you can read about its effect on my health in my file.

If he had researched that much, and he had the clearance - which Alora knew he did - then he surely knew what they were.  He also must know what sort of treatment she was under.  And that it wasn’t something that should necessarily be shared.  

Nijil: I want to hear from you, if it is going to interfere with your work. 

DeVeau: Commander, if it interferes with my job, I’ll be the first to say something. 

Nijil: I will trust you to do so. ::he nodded his head without breaking eye contact.:: It doesn’t need to go further than this. 

::While he very much liked to listen to gossip, he was never the start of it nor did he break from his medical code.::

DeVeau: Thank you.  I appreciate that.  

::He stood.::

Nijil: That was all Commander. ::all professional.::

Alora rose out of politeness and respect and she nodded. 

DeVeau: Commander. 

Alora paused, uncertain, then added. 

DeVeau: Have a good day.

Have a good day.  Oy.  She sounded like a vendor in the commercial sector.  Oh well, it was done and now he was leaving.  

Nijil: ::he gave her a deadpan look and then nodded in response.:: And you.

::he straightened his back and turned for the door. There was a long, awkward bit of silence as he made his exit. Nijil was content for the moment with her assurances regarding her health. But that didn’t take away from him keeping an eye on her, just be sure she was well and stayed reasonably healthy.::



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