Lt JG Peters + Lt. Zinna: Told You (Part 1) [No Tags]

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Cadfael Peters

Jan 23, 2016, 7:06:57 PM1/23/16
to Starbase 118 IC
OOC: Takes place between By Your Leave + Relaxation is Overrated

(( Counseling Office, Starbase 118 ))
(( Time Index: SD 239301.20 ))

:: Cadfael was dressed in his typical Starfleet-issue gold, hair combed back and not covered in grease or fur. With a deep breath, he pressed the button and waited for Zinna to answer. ::

:: The curly haired El-Aurian was sitting at her desk enjoying a nice cup of coffee. She had recently dropped off her son, Taxo, at the schoolhouse on Starbase 118, and decided to check in at the counseling office that she had yet to see since her transition to counseling from medical. Hearing the chime she raised an eyebrow. ::

Zinna: Come in.

:: Cadfael did so and had a seat in the chair opposite the desk. As the door closed behind him, he smiled and released the breath he’d been holding. ::

Peters: Told you I’d find you.

Zinna: ::smiling back:: Yes, you did. For a second there I thought you were just pulling my leg. It’s nice to see you Cadfael. How are you doing?

Peters: :: sighed heavily before continuing :: Richard Fracking Matthews hadn’t spoken to me since he got back, and then left again just as suddenly. And before that, my efforts to find love just didn’t work.

:: Zinna nodded. She understood. ::

Zinna: You know, love is a tricky thing. It’s one of those things that you can’t just solve with an equation. It doesn’t have an instruction manual. ::She crossed her legs:: What do you mean “and before that?” Was there someone before Richard?

:: Cadfael nodded faintly and leaned back in the chair, doing his best not to sound exasperated. ::

Peters: You could say that. I went bar crawling with my first counselor here, Vance Sheridan. The two of us hit it off nicely, I made a pass at him while intoxicated, and we moved past it. We even went to the Risian Rave and I picked up one of the  horga’hns. Met a hot looking Bajoran who I saw maybe twice, then nothing. Then Vance left. After that, there was Anders, who chickened out on me after asking me out...and a putz named Meyers who invited me for breakfast, then a date. Sadly, it wasn’t anything to write home about.

:: He sat up and met her gaze. :: 

Peters: Your predecessor, the annoying Denobulan named Ashley Yael, was just downright annoying. Said I needed more social interaction.
Zinna: ::chuckling:: Do you agree with him?

Peters: Nope. Every attempt at social interaction thus far has sucked worse than a vacuum cleaner. 

:: Zinna pulled out her PADD. ::

Zinna: Okay, let me ask you something, Cadfael. Why do you think you’re social interactions aren’t successful? You can’t measure your sociability on a few failed romance encounters, now can you?

Peters: I’m an engineer. Used to working with parts. Not people. Maybe I’m just not designed for interacting with people in general. Only one who doesn’t seem to mind my ineptitude at people is the skipper, and for a while I thought Theo too...though Theo is now the FO and my department is once again lacking a chief.

Zinna: ::she raised an eyebrow:: You’re a Human first, and an engineer second. Humans were designed to interact with people. It’s in their nature. It’s in many species’ nature to interact. You shouldn’t use your career as an excuse because you don’t think you’re successful in social interactions. Now to this department situation. I’m assuming you’d like to be Chief Engineer?

Peters: Not necessarily, but having a department chief who doesn’t either leave without a word or move laterally within the hierarchy would be nice. First Kellan just up and disappeared while I was up to my elbows in boom-sludge, then Theo, who moved from being my boss to Taybrim’s right hand. Just because I served briefly as the Victory’s CE doesn’t mean I was prepared for it. Transferred to the Darwin and was once again your run of the mill engineer. 

:: In regard to his species reference, he just let it drop. He didn’t know what to add there, if anything. It seemed a moot point anyway. The word darwin just left a bitter taste in his mouth, because that was not his best posting. ::

Zinna: And do you know the duties of a Chief Engineer, lieutenant?

Peters: From my experience, paperwork, morale officer, and keeping the ship running. Granted, it was brief.

Zinna: You do realize that there is a social portion of being a department head?

:: That struck a nerve. He winced and nodded faintly. :: 

Peters: Yeah. I think that falls under the “morale officer” portion of it.

:: There was certainly more to it than just “morale officer”, but she decided to let it go. ::

Zinna: then tell me, Cadfael, why are you here? What are you hoping to gain from seeing me today?

Peters: A new friend, at the very least. Counselor or not. You know...just someone to talk to about things. :: He paused briefly, as though composing an additional sentence. :: ...Get a sense of whether you have that annoying personality that I run from or the kind I seek out voluntarily.

Zinna: As a friend, I will certainly listen. I’m  a good listener. But as a counselor, it’s not enough for me to just listen you know. I think you might be confusing the previous counselor’s “annoying personality” with a counseling style that likes to get things done. Someone who you’ll hate in the beginning, but once you start to make progress and accomplish a goal, you’ll appreciate their harshness in the end.


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