JP: PC Sxryx & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Mad As Hornets" (Part II)

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((Souplantation - Restaurant, Promenade))

Sxryx:  Counselor Yael ZHreee’kla XEEE’yaaar temper.

Her wings buzzed slightly above her, making a short, almost angry noise compared to her more neutral wing-beats previously.  Clearly she had a hornets temper and was working on it to adjust.  She knew she couldn’t run around stinging *anyone* who made her mad, after all… especially since, given her size, it was more like *stabbing* someone with a knife.

DeVeau:  Oh Ashley!  You’re going to see him?

Sxryx:  ::a black claw slipped another sample soup close, and she nodded again::  KR’aaa’xt.

The tubal tongue slipped out of the pointed mouth between the mandibles, slid into the soup, and in one great slurp the soup was cleanly sipped out of the bowl.

DeVeau: I think that’s a good idea.  All of us struggle in a variety of ways, and he’s there to help us all process and cope.  Is it helping?

Sxryx:  KR’aa!  KR’eeel it was best G’reee help adapt KL’eeerrrrrGREEE-ka indispensable.

The Universal Translator still struggled, but the parts that did come through were useful enough to paint a picture.

Alora nodded.  Yes, it did help.  Like others, Alora knew she needed to, and being friends with Ashley made it so much easier to talk to him.  That had always been a difficulty for her, getting to the point where she felt comfortable talking with someone.  Raymond had been easy as well, for by the time everything had had happened, they’d already had a developed friendship.  

Sxryx:  Are you KRAAA’gren REE counselor?

DeVeau:  Me?  No, before Sal tapped me as First Officer, I was Chief of science.  So yeah, just a scientist.  Have you always been an engineer?  What brought you into Starfleet?

Sxryx:  Curiosity.

Well *that* sentiment had no trouble coming through.

Sxryx:  X’errr’ka Jarada never explored KREEE fearful.  Xenophobic, SH’raa’KR’aa wanted to learn.  Good at G’raaaKLN mechanical things.  SK’raaH grew up working SHH’xtkt Jarada vessel.

Alora knew about the Jarada and their xenophobic nature.  As a society, they had made great strides to overcome that viewpoint, and if nothing else, Sxryx was evidence to that fact. 

DeVeau: Oh really?  So is your hive completely on the vessel?  Or is part of it on your home planet as well?

While Alora did know about her people, she was’t fluent in knowledge about their society.  Sxryx presented a great opportunity to learn more. 

Sxryx:  Xreeeee family units travel kaRA-kerrr, on vessels.  XH’eeer whole life kraa space.

DeVeau:  Interesting.  There are a lot of humanoids who do that as well.

Sxryx:  Shaar’XTKT your soup?

With her great slicing arms, the Jarada motioned toward her companions' food.

Alora laughed and nodded.  

DeVeau: Sorry, I’ve been enjoying the verbal meal.  I suppose I should eat so I don’t go hungry. 

With that, Alora picked up the spoon that had been given to her and took a bite. The first soup was a creamy concoction of vegetables.  It’s buttery undertone was quite warm and full of flavour.  Quite delicious.  The other looked to have tiny chunks of meat and vegetation, perhaps a chicken soup?  That was the next one she tried.  No, not chicken, but definitely some sort of fowl.  The flavour was close, but just different enough to tell that it wasn’t a meat that hailed from earth.  Either way, it was delicious.  

Sxryx slid the last of her bowls closer to the edge of the table, repeating the motion with her tongue and sucking up the contents of the bowl in one great, noiseless suction.  She wasn’t sure what most of them were, but had little worry about it, so long as they were tasty.  Her gastrointestinal system could dissolve just about anything if it fit through her tongue.

DeVeau:  These are really good, and soup is such a warm, comforting food.  I’m going to have to come back here. 

Sxryx:  Shhhh’kt much easier XREE dissolving solid food gaaaa ingesting it.  Xeeerr unsettling for mammals KL’gah witness.

DeVeau: It doesn’t bother me.

Alora had been witness to so many things, and even studying the natural world, she’d seen odd ways of eating.  During her science classes, she was one of the few kids who quite eagerly jumped into dissections without any squeamishness, but rather, an endless fascination.  She’d watched all sorts of programs with content that might have put others off of their food, but she would merrily delve into her meal without hesitation.  She’d always had a strong stomach. 

DeVeau: Do you think anyone from your hive will join you in Starfleet?

Alora was still curious about her companion and wanted to learn more, so she turned the topic back to the female at hand - though that time, she allowed herself bites of soup in between the questions.  

Sxryx:  ::shaking her head negatively, the motion still awkward to her::  Doubtful.  Sxryx is kl’aaar… 

The Jarada stopped in apparent thought, almost unsure what she wanted to try to say, then…

Sxryx:  … small XREE dark fluffy meat?

