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((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))

There she went again, demanding requests that could not be fulfilled. Yes, her assessment of insanity was proven correct, which was making it increasingly harder to hold it together. Haukea either wanted to proclaim all the illogical fallacies present or burst into laughter that would drive her to tears. 

Yet, a logical solution was presented to her. She could feel the ease with which it came to her, as if she was born to seek out logical conclusions, solutions, patterns, and behaviors. It was natural in a way that her typical neutral opinion was previously. Due to such a logical conclusion, Ksivi-Sava nea Haukea-Willow considered it the most opportune to merely walk away from the situation entirely and who best to do it first than Iru. 

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): The most logical solution would be for you to merely walk away.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::leaning on the wall ever more sluggishly:: Quite honestly, I’m not confident that I currently can. In fact, I can’t seem to hold my balance very well, and even if I could, where would I find that doctor? I couldn’t even find my own way back to the beach at the moment.

Ksivi-Sava (Haukea) raised one sharply slanted Vulcan eyebrow at such a comment. Again she almost wanted to laugh. oO I wasn’t talking about you. Oo 

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot): Response

Iru: Response?

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): We would prefer it if you did the going away first. However if neither of us do so we are back to square one with another stalemate.

Haukea-Willow (Ksivi-Sava) appeared observably dizzy at the mere conjecture of walking away from the stable wall supporting them. Not that they were particularly being asked to be the one walking away from the situation. Naturally, as it progressed, Ksivi-Sava (Haukea) realized that yes, Haukea and themselves would equally have to move from a stable support into the more terrifying world of relying on their own balance. Yet, that seemed to hardly matter. Iru had to be the one to walk away and if she did so they wouldn’t have to.  

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot): Response

Iru: Response?

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): Solution. We both walk away at the same time.

That was the most brilliant idea that she ever had; having both parties involved walk away at the same time. One, Iru, is likely to stumble down the corridor as they try to bolt, while the rest can’t seem to move from the wall supporting them. Generally, it made little, if any, logical sense to an outside observer, however, Haukea-Sava was actually inexperienced with handling the elements of proper logic, so to them it made all the logical sense in the whole wide galaxy. 

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Very good, s… ::eyes seeking and failing to find a horizon:: Sir? oO Is he my commanding officer? Does he know that I’m not feeling very well? oO

It was then that Haukea, she was clearly Haukea, even if her mind was filled with static, watched as Ksivi-Sava, attempted to take a meditative breath through their mouth. As Haukea she knew such meditative deep breaths provided a large sense of relief to the body. It was a relief to view such a method of self care take place. On the other hand, Ksivi-Sava, pushing away from the wall, plummeted eloquently to the floor at a rapid pace. Haukea, in a body with a high level of physical strength due to a 50-50 mix of Vulcan genetics, coupled with the protectiveness of a security officer, dove in to attempt to cushion the fall. 

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): I’ve got you, don’t worry. ::did she though?:: 

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot)/: Response

Iru: Response? 

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Okay, maybe I don’t but you aren’t anymore injured than before right? 

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot)/: Response

Iru: Response? 

From her position on the floor the Vulcan-Risian peered around the room. A grouping of Starfleet officers were the only individuals seen. Iru could have possibly left, taking her chance to escape. 

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava: Nevermind, the reporter seems to have left. 

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot)/: Response

Ensign Haukea-Willow


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