JP LtCmdr Nijil & Sachiko - Surprise Visitor Pt 2

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Amanda Nordstrom

Sep 23, 2020, 9:37:12 AM9/23/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118
((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora's Quarters))

Alora had gotten to her quarters fairly quickly.  Sachiko's mysterious
wandering was beginning to bother her.  While on the Veritas, she had
always come back without anyone seeming to notice a cat strolling about
- though Alora had only noticed her absence, she'd never actually seen
Sachiko outside of her rooms.  Now, however, twice she'd been returned
by people whose quarters she had invaded.  Alora might have asked "what
next?", but she was almost afraid of the answer.

When the chime announced Nijil's arrival, Alora called for him to enter,
and the doors parted.

DeVeau:. Thank you.  I really have no idea how this is happening.

Nijil: Hmm ::he grumbled in response.::

::He stepped just far enough in for the doors to not close and extended
the feline over. He wasn’t outstandingly rude, just exceedingly

Alora took the cat and turned her over on her back, scritching the
feline's belly.  Sachiko seemed to enjoy this type of attention.

DeVeau:. I'm glad she came to you and not someone who didn't like cats.

Nijil: You don’t know that I don’t care for cats. ::he added in a snarky

Alora's mouth tickled upward slightly, and she paused in the scritching
to motion toward one of her chairs.

DeVeau:. Care to have a drink?  I have the finest of that which the
replicator has to offer.

Nijil: No, I have other plans this evening. But the offer is appreciated.

::Which of course was to hide out and be reclusive for the night. No
people, no cats, no noise. Just a plant in the other room. Just what the
doctor ordered - and he was a doctor… so he knew.::

Alora eyed the first officer for a moment, studying him, one hand curled
around her cat, the other jutting against her hip.  She canted her head
to the side, regarding the man thoughtfully.

DeVeau: You know, in some cultures, it’s rude to refuse a friendly
invitation for a drink.

She glanced up at him, those jeweled eyes twinkling.

DeVeau: You wouldn’t want that?  Besides, it’s chocolate time.  You
can’t miss chocolate time.

Nijil: And some cultures find it rude to push the issue.

DeVeau: Well...actually, any time is a good time for chocolate, but hey,
this can be a thing.

::She wasn’t listening, and he sighed. She was like a little girl,
adamant for attention. And he should know, he raised three of them. He
held back the eye roll and instead looked at her.::

DeVeau: So what sort of plans do you have tonight?

Nijil: ::he raised an eyebrow.:: None of your concern.

Alora froze for a moment and stared at Nijil. He sounded exactly
like…the light went out from her eyes and her shoulders drooped. All
traces of a smile were gone and she looked away, as if she were unable
to bear to look at him.

::With his attention fully on her, he noticed she seemed to shut down
before his eyes.::

Nijil: Miss Alora -

There was a long pause, as if Alora was trying to decide whether or not
she should reply.  She wound up remaining silent.

Nijil: Are you feeling alright?

::It looked like his plans might be ruined regardless. Once a Doctor
always a Doctor, on or off duty.::

Slowly, Alora took a deep breath.  Then another.  Steps upward, a little
breath in.  Another little one in.  A third little one in. Then let it
all out, like going up the stairs, and riding down a slide back to the
ground.  Sometimes that exercise actually helped.

DeVeau: I’m fine, thank you.

::He watched her. Watched her breathing, even noticed there was a
technique to it, like she was attempting to wrangle herself in. He
gritted his teeth at his allowance of being less than professional.::

She managed a smile, but there was no light that shone in it like
before.  Instead, the brilliance that once resided in Alora’s gaze had
faded, something else drawing a shadow across it.

DeVeau: Thank you for bringing Sachiko back.  I shouldn’t keep you from
your plans.  I’m sorry for being rude.

::Didn’t matter now, they were ruined. He’d think about this all night
now. He was cranky at the situation and his own selfishness.::

Nijil: It’s not a problem. I’m glad he’s safe. ::sigh:: You aren’t okay,
but I’ll only impose this once - do you need to talk?

::So long as it didn’t start to cause problems in her work, he wouldn’t
be one of those to push and impose. It didn’t always work to get people
to open up and talk. He was of the belief that if she needed to talk,
she would.::

DeVeau: She.  Sachiko’s a she.

Alora took another one of those tiered breaths and let it out.  She
finally turned and leveled her gaze at the first officer.

DeVeau: No.  Thank you.

Nijil: ::he nodded.:: Then I will leave you, evening, miss Alora. ::he
had put on his kid gloves.::

DeVeau: Good evening, commander.

::He nodded to her and dipped out of the room. Now for the long walk
back to his quarters, and the whole way there he would think about their
conversation - trying to figure out what happened, when and why.::


Lieutenant Commander Nijil

First Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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