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Jamie LeBlanc

Aug 7, 2022, 12:49:41 PMAug 7
to SB118

((USS Narendra, Sickbay, ICU/Surgical Suite)) 

Ishreth was consistently thinking about what could happen – what they could do.  What could be done.  This was great for pre-planning.

And terrible for rumination.

In the quiet moments, before bed, he would ruminate on all the fears he had.  All the worst-case scenarios, all the things that did and could go wrong.

But here, in the heat of action he was focused on what they could do, what they would do and what the best case scenario was. 

Dal: Best case scenario? We get the bomb off, the Belladonna stops, we evacuate everyone without injuries to the Prophecy and with injuries to the Narendra so we can take injuries to StarBase 118. But the whole ship should be cleared because of the Gamma Radiation.

Trovek: And the worst-case scenario is that the Belladonna explodes. Fantastic. ::she shook her head and sighed.:: Here is what I worry about - this is data compiled from the medical tricorders of the Narendra's medical personnel, and it shows the levels of gamma radiation detected in the evacuees. As you can see it's rising almost exponentially. At the current levels, we are expecting mild symptoms. Continue exposure for another few hours, we're expecting severe mental and physical impact. 

He tipped his antennae forward slowly.

Dal: I know.  The Belladonna will need a complete radiation wash, which will take up to twenty four hours at a StarBase.  They have to evacuate the ship, even if the bomb is no longer a threat.

And seeing that StarBase 118 was the closest StarBase, it was looking like they would be calling the engineers to start preparing a Gamma Radiation wash.

Trovek: Yes, what I am saying is that we, if we keep up the thirty-six evacuees every ninety seconds, will be taking far too long. 

His antennae twitched at that.  This was true.  The gamma radiation poisoning was rising faster than the current evacuation could handle.

Dal: I agree.  At the current rates we’ll never pull enough passengers to prevent significant mental decay.

Trovek: What about treating them on the Belladonna, tagging them there, and beaming them up to the correct ship? 

He considered this.  Medics on the Belladonna would help relieve the symptoms and get evacuees moving faster – and once the ships were out of warp the movement of actual people would hamper the evacuation more than the transporter capacity.

Dal: How would that work?  ::he queried openly, gathering information before he wighed in.::

Trovek: Treating radiation poisoning is basic medical training, and I am fairly sure Taybrim took a bunch of marines along. The alternative would be risking that someone snaps and causes mass panic, and if that happens we'll not need a way to tag and treat people quickly, but we need an Olympic-Class vessel as support to deal with mass casualties and fatalities... ::she paused:: But you are a search and rescue expert, I would love to hear your recommendation before asking you to call Taybrim to make a recommendation.

He almost smiled.  Almost.  He could sense Doctor Trovek didn’t like – or at the very least wasn’t comfortable with the Commodore.  Which made sense.  She was a reasonably new arrival on the ship.  One of the people that Sal didn’t cherry pick from the Academy, and one that hadn’t met the Commodore when he was a Captain – or like Ishreth, hadn’t met the Commodore when he was a Lt. Commander and first officer.

And really, that was the only reason he did feel comfortable with someone as high ranked as a Commodore.  Sure, personality played a part.  But a massive flag rank really did put a wall in between people.  But, once upon a time he had been a SARs Major, called in my Commander Taybrim to help evacuate a tribble convention gone wrong.  

Back when that was an emergency and everyone seemed more human and less of a legend.  

He would blame FNs for that second part.

But yes, he would happily make the call for the both of them.

Dal: First – yes, we have a full company of 36 SARs trained marines onboard.  I picked them myself.  They are all capable of assisting in basic medical procedures including inoculations.  Second – yes, I agree, we should get the Archangels. ::he paused and clarified, one antennae canted as he realized he was using jargon.:: That’s the team name for the SARs in the 292nd. ::moving onwards:: in EVA suits and onto the Belladonna.  That will greatly expedite the evacuation.

Trovek: ?

He tipped his antennae lightly in a ‘no’ gesture.

Dal: Once the Belladonna drops out of warp – which it should be able to do when the bomb is removed, our evacuation capability will greatly increase.  We’re limited for safety reasons because of the warp bubble merge.  It’s a tricky and dangerous situation for both ships to be in.  But at a dead stop we could pull evacuees with the cargo transporter if we had to.  That’s not an ideal situation because right now we’re using the emergency medical transporters and if we use other systems they’ll come in without the medical scans and support that we’ve set up for the current evacuation groups.

Trovek: ?

Dal: ::he nodded an assent:: Exactly.  Once the Belladonna is stopped the Prophecy can also start taking in a minimum of thirty six at a time, and possibly a lot more as well.  But that doesn’t invalidate your idea of having the archangels onboard the Belladonna.  In fact it makes it more important – someone needs to triage, organize and inoculate these evacuess so we can transport closer to maximum capacity.

And honestly the only reason they hadn’t beamed the whole team over to the Belladonna earlier was due to the live hostility situation of the bomb as well as the restricted ability to beam onto the Belladonna after the evacuation started.  

Warp bubbles were not something Ishreth knew much about, but from what little he did know – he knew they were something he didn’t want to mess with.

Trovek: ?

He tipped his antennae forward.

Dal: Pick two to four of your team to go with the SARs team.  Get them on standby.  We’ll do this movement after whatever crazy maneuvers the bridge is doing to get that bomb off the Belladonna.  They will meet with Marine Captain T’Anok once onboard and split into evac teams.  Sound like a plan?

Trovek: ?

Dal: Yes, I’ll make the call.

Trovek: ?


Commander Ishreth Dal
Marine Liaison Officer

StarBase 118 Ops 

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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