JP LtCmdr Alora DeVeau & 2Lt. Anthony Meeks - What to Wear (Pt.2)

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Tory Flory

Oct 22, 2020, 11:35:35 PM10/22/20
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((Starbase 118 - Habitat Sector))


Meeks: Awwww… C’mon. ::Pouting playfully:: Not even a little one?


Tony was having fun with her now. She was dead set on it being a secret, and he knew he wouldn’t get anything out of her, even under torture. That didn’t stop him from trying.


DeVeau: I think you know the answer to that.


The sauce and pasta was ready. Tony dished it onto plates and grated some fresh parmigiano over the mounds of steaming hot food. He placed a slice of crusty garlic toast on each of the plates and delivered one of them to Alora before setting himself down. Lifting his glass, he tipped his head.


Meeks: I’ll stop bugging you about it… eventually. ::Winks::


Eventually, and Tony wouldn’t get a word out of Alora.  Not one word.  In a sense, she’d already given him a hint, but he probably didn’t realise it, and she wasn’t going to bring it to his attention.  Nope, he was just going to have to wait, just like everyone else.  If Masha wasn’t going to be told, then Tony certainly wasn’t going to be told.  Alora straightened up and swung her feet over the edge so that she was sitting properly rather than lounging on the sofa.  


DeVeau: Eventually.  In two weeks?


Meeks: Oh, I’m not saying when I’m going to stop, just that I will, eventually. ::Shovels a fork full of spaghetti into his mouth::


DeVeau: Basically, in two weeks.

Which was when the Masquerade was going to be held.  


DeVeau: Feel free to offer some guesses!


With that, she twirled her fork into the spaghetti and scooped a bit into her mouth. 


Meeks: Maybe… ::He let it hang a moment:: …you’re going as a unicorn.


Alora shook her head, still chewing on her foot and oh, that was good spaghetti.  The flavour of the meat and herbs was just right, and the tartness of the tomatoes was underscored by a hint of sweetness - not too much, just enough to take the edge off. 


DeVeau: This is really good.  But no, not a unicorn. 


Meeks: Thank you. It’s my mom’s recipe. 


DeVeau: I’ll have to thank her if I ever meet her.  Try again. 


Meeks: ::Pausing to think:: How about the Fairy Godmother?


DeVeau: You’re way off base.  Keep going.


She allowed herself another bite as Tony contemplated the mystery at hand.  To be honest, Alora didn’t think even Sherlock could figure out what she was going to be.  There was nothing to give the slightest indication of it.  


Meeks: Really, I have no idea. Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?


DeVeau: Come on now, that’s cheating.


Meeks: You’re not even going to give me that much of a hint? 


Tony knew any guesses would be futile, but he was enjoying the game between them.  Alora decided to answer by stuffing another bite in her mouth and chewing with a grin.  If only he were telepathic.  Actually, even if he were telepathic, she knew he wouldn’t be able to get it from her even if he tried.  


DeVeau: Third time’s the charm.  Let’s see if you get any closer!


Meeks: Ok… ::Putting on a look that he was really contemplating:: Cleopatra?


DeVeau: Nope.  And now you have no guesses left.  You’ll just have to wait. 


Meeks: ::Snaps his fingers:: Ok, lady, you win. This time. ::Wink:: More cider?


Tony got up and grabbed the bottle off of the counter. He filled Alora’s glass before pouring himself another. 


Meeks: I’m thinking of something classic, like the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera.


Alora took a sip then almost spit it out when he suggested that.  She managed to swallow before actually doing so, but coughed a few times.  


DeVeau: Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  Now you tell me this?  Ugh!  


Meeks: Is that alright? I mean, I could do something else.


Alora laughed and shook her head, setting her cider down so she could dig her fork into her spaghetti and grab another bite.  The noodles dangled down, making a trail from fork to plate as they hovered, waiting for her to finish talking and actually eat again.


DeVeau: No, but if I had known you might do that, I might have decided to be Christine to your Phantom!


Meeks: Well, it’s not too late. I can sing the tenor. ::Laughing::


DeVeau: I can definitely do Chrstine’s part. 


It was tempting.  Oh so tempting.  Had she known earlier, Alora probably would have changed her plants.  However...


DeVeau: I’m too far gone at this point.  However, I shall remember this for /next/ year.  Therefore, you can not be Phantom this year.


Meeks: Well, dang! Back to the drawing board then. 


He was only really chewing on ideas, but now a good one had to be tabled. He’d figure something out though. There was still plenty of time.


Meeks: If I can’t do that one, then you have to help me out with some ideas.


DeVeau: You don’t /really/ have to refrain from doing it.  I am teasing you know, but that would have been fun together.  


Meeks: I think we should do that, if not this year then next.


DeVeau: could be a superhero.  Ooo, or D’Artagnan!


Yes, characters from books were always a delight, and Alora thought it was really interesting to see how people envisioned them.  Sometimes, costumes were far different than she would have imagined them to be, but it was still fun.  


Meeks: I don’t think I’ll wear anything with tights. Besides, I’m a little tall to be a Musketeer.


