Ensign Yael - Things we Know About Saveron PT2 (JP w Blackwell & DeVeau)

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((The Tea’se Me Boutique & Lounge - Ashalla District))

((A bit after the Festival ))  

DeVeau: Oh yeah.  I knew him.  Loved Saavok to death too.    We uh...we courted for a while.  

Blackwell:::She sipped her tea and kept her expression pleasant, smiling:: Really?

Yael:  He and I were two of the only non-Human crew at the Embassy.  Our fields also overlapped nicely, with him being a medical doctor.

DeVeau:  Yes. 

Alora didn’t elaborate.  She doubted her companions really wanted to hear about that little heartbreak. 

Blackwell: I’m sure he appreciated the company ::She chuckles: Any good stories?

::She looked to DeVeau and Yael curiosity:: 

Yael:  I recall Saavok once chastised me for eating with my fingers.  He hadn’t been away from Vulcan long at that point.  I’m sure he thought I was being *exceptionally* uncouth.  ::pausing::  And the first time he saw the fountains at the Embassy entrance, he was entranced.  But of course, called it “wasteful.”

He laughed lightly, recalling his time at Duronis.  Though he tried not to dwell on it save for having known Saveron.  The time he spent on Duronis was not something he often purposefully thought about… save a few good memories of his friends.

Rue laughed to that and shook her head. She hadn’t interacted much with Saavok herself, but it was entertaining to picture poor Yael being chastised for etiquette by a younger Vulcan.

Blackwell: That sounds entertaining ::and a bit mischievous:: Though that would make me prone to eating a lot of finger food with the two.

DeVeau:  We used to do a lot together. 

In fact, when they were courting, most of Alora’s free time was spent with Saveron or Saavok.  Despite the way he’d cut things off, there were still many fond memories.  

DeVeau: Saveron taught me quite a few things.  Meditation, started working with me on psychic strengthening.  Suus mahna.  Vulcan harp. 

Those were all wonderful things he’d left behind with her, and she was grateful for what he had taught her.  Although she’d moved on, she still wished things hadn’t ended the way they had, but he had seemed unwilling to talk, which had been rather surprising.  

Blackwell:::She meanwhile sipped her she listened, looking up over the rim of her cup:: 

Yael:  He *was* quite musical.  ::nodding, though he’d never heard him play the harp::  He and I would meditate together occasionally.

DeVeau: Do either of y’all still keep in touch with him?

Blackwell: I actually owe him a letter ::she said as if reminding herself:: We agreed that last time we met we would correspond actually. 

Yael:  I’m afraid not.  I bet he’s moved on with things since then…

Blackwell:  He gets busy, but friends are important to him. I’m certain he would love to hear from you.

Alora doubted that.  The way he had left had been...not only unwanted, but unpleasant.  Although they had served on the same ship after that, his time there had been so brief before he was transferred again that she hadn’t even run into him.  She still cared about him, and Saavok, but she also wasn’t sure he really wanted to hear from her.  He hadn’t wanted to talk to her about things, about the real reasons he wanted to break up, and he’d made no effort to contact her since.  

DeVeau: I’m glad to know he’s doing well.  I haven’t practised harp or Suus mahna with anything other than a hologram since.  

Though her practise of Suus mahna was usually less often than Aikido, Alora’s first martial art.  She did progress, but less slowly because of that.  

Blackwell ::She tilted her head, carefully considering DeVeau’s face. She had misstepped with Alora once before and there was something in the back of her mind that was making her wonder if she was close to a misstep once more. Neutrally, she commented:: It’s a good way to keep in practice on any skill.

Yael:  I’m sure he’s doing well…

Perhaps he would reach out to the Vulcan, privately.  It was hard to know how someone felt until you spoke with them… and their falling out of contact was likely more his fault than Saveron’s anyway.  Due to his guilt for how things had gone back then.

