Commodore Taybrim - Transwarp Teleports

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Jamie LeBlanc

Aug 7, 2022, 6:29:15 PMAug 7
to SB118

((USS Narendra, Bridge))

They had a working plan.

Transwarp teleportation could take the bomb and beam it far away – very far away.

They would need to choose somewhere in the vastness of space that was unoccupied.  Unused.  Uninteresting.  A place where subspace flight lanes didn’t cross, without interstellar phenomenon, planets or anything else of interest.  Somewhere that a tri-cobalt explosion would cause minimal damage.

Fortunately space was big.  Unimaginably big at times.  And most of it was vast and empty.

Sal knew of a few such open wastelands within the quadrant,  But he wsa left wondering – would he be commanding a mission in a year to investigate a subspace rift that they caused with this bomb?

Still, better a subspace anomaly than the certain death of tens of thousands of people.  They could quarantine off a subspace anomaly and let scientists investigate ways to close it.

He hoped.  His fanciful mind could think of dozens of ‘fates worse than death’ that could come from a subspace rift.  Each of them extremely unlikely.  In fact the last completely unknown subspace rift he had encountered had killed and then resurrected Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, so in his experience such unknown phenomenon were pretty equalized.

Taybrim: =/\= Let me talk to Ensign Renot. In the meantime, Captain Luthas, can you send the scans of the specific bomb specs to Lieutenant Tito so we can calculate how far we’ll have to be from the bomb when we fire, to be able to escape? =/\=

Tito: Ready to receive the data when you are able to send it, Captain Luthas.

Taybrim: =/\= and we’ll need to know the safe distance for the other ships. =/\=

Sherlock: =/\= Is there anything we can do to assist with the evacuations, Commodore? =/\=

Luthas: response

Tito: Me and Lieutenant Aristren are working on finding a suitable place for it. If the theory proves to be right, distance won’t be a problem.

Aristren: Transwarp beaming theorises that it could transport a person from one quadrant to another. I do not believe we have to go that far, but we are pinpointing several locations the bomb can be detonated at. 

Tito: We can get a new detonator for it, and set it to detonate as we materialised it.

Sal nodded and answered Sherlock’s question via subspace.

Taybrim: =/\= Yes, two things will help – one, can you attach a tracking device to the bomb before we teleport it off? =/\=

Sherlock/Luthas: =/\= ?

Taybrim: =/\= Exactly, that will allow us to do a long-distance transport and a long-distance detonation. =/\=

Sherlock/Luthas: =/\= ?

Tito: Now we only need an engineer familiar with the transport and a suitable place to drop it.

Taybrim: =/\=I know the star maps of the sector very well.  I can get a location, we just need an engineer to get those co-ordinates in the system.=/\=

Sherlock/Luthas: =/\= ?

Tito/Aristen: ?

Taybrim: =/\= Once the bomb is off, you can tell Captain Leski to bring the Belladonna to a stop.  From there we’ll finish evacuation with both the Prophecy and the Narendra. =/\=

Sherlock/Luthas: =/\= ?

Tito/Aristen: ?

He rocked on his feet and nodded.

Taybrim: =/\= Unfortunately, yes we’re still going to have to evacuate the ship.  The Gamma Radiation levels are rising from the engine damage, so we’ll have to remote pilot or tow the Belladonna back to 118, and completely scrub her of radiation.  No one can be on the ship during that time, a radiation scrub will destroy everything organic on the ship. =/\=

Which also meant the Belladonna would need all new decorative plants.  Which Sal, for some reason, thought about how upset Alora would be to read that in the report.  Maybe she’d want to give Leski a violet to help him start regrowing his ship’s lovely decorative plant collection.

Maybe that was completely illogical, and he was still rattled by her comment to him over the commline.

Sherlock/Luthas: =/\= ?

Tito/Aristen: ?

Taybrim: =/\= we’re going to have to move out of range when the Belladonna shunts power from the impulse drive to shut it down.  My hope is that we can get the bomb off before they do that, and allow them to simply come to a full stop. =/\=

Sherlock/Luthas: =/\= ?

Tito/Aristen: ?

OOC – we are absolutely at the point where we can move forward, beam the bomb off and start wrapping everything up!  Let’s win this one :D

Commodore Sal Taybrim
Commanding Officer

StarBase 118 Ops

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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