DeVeau: Well, we don’t really know exactly how tall they are.  Maybe we need to hit you with a shrink ray.


Alora chewed on another bite of spaghetti, then suddenly began to wave her fork at Tony.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t really talk because there was stuff in her mouth, and he probably wasn’t in the mood for ‘sea food’.  After a moment, she managed to chew and swallow, then say her piece.

DeVeau: What about a villain!  With a shrink ray!


Meeks: I could wear a cape! I’ll call myself, “Sir Shrinks-A-Lot!”


Alora’s head threw back with her laughter and she shook her head, almost spilling what was left of her meal.  Quickly, she managed to catch herself before she really did have it go flying, which would mean she’d likely spend the rest of the night there trying to get the stains out.  


Meeks: No? You don’t think that’ll work?


DeVeau: No, I think it would be great.  The name is hilarious!


Meeks: That may have to be it then. ::Laughing with her:: 


He was envisioning a pastel colored costume, with a cape and high a high collar, knee high boots, and a silver ray gun, ala Buck Rodgers. The mental image made him laugh even harder. 


Meeks: Ok… maybe not. ::Not bothering to explain his mental picture:: I’ll come up with something though.


DeVeau: Awww, come on.  It would have been great.  Sir Shrinks a lot who’s ten feet tall. The irony itself was worth it.


Meeks: It would be pretty ironic, but I don’t think I’ll go there this time.


DeVeau: All right, all right.  You could go as...a tree!  That would be perfect for you!


Meeks: A tree? Really? That would be going out on a limb. 


Tony was enjoying the play on words, and there wasn’t a serious stroke in anything either of them were saying. He was having fun, and it appeared she was too.


Alora let out another laugh.  Oh man, Tony was really one for silly puns, wasn’t he?  Not that she minded.  She always did appreciate someone who had a good sense of humour, even if she was terrible at making jokes herself.  That had never been her strong suit.   


DeVeau: I’d try to make a joke, but I’m terrible at them.  You could be...the Eiffel tower!  No, wait...wait!  The Statue of Liberty!  Yes!  There’s your costume!

Meeks: Sasquatch! I can be a big hairy ape-man! ::Snaps his fingers:: That’s it! I’ll be a caveman from early Earth. ::Laughs:: If I apply the makeup right, it would fit the anonymous bill just perfectly!


DeVeau: You don’t /have/ to be anonymous.  I mean, I’m pretty sure people will know who I am.


As one of the hostesses of the event, that was hard to get around, but Alora didn’t mind.  She wanted people to have fun - if they were having fun, she’d have fun.  That was the entire point.  


DeVeau: But I do like that idea.  It would be great!


Meeks: I’m sure I’ll figure something out before the ball. 

DeVeau: Whatever you do, as long as you’re enjoying yourself, that’s what counts. 


Alora finished off her spaghetti, then set the plate on the little table before falling back into the pillows of the couch.  


DeVeau: That was really good. 


Meeks: ::Placing his empty plate on Alora’s:: Thank you. Can I get you anything else? More drink?


Cooking was a hobby for Tony, but he more enjoyed entertaining. It never hurt when the cooking was complimented, of course. 


DeVeau: Just some water, I think.  The cider was nice, but I need a little more hydration.


Alora watched Tony as he fulfilled her request, then accepted it and allowed the water to go down far more quickly than she had the cider.  


Meeks: Thanks for coming tonight. I think I needed the company.


The cup now empty, Alora set it on the table, then turned her gaze to her friend.  Furrows traced faint lines over her brow and she canted her head to the side as she studied him.


DeVeau: Is something wrong?


Meeks: No… nothing at all. 


DeVeau: Come on Tony...what’s bothering you?


Meeks: Seriously, nothing is wrong. When I went to the market this afternoon, I went to get the veggies I was going to cook tonight. ::Draining his glass of cider:: I was cooking that pot of sauce for one, but I had no idea just how fun tonight would be with company.


DeVeau: Good.  But the night is still young, we could hang out longer.  Watch a movie or something, if you’re interested. 


Meeks: A movie sounds perfect. What’re you in the mood for?


DeVeau: I’m good with anything as long as it’s not gruesome.  


Meeks: I agree. Nothing gruesome for me either. ::Pondering:: How ‘bout a musical?


DeVeau: Sounds like a winner to me! 


Alora adored musicals, and she knew at some point that had come up in their conversations.  She was more than happy to enjoy one with a friend.  


Tony activated the holoviewer and chose the first one that came to his mind. They had just talked about it, and it sounded like a great choice. In moments, the first bars of the opening score for Phantom of the Opera began to fill the room. It was the live action performance on stage.


Tony moved to the sofa and took a seat next to Alora. He sat back and put his feet on the coffee table, getting comfortable for the show.


Meeks: Aaahhhh… Now, this is the life!


DeVeau: Amen to that!




2Lt. Anthony Meeks

Company Commander

1/292nd TMR D Co.

Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narendra




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops




2Lt. Anthony Meeks

Company Commander

1/292nd TMR D Co.

Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narendra



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