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Richard Townsend

Sep 21, 2023, 7:46:47 AMSep 21

((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))

Things were escalating fast. Far faster than Egil would like and far beyond what he was prepared for. Tito’s body visibly jumped as Egil heard… himself… yell. He gave himself a bewildered look. He genuinely doesn’t remember the last time he raised his voice or even yelled. It was such a foreign sound to him, let alone hearing it from human ears from someone else’s perspective. It was a little scary, he had to be honest. Unfortunately for him Tito was the highest rank. He was also fortunate that humans and Al-Leyans were relatively similar in psychology. It was the feeling vulnerable from his senses being altered that was making him anxious more than anything.

Abruptly, a wave of elevated emotions that were absolutely not his washed over him. He raised his hands to press his fingers to his temples, taking a few deep breaths. It took him a hot minute to cool down from the weird emotions he felt and he looked up, catching what Garev said. He meekly nodded in agreement.

Garev (as Renot): The more time we waste…::he paused, not wanting to give the reporter any more ammunition than she already had:: Look, we have got to get Ensign Willow to a doctor.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): The most logical solution would be for you to merely walk away.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::leaning on the wall ever more sluggishly:: Quite honestly, I’m not confident that I currently can. In fact, I can’t seem to hold my balance very well, and even if I could, where would I find that doctor? I couldn’t even find my own way back to the beach at the moment.

Renot (as Tito): ::firmly:: Right. I am taking these officers to medical right now, if there are no other objections.

His wording was firm. He was trying not to be irritated, but it was hard. He was feeding off of everyone else’s emotions unintentionally.

Garev (as Renot): ?

Iru: Response?

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): We would prefer it if you did the going away first. However if neither of us do so we are back to square one with another stalemate.

Egil kept one hand pressed to Tito’s forehead. He wasn’t sure if he could carry both his own body and Willow at the same time, noticing they had issues keeping themselves up.

Renot (as Tito): Alright! Alright. Here’s what I am going to do; when the Commodore is ready and we can see him, I will personally deliver your information and request to speak to him myself and make sure he contacts you. Alright? Now you can see that something is wrong with these officers. I have to get them to medical. Now.
oO Sorry to throw you under the bus, Tito…Oo

Garev (as Renot): ?

Iru: Response?

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): Solution. We both walk away at the same time.

That was the most brilliant idea that she ever had; having both parties involved walk away at the same time. One, Iru, is likely to stumble down the corridor as they try to bolt, while the rest can’t seem to move from the wall supporting them. Generally, it made little, if any, logical sense to an outside observer, however, Haukea-Sava was actually inexperienced with handling the elements of proper logic, so to them it made all the logical sense in the whole wide galaxy.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Very good, s… ::eyes seeking and failing to find a horizon:: Sir? oO Is he my commanding officer? Does he know that I’m not feeling very well? oO

Egil was focused on the aggravating reporter when he heard a commotion. Tito’s body whipped around, eyes wide.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): I’ve got you, don’t worry. ::did she though?::

Renot (as Tito): Are you ok?! Are they ok!?

Garev (as Renot): ?

Iru: Response?

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Okay, maybe I don’t but you aren’t anymore injured than before right?

Renot (as Tito): I seem to be… somewhat stable physically. I can help guide people to medical if need be.

He had entirely forgotten that humans were weaker than Al-Leyans. He would figure that out soon enough.

Garev (as Renot): ?

Iru: Response?

Egl looked up and looked around, noting that the reporter couldn’t be seen. He didn’t want to be too careful though.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Nevermind, the reporter seems to have left.

Renot (as Tito): Right, good. R…. Renot… Are you able to walk on your own or do you need assistance? Willow? Ensign? Are you two able to manage or do you need help?

He definitely did not remember who this Ensign was and he felt bad. Egil was never good at remembering names, especially when under stress. A blip of a memory of him calling Taybrim darling over the comms made him grimace internally.

He already felt really weird referring to himself in third person, but he didn’t want to risk the weirdo reporter overhearing.

Garev (as Renot)/ Willow (as Ksivi-Sava)/ Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ?

He stood by and helping Ksivi-Sava and Willow up to their feet. Noticing the former was not doing to well, he grabbed one of their arms and hooked it over Tito’s shoulders, taking on their weight onto Tito’s body. Normally he’d be able to lift a Vulcanoid with no problem, but this made him take pause. He was in a human body.

Renot (as Tito): Right, lets get all of us to medical and then R….Renot…. And me… to Taybrim. I think? I don’t recall.

Garev (as Renot)/ Willow (as Ksivi-Sava)/ Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ?


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