JP - LtCmdr. Alora DeVeau & 2Lt. Anthony Meeks - Good Music, Better Company Pt. 2

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Amanda Nordstrom

Sep 26, 2020, 5:14:14 PM9/26/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118
((Starbase 118 Ops - Trinity City - Rumba Room))

The current music slowed to a stop and Anthony concluded by pushing
Alora away, giving her a twirl, and bringing her in so he could dip her.
He planned it just right, with the final note hitting just as Alora was
dipped against his right arm. The motion caused Alora to laugh in
delight as she went down.  As the room fell silent, he pulled her to her
feet. The band paused for a moment before starting another, this time a
much slower paced song.

Meeks: Another?

Deveau: Not tired out?

Meeks: I can do this all night. ::Winks::

DeVeau:  I wouldn’t dream of it being a one dance venture.  Lead on,

Alora accepted his hand for the next dance, grateful for the slower
movement that allowed one to focus a bit more on fellowship.

DeVeau: So tell me about yourself.  I haven’t really had the opportunity
to get to know you much as of yet.

Though she did appreciate someone who enjoyed dancing.

Meeks: Not much to tell, really. I grew up on a merchant ship my folks
owned and joined the Corps as soon as I could. I’ve been a Marine all my
adult life.

The music had slowed and they were much closer than they had been during
the last dance. The proximity and slower pace made it much easier to
have a conversation.

DeVeau: So why the Marines?  What drew you to that part of Starfleet?

Meeks: I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I grew up, but I
knew I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. I saw a
recruitment poster, went in and talked to the guy behind the desk, and
before ya knew it, I was taking my oath and off to basic. It wasn’t
until I graduated advanced training before I had real direction.

DeVeau: You didn’t have direction before?

Meeks: Nah… I enjoyed all the running and gunning of being a Marine, but
I was drawn to Search and Rescue eventually. I got hit up for Pararescue
after I decided to take the officer track and started the Academy.

DeVeau: So what’s the difference?  I’m assuming you specialise in Search
and Rescue, of course, but how does that differ from the regular duties
of a marine?  As you can tell, I’m a bit ignorant.

Meeks: The Pararescue training is a lot like combat medic training, with
the exception that we are trained to go into very hostile situations,
sometimes under fire, and provide medical care to wounded folks, get
them stabilized, and extract the wounded to a higher level of care.
We’re kinda like paramedics with phasers, I guess.

DeVeau: Paramedics with phasers.

Alora couldn’t help but giggle at that description.  She could imagine
them in some old fashioned type of medical uniform, or covered in
scrubs, all crouching down and inching out into dangerous territory,
phasers at the ready.

DeVeau: I like that .

Meeks: Your turn… Tell me about Alora DeVeau.

DeVeau: I am far more boring than that.

Meeks: Well, I highly doubt that. I have a hunch there is a lot beneath
the surface of Miss Alora DeVeau. So out with the dirt...

DeVeau: Well, I was born on Earth, raised for my first few years in
Georgia, then we moved to Japan.  I have a love for music and the
performing arts, but my love for Science overshadows even though. So I
joined Starfleet and here I am!

Well, there was more to it than that.  A lot more.  Alora didn’t need to
really go into the details, though - it would take more than the time
they had that evening.  Not to mention, there were just some things she
wasn’t ready to talk about - especially not with someone she was still
just getting to know.  There were only a few people she’d divulge that
sort of information to.

Meeks: And, here you are. You sure don’t dance like a scientist.

Anthony didn’t know how a scientist was actually supposed to dance, but
he knew he was enjoying how this one did. They had been talking and
enjoying so much, he didn’t even notice the music had stopped and no new
song had started yet. He stopped and stepped back, motioning toward
their table.

Meeks: Should we have a seat and take a load off for a minute? I need a

DeVeau: Of course.  Staying hydrated is important.

Though if he meant the kind of drink he was having when she first got
there, he was actually contributing to dehydration.

Taking her hand, Anthony led her off the floor and to their table. He
wasn’t used to that kind of movement for an extended time, so he felt
the fatigue in his legs and back. He wasn’t complaining though. It was a
hell of a lot more fun than running up and down mountains.

Meeks: ::Pushing her chair in after she sat:: What can I get ya to drink?

DeVeau: Just water, please.

Alora didn’t really feel like alcohol, and she was far more careful than
she used to be.  Ah, thanks Gaby.

Motioning for the waiter, he sat down himself. He was having an amazing

DeVeau: So you must have some interesting stories to share.

Alora leaned her elbow on the very edge of the table and rested her chin
in her hand.  While it seemed the opposite, dancing was a great way to
relax, so to speak.  It was movement and exercise, sure, but such an
enjoyable one, that it didn’t /feel/ that way.  Still, it was good to
take a break now and again, and that helped foster conversation as well.

Meeks: Oh, I’d hate to bore ya to death.

DeVeau: I’d love to hear some.  It’s always interesting hearing about
others’ experiences.

Meeks: Alright… well, this one time, at band camp…

Relating stories wasn’t his strong suit. They usually sounded like an
after action report given verbally. For some reason, though he didn’t
seem to have that problem when talking to Alora. It helped that she was
a good listener. It seemed they were creating a great friendship.


2Lt. Anthony Meeks
Company Commander
1/292nd TMR D Co.
Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narindra



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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