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Jamie LeBlanc

Sep 20, 2023, 6:33:01 PMSep 20
to SB118

(Cardassian Embassy – Sannin VII – Lab))

Duran: No, we need the full cycle to break down the Inaprovaline and ensure we don’t get any crystallization.  But…. ::Raising a finger:: What if we alter the frequency of the regeneration energy waves.

Maybe the problem wasn’t with the ratios or the composition of the medicine anymore, but in how they broke down the toxic elements of the medicine and encouraged healing after the lesions were destroyed.

It was a round-about way of thinking on the problem, but efficacious.

Marsh (as Wethern): Of course, we can incorporate Chloromydride to fill in the gaps in the cycle where the Inaprovaline proves to be ineffective. This will prevent the Inaprovaline from dissipating away too rapidly and capitalize on maximizing the effectiveness of the serum overall. 

Wethern (as Marsh): Why are we limiting ourselves to one option, let's try the Chloromydeide and recalibrate a neural transmitter to emit a regenerative phase output which could be deployed in the field. 

She rose a finger slowly and pointed it towards the doctor who just spoke.  Miss Marsh (she didn’t know it was Wethern) reminded her of a student she had some twenty years ago.  Whip smart and willing to see things from other perspectives.

It made her think to contact some of her old students, see how they were getting on now.  She wondered where everyone was.

Duran: I like that idea.

And the other doctor built upon it.  She was a tiny bit jealous of Doctor Trovek getting to work long term with these two.  She also didn’t know that Doctor Trovek was undergoing some critical surgery and would be out for some time. All she knew is that whichever lead doctor was working with these two young minds was a lucky one.

And perhaps, if she got to see this shiny new Starfleet ship she would tell them that.

Marsh (as Wethern): We could potentially use Cerdal regeneration waves to prevent the activation of the Cervaline and negate the Inaprovaline for a three minute period. This would allow the Chloromydride to maintain cellular stability in the patient during that critical time period. 

The tools she had provided to them were old, but functional.  It would be better if they could relay through the Starfleet ship – maybe they could.  It had been a while since anyone had checked in with them.

Wethern (as Marsh): Already recalibrating the device to emit Cerdal radiation. 

Duran: I have the new test environment ready.

Including the options for post-treatment regeneration already loaded.  She was good at getting things done.  That was a product of experience.

Marsh (as Wethern): After putting all of the parts together, this sounds like a viable option for a cure. I believe that this revised formula will resolve the outlying problems that we have encountered. 

Wethern (as Marsh): Little by little we are making progress. Then the hard work comes... convincing the politicians. 

A sigh, she turned towards Marsh and nodded.

Duran: That is truly the worst part.  I say that with love for my people.

And frustration at the stubbornness of her people.  For decades she had helped people – fixed people.  And the thing that had killed more of her own people than anything else – hurt more of her own people than anything else – were Cardassian politicians.  

Cardassians could hurt themselves better than any other specie or power in the galaxy could.

Wethern (as Marsh): Everyone ready to give this another spin? Same drill as last time, I'll keep an eye on the frequency modulation.

Marsh (as Wethern): ?

Duran: Let’s do it.

Marsh (as Wethern)/ Wethern (as Marsh): ?

They waited.  It was seconds, but it felt like hours – watching the medicine work and the results pour in.  Lasela barely breathed.  

Good… better… success?

It looked like success…

Duran: It is looking good…

She said with even understatement.

Marsh (as Wethern)/ Wethern (as Marsh): ?

Duran: The Cerdal regeneration is preventing the destabilization of the Cervaline… Just a few more minutes and we’ll ensure the detoxification of the Inaprovaline…

Still looking good.

Why did this seem to take so long?

Marsh (as Wethern)/ Wethern (as Marsh): ?

It came through…




She took in a breath feeling… a bit dizzy.  Happy?  Relieved? 

This had been such a long process for her – years of work and months of intensive work.

And suddenly to have something work?

She was a little bit in shock.

Duran: It’s clear!

Marsh (as Wethern)/ Wethern (as Marsh): ?

And better yet?  There was a green signal – connection with the Narendra was confirmed.  The ship was back in its place and commlines were open.  

Sometimes it seemed that good news flooded in like a tidal wave!


MSNPC Doctor Lasela Duran
Head of Neurosurgery
Eĵsizemir Saõuzenok Ghemor 
Ghemor Memorial Hospital


"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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