She looked to Yael. She wondered now how others had parted with Saveron, and more importantly, why she felt like there were spaces left for those two individuals, where Saveron had used to rest.

Blackwell: Saveron does tend to keep things very...orderly 

She thought back to the one time when he hadn’t done that….his own slipping into Pon Farr. It had been during a time where she herself felt a strong attraction to Saveron, a wanting. She had hoped for a relationship, but instead had gotten a night she would never forget….she held no regrets for that night, but sometimes there was an ache for what might have been. She sipped her tea, hoping the warm liquid would drive away that warm 

Alora cocked her head at the comment, uncertain as to its meaning. Rue’s face had slipped into something else.  Was it wistful?  Thinking upon the past?  Suddenly, Alora wondered if she and Saveron had been more than friends - which would have meant after her own relationship with him.  Had she brought up something painful?  Alora hoped not.  Fortunately, Ashley prevented the silence from becoming awkward by speaking.

Yael:  Are you working on any personal projects, Lieutenant?

A slight shift in the topic, he sipped his tea and leaned back slightly into his seat, crossing one leg over the other.

Blackwell:::She blinked, pulled from her thoughts with a yank and took a moment to smile as she came back to:: Yes, I have a few things on the back burner. I’m working on organizing some Klingon texts that were only half translated to English, and while they are not major works, I thought it would be fun to build my own skills up. Meanwhile, I also have some research that I’m doing off and on...in the midst of my own training. ::She chuckled:: And attempting to remember socializing is a thing that is important to do.

Yael:  The ever present necessity.  ::the Denobulan nodded::

DeVeau: Oh!  Let me know if you need assistance, Rue.  I’m fluent in Klingon.  I keep my skills up by changing the language the computer speaks to me every day.  Also, on PADDs and consoles, I’ll change the language.  It’s a great way to practise and keep sharp while not spending extra time on studying.

With Alora’s schedule and all the interests she had, that was important.  She wanted to make time for the things she loved, the people she loved.  So, she found ways to combine things.  

Yael:  With all our professional projects it’s any wonder we have the time to socialize.

Blackwell: I used to be very social - more just wanting to know people, and interact. But I have my moments of introversion, where I just need to….recharge I suppose is the way to put it. But I’m glad I happened upon you two today. Are you both avid tea drinkers? 

DeVeau: I love tea.  I don’t like coffee, so it tends to be my morning beverage of choice.  

Yael:  It’s more the company I’m interested in.  But the tea shop is quite well stocked with new things to try.

Blackwell: I’m from Portland, Oregon...and the culture is very ...coffee based. ::She chuckled:: Part of the cultural history. That and beer.

Ashley kept his silence on that, as he hadn’t touched alcohol in over two years… and thankfully so.

DeVeau: Beer is another thing I’m not a big fan of.  There are a couple I’ve found I liked, but all in all, I prefer different types of alcohol.  I’m surprised that culture hasn’t changed with the advent of replicator tech.

Blackwell: Oh even, with replicators, people -love- to do their own coffee and beer brewing. And with the fact we can get ingredients off world...it’s only expanded the hobby.

DeVeau: I suppose having that accessibility can actually help .

Blackwell: I find it rather amusing. Nothing like hearing about a coffee that is inspired by Ferengi trading markets.

Yael:  ::recalling the Vulcan phrasing::  Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

DeVeau: It’s that way with everything.  Tea, ramen.  And I love it.  I love having the blending of cultures to create something new and wonderful.  

Blackwell: Nothing like a good melting pot to get all the experiences. ::she chuckled to that and sipped her tea:::

She was quiet for a moment, watching the two, wondering what their thoughts, and feelings about Saveron. She would not push or pry. If they felt they wanted to share their stories with her, she would listen. However, for now, she just considered the strange coincidence on how they all intersected.

The trio spent some time more chatting about the coincidence of it all, the drinks, and what all else came up, having a nice time with good company.


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