As Alora attempted to translate what Sxryx was trying to say, she allowed herself a couple of more bites.  Dark, fluffy meat.  Was she trying to relate to some Terran term?  After a moment, she queried - 

DeVeau: Black sheep?

Sxryx nodded again, her claws clacking on the pedestal as her body weight shifted.

DeVeau: Ah, yes, I can understand that.  That can make things  a little harder, can’t it?

Sxryx:  ::nodding again::  SK’laaar looking forward CEEcl’ar, meet other insectoids, races, XEEER’klt.  KR’aaa Jarada GEEE not interested.

DeVeau:  There are others about, and I’m sure you’ll connect with people in no time.  

Sxryx:  KREN skl’aaa Counselor Yael KEEER cute, for SHARRR mammal.

DeVeau:  Oh yeah?

While Alora had no romantic notions about Ashley whatsoever, she had to agree.  He was cute.  But to look at him romantically would be like looking at Adrien or Alain romantically.  Ugh, gross.  

Sxryx:  Male Jarada grennn’KLARR purple stripes.

DeVeau:  If you tell him that, I bet you’ll make him blush. 

The gentle hornet Jarada made a sound that could only be described as a buzzing laughter.  She would have to remember that the next time she caught the counselor outside of a session.

DeVeau: Do you have a thing for purple?

Sxryx:  S’kreee a healthy G’naar’klt for males.  Yellow SCRAA females.  ::there was a pause::  Does KL’aarr First Officer find SKARR’xeer attractive?

DeVeau:  Me?  

Attractive?  Alora could certainly admire the attractiveness of a person, but that didn’t mean she was romantically interested in said person.  Ashley, being one.  Drevas.  Talas. Galven. Max.  Sal…  She couldn’t go there.  

DeVeau: The base seems to boast quite a number of handsome men.  

Sxryx:  KRAA’aaa.  Perhaps a few KL’xrtEEErrr pursuing KERRR’xt First Officer?

It appeared the Jarada was in agreement on that statement.

DeVeau:  You?

No one that she was going to admit to.  Even then, Alora still found herself roiling with conflicting emotions and she was far too confused.  Lately, she’d just been trying to push it aside and not think about it.  At all.  That was rather difficult when someone decided to bring up a related topic. 

Sxryx shook her head negatively on that.  There was no one she was looking to romance for the moment.  She had her compound eyes on a few handsome specimens, for sure, but she was focusing on learning and working at the moment.  And honestly, she wasn’t sure how romance would happen with a mammalian or reptilian species.

Perhaps if there were any Insectoid Xindi on board?  Or if she did pursue a mammal, that *would* give her hive something to gossip about back home on her family vessel.  They already thought she was psychotic for leaving her hive vessel and family unit, though they understood her desire to explore couldn’t be contained.

Sxryx:  My hive SG’aaaarKLerr gossip *so much* if GEERxrt a mammal!

The chittering bug speak almost sounded excited at the prospect of making her family blush at the notion.

Alora couldn’t help bug giggle.  The female Jarada seemed positively giddy at the prospect.  Perhaps it was simply the idea in of itself that seemed so appealing. In reality, it might not so much, but she really was adorable with her excitement.  

Sxryx:  It’s XEEE’klaaa nice to socialize Skraaa REEEK Xerr isn’t screaming RakEER evolutionary fear.

DeVeau:  Me? Oh, well, you know, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re bad.  My people had a history of that, unfortunately, long long ago.  When someone was different, they were looked upon has less than a person.  We’ve come a long way since, but there’s still more room for growth.  I think the more people see you out and about, especially with others, the more they’ll realise their reactions need to be tempered and their view of you changed.  

There was a line from an ancient movie, an animated musical of Beauty and the Beast, and one of Alora’s favourites, particularly as a child.   

We don’t like what we don’t understand, in fact, it scares us.

Even at a young age, that line had always resonated with her, and from what she had read, it had come from within the heart of the lyricist and his experiences as a person who was different from the rest of society.  Unfortunately, it was a type of outlook that hadn’t been completely abolished.  That didn’t mean they couldn’t work toward changing that.  

Sxryx clacked her clawed toe on the pedestal, seeing that the First Officer was nearly done with her meal.  The waiter came out with a data pad and let Sxryx touch it with her claw, indicating the meal was paid for via her account.

DeVeau: Wait, I can get it!

Sxryx:  You XR’eeee’kxt Gaaar next one.

Alora took one last bite of her soup, then leaned back against her chair, eyeing her companion with a twinkle in her eye. 

DeVeau: Definitely.  Next time.

And Alora would make sure there was a next time.


Petty Chief Sxryx


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Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

First Officer

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