Lt. Blackwell: Shipments and Plants (Joint post with Deveau)

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Oct 8, 2020, 5:09:14 PM10/8/20

((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora’s Office))

The brief periods after a mission were always a test in transition. First one was worrying about the borg, and the next day, you were considering shipments arriving on a massive starbase and checking in with colleagues. 

That said, it was never truly boring. 

She stepped up to Deveau’s office, and smiled as Alora greeted her. 

DeVeau: Ah, Lieutenant Blackwell!

Alora lifted a hand and waved, then motioned for the woman to come closer. 

Blackwell: You needed to see me, Lieutenant commander? ::She kept the tone genial, professional:: 

DeVeau: Yes, for a couple of reasons.  Business first.  

She stepped over as Alora offered her padd and took a closer look. 

DeVeau: I have some shipments coming in, just needed to make some changes, but obviously they need to be approved.  Also, a research vessel will be docking next week and we’ll be collaborating with them.  I just wanted to check and make sure everything is in order. 

Alora leaned forward as Blackwell gazed down at the PADD. Hands folded together and she studied the woman in silence, allowing her to focus.  Prudence Blackwell was not an officer Alora had been able to have a chance to spend any time with - hopefully that would change.  See had a sweet face, the natural state of which pleasant, and hair cut somewhat short to frame her face . Her eyes matched Alora’s, which caused the Science officer to grin.  She’d met more green eyed people in Starfleet than she ever had back on Earth.  Idly, Alora noticed Blackwell’s eyebrows were thin and sculpted.  Her mother would have liked that.  Grace DeVeau would sometimes ask if Alora was interested, even just to get them /shaped/, but Alora had no problem with her bushy eyebrows, thank you very much.  

Blackwell:::Rue gave a very thorough look over the information presented, her brow furrowed for the moments. After a bit, she nodded and grinned:: It looks all in order. ::She smiled:: I could have done this at my console, and saved you the trouble of waiting on me.

DeVeau: I know, but sometimes it’s nice to just do things face to face.  I like to talk to real people.

Computers were marvels, and they could make things far more efficient, but efficiency sometimes had pitfalls.  Taking away the humanity...or...alienity...or...taking away the contact with others.  Machines were cold, calculating, and unfeeling . People were not, and working with them straight from time to time was far more pleasant, even if slower. 

Blackwell:She gave a chuckle to that:: It is a bit of a challenge isn’t it. Keeping connections between colleagues over technology. I’ve read that even in the very very beginnings of long distance communication, people worried about how technology would divide people. ::Her shoulders lifted in a gentle shrug::


DeVeau : History says that! And there are points in history that show such was true.  One has to be careful.  

Blackwell:::She pushed a bit of hair from her face and shook her head:: Though I think honestly, it’s been better at connecting people...with some bumps. What about you?

DeVeau: It has the potential to do both.  It can disconnect.  Sometimes, if we allow it, it can replace the people in our daily lives, which isn’t healthy.  

Alora leaned back in her chair, one foot placed against the ground which pushed one way then the other so that she turned from side to side as she spoke. 

DeVeau: And yet, it affords us the opportunity to speak to people we might not have met otherwise.  Or to reconnect with those from whom we’ve been separated.  In general, careful moderation is key, I think. 

Blackwell: That tends to be the key in all things ::She smiled lightly to that::

There were points that Rue could acknowledge that she had some cases where she would take something to excess - usually in the form of working too hard, over examining, over thinking, or pushing too hard. She also did enjoy her hobbies, to the point of having quite a random collection of things….but there were cases where temperament had its place. She tilted her head and looked to Alora, to see where this conversation on connections would lead.

DeVeau: See, for instance, this is the first time we’ve really had a good conversation.  So tell me about Prudence Blackwell.  We’ve been passing ships in the night thus far. 

Blackwell: That happens. We are on a large starbase and a lot of people...and busy ::she considered with some mild sheepishness: Well, where to start. I suppose at the beginning. I was raised in Portland, Oregon on earth proper. My father was an antiques collector and historian, specializing in ...what you could call very “kitsch” items and pop culture.

Deveau: Kitsch items?

There was a term she didn’t hear every day.  It certainly caught Alora’s attention. 

DeVeau: Please, elaborate!

Blackwell: Old movies, old gadgets, cars, name it, we probably had it. 

DeVeau: I can understand the fascination, especially with the movies and books.  I have a rather eclectic taste, and have some copies of older films and novels myself. 

Digital books were lighter and easier to carry considering they could all fit on a PADD, but Alora couldn’t resist a /real/ book. 

DeVeau: Sounds like he has quite a collection, hm?  And I bet he’s come across some rather interesting items. 

Blackwell: Oh undoubtedly - this horrifying anatomically correct simulation mannequin for pregnancy.

DeVeau: Wait...what?  Seriously?

Alora’s head tilted back and she laughed right out.  Oh she could just imagine this thing with its extended belly.  Nothing like, and not near as beautiful as a real woman who was pregnant, but a silly imitation.   

Blackwell: Oh, even better. It talked. It would yell “ My Water Broke!” ::She laughed and shook her head:: I also have one brother, who is an artist, and holo sim writer back on earth. He has a couple of kids, who are close to two now. Twins. ::she smiled faintly to that:: What about you, and yours?


Lt. Prudence Blackwell

Starbase 118 OPS



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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