Fleet Captain Taybrim - Looking Forward to the Festival (NT / FAO: Nalni/Amaase)

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Jamie LeBlanc

Nov 14, 2020, 12:23:09 AM11/14/20
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((Ballroom, StarBase 118))

What was coming up next?  That was a good question, one that Sal Taybrim had a very pleasant answer for.  He liked it when he could tell his crew that the next mission was safe and hopefully enjoyable.

Certainly not everyone enjoyed diplomatic missions.  They could be stuffy, they could be boring… but in the case of this one it could be fun with music and dancing and fire and blessings and alcohol.  All of that sounded good to Sal.  He hoped it sounded good to his crew, too.

Taybrim: Actually the next thing on our docket is purely diplomatic.  The Bajorian temple is having a Gratitude Festival and we’ll have thousands of visitors on base for it.

Lots and lots of people.  The StarBase could easily handle them all, but even for a bustling base it would seem extra busy.

Amaase: Oh. ::she looked a little worried:: I recon that I need to get used to big social gathering's and fast. It does sound rather interesting though. ::she smiled ::

Taybrim: As we are half the galaxy away from Bajor and we have a full temple this is considered a pilgrimage location.  As senior staff we are considered honored guests, invited to take part in the ceremonies.

Amaase: What do the ceremonies consist of?

Nalni: I’m afraid to say that I’m a little rusty on Bajoran culture, but I’m more than willing to do my research.

Taybrim: We’ll take part in the opening ceremony where the gathered faithful and friends are blessed for coming.  There is a toast, and a formal welcome of Vedek Lova Pali, who will then lead the gathered in a prayer of blessing.  Again it is both for faithful and friends, so there is no deep knowledge of the Bajoran faith required.  Just participation as guided and a curiosity for the proceedings.  Afterwards there will be traditional music and games and everyone will have the chance to write your troubles on special papers which are burned to turn your troubles to ash and smoke.  It is really quite lovely.

Amaase: Is there a dress code? ::she asked excitedly::

Sal nodded.

Taybrim: Semi formal.  You can wear a dress uniform if you prefer, but it’s not required.  Civilian clothing you would wear to a fine restaurant or ceremonial function on your world is entirely appropriate.

Amaase: Would you mind if we could make the journey there together?

It was a lovely bit of travel on foot, around the lake and through the temple gardens.  Sal was looking forward to the trip there almost as much as the festival itself.  Almost.  The festival was lovely.

Nalni: I wouldn’t mind at all. We’d be going together anyways since we’re senior staff. Unless you mean by your side?

Amaase: If you wouldn't mind. ::she looked at her hopefully::

Nalni: I’d be honored then. ::to Taybrim:: I have a good feeling about this one. She’s definitely a keeper. ::grins::

Taybrim: I agree!  ::he said heartily.:: But for now I shall leave you both to plan.  I owe a few intrepid crew a dance, which might also be one of you, I’m not fussy!  But I hope you both have a marvelous evening.

He meant it.  This was such a lovely ball and he was thrilled to be with his crew, both old and new.  The feeling of positive emotions was palpable in the room and Sal wouldn’t have it any other way.


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