Lt. Blackwell: Dinner and a Movie Pt. 1 ((JP with Alora and Foster!))

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Dec 30, 2020, 11:39:51 PM12/30/20

OOC: This takes place before the start of the mission!

((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora’s Quarters))

More plants had come!  A delivery had been waiting for her after her shift and Alora had gleefully unpacked the boxes.  Several new varieties of African violets as well as streptocarpus were among the specimens she had ordered, along with other more exotic type plants that would make a lovely addition to her collection.  One, in particular, was an esani elala, a type of flowering vine.  When it was in bloom, the purple blossoms would grow all along the length of the vines.  When it wasn’t, the leaves were thick and full, an evergreen, so they never turned brown.  She had enough to create an entire veil using them. 

For the moment, however, her plants had to wait.  She moved them over to the window, pushing them against the window seat and set about preparing for her guests.  There wasn’t much to do, just get the holographic emitter so they could watch the movie, then shower and change into more comfortable and casual clothes. 

The door chime rang just as she was finished changing.  It wasn’t her guests, but rather her order, which she took in the carefully sealed container.  It would keep the contents hot until it was time to eat.  That she placed on the coffee table.  A few more minutes and the chime rang again.  That time, when the door opened, it was both of her guests, and she grinned as they came inside. 

Rue was punctual in her arrival - it was rude otherwise. She was excited to see what Alora would have on offer for a movie, and curious as to the invite. Dressed Casually, Rue arrived to Alora’s quarters dressed in a soft oversized grey sweater, black slacks and flat shoes. She felt comfortable, but appropriately dressed for a social affair. In her hands, she carried a lovely old fashioned cookie tin filled with butter cookies. She was expecting a movie after dinner, and coffee and she figured cookies would be a great accompaniment. 

She arrived just as Wyn did and when the doors to Alora’s quarters opened, she flashed both DeVeau and Wyn a grin, standing beside the Andorian.

Blackwell: Hey Alora. Thank you for the invite!

Wyn had tried to be early, but his predilection for getting lost on the station bit him in the backside.  But here he was, in khaki pants, a white button down shirt and that mussy white hair.  He had also brought a tote with all the best popcorn fixings this side of the galaxy.  Prepared!  Imagine that!

Foster: Hey there…

He looped a hand behind his neck and absentmindedly rubbed a bit of tension away as he tipped his antennae towards them.  He had promised to come and now he was here.  That was pretty good for him.

DeVeau: Hey Rue!  Hey Wyn!  Of course, come on in!

Blackwell: I brought cookies to share. Just something light for desert while we watch the movie. ::she raised the cookie tin up as she spoke, stepping into Alora’s quarters.

DeVeau: Ooooh, cookies.  Are they chocolate?  Please tell me they’re chocolate?  They’re chocolate cookies, right?  

If they weren’t...well Alora would eat some anyway.  Cookies were cookies, and they were a delicious concoction.  Whomever had invented them was one of the most important people in all of creation.  Yes.  Cookies were grand.  Alora cradled the tin almost possessively for a moment before setting it down upon the coffee table.  

Foster: Butter popcorn… butter cookies… it’s like a butter themed night. ::He shrugged, feeling the joke was awkward before it landed.::

Blackwell:::Rue looked to Wyn, seeing the nerves apparent not just from the body language, but also the way the joke came off. She smiled all the same and winked:: Time honored movie tradition is snacks that are questionable health wise while you watch the flick.

Alora straightened and moved over to the replicator, patting it like an old friend.

DeVeau: Replicator’s in fine working order and ready to comply with your requests for food.  What’s your pleasure?

Foster: For non-buttered up food?

He fell silent for a few moments.  The truth was he had a high metabolism and enjoyed food.  Particularly nutritious food.  That meant there were plenty of options.

She smirked to Wyn’s statement. He’d find something filling and healthy, as he was of course still a doctor. However, he liked food so she was curious to see what he would pic.

Blackwell: Well if we have popcorn and cookies, I’ll go with something lighter::And she would step up to the replicator, hit a few buttons, with the result being a delicious looking chef salad complete with a massive amount of vegetable, some protein and cheese and a boiled egg with dressing, and then moved aside for Wyn::

Foster: Ok, if we’re going on the Earth theme I’ll go with Shakshuka.  ::Eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce served with toasted bread?  Yesplease.::

Turning, Alora put the orders in and carried them over to her guests, then returned long enough to make a request of her own - chicken tikka masala over rice and a salad.  So yummy, even if it was replicated.  Carrying her own tray, she let Wyn and Prudence take the large couch and plopped down into one of the arm chairs that flanked it.  

As food was replicated and distributed, she followed Alora over towards the couch, and turned to sit into it, resting comfortably.

DeVeau: So...I found out that you and I share something in common, Prudence. 

Blackwell: Oh, just Rue is fine. And what is that? ::She took a bite of her salad, chewing as she looked to DeVeau curiously::

DeVeau: We both love the Last Unicorn. 

Blackwell:::She binked a bit to that - shock on her face. The book was an old one. Very old. It was rare to find someone else was familiar with it. She swallowed her food and gave Wyn a slightly light and suspicious he was one of the ones who knew she liked that book, and then looked back to Alora and chuckled:: Well then, that is interesting. We’ll have to talk later about it. 

Alora’s eyes glittered and her grin broadened.  She had been in love with that book and movie since she was very young - too young to even grasp some of the more grown up elements.  It had been one on an exclusive list of titles that she came back to time and time again just because she enjoyed it so much.  

DeVeau: Anyway, Wyn specifically said nothing depressing, and while that’s not exactly depressing, I thought maybe a comedy might be a better choice.  There’s this hilarious comedy about these two cadets in the Academy who get into trouble and a friend of theirs has to find a way to get them out of trouble by convincing the Major General that he’s got the wrong guys.


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