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Capt. Leo Handley-Page

Jul 14, 2015, 5:56:33 PM7/14/15
to Sb118 Ops
((Leo’s Office; Starbase118))

:: Chen and Reinard had not long left, and Leo twirled the last
remaining pip around and around in his hand. So, he had finally scraped
his way up to the rank of Captain. Not bad for a twice court martialled
irreverent bounder. However, he felt no sense of elation, just one of
relief that he wasn’t going to have command of the Starbase snatched
from him by the petty bureaucracy of Starfleet - at least not for now.
However, there was another problem - one infinitely more dangerous than
pencil-pushers on Earth. He sighed, and looked over to the side of the
room where his bags were already packed. He was going on a journey… to
get some information that would be crucial to ending his sister’s
torment, and may at last mean they could all stop looking over their
shoulders at the phantom that was stalking them.::

Handley-Page: Hey ho…

:: Leo finished his tea and then tapped his comm badge. He had some good
news to impart before he left.::

Handley-Page: =/\= This is *Commander* Page to all senior crew. I want
to thank you all for your sterling efforts during the recent the crisis.
Your bravery and devotion to duty is second to none, and your
achievements have been recognised. It is my pleasure to announce all
senior crew have been awarded the Prometheus Ribbon.

:: Leo cleared his throat before continuing.::

Handley-Page: =/\= I am also happy to award the Joint Meritorious ribbon
to Lieutenant Commander Taybrim, Lieutenant Commander Falcon, Lieutenant
JG Stevens, Lieutenant JG Peters, Ensign Yael, Ensign Pon Pon for their
success in working with the Romulans of the Ashpodel. I am also awarding
the Prisoner of War ribbon to Ensign Yael. Congratulations everyone!

:: Another pause to let the good news filter through.::

Handley-Page: =/\= I am pleased to announce that LtCmdr Solok is taking
the reins as Acting Chief Medical Officer. I trust that he will keep us
all ship-shape in the coming missions.=/\=


:: Leo had two remaining announcements to make.::

Handley-Page: =/\= I am also awarding the Captain’s Commendation to
Lieutenant Commander Chen for his achievement in leading the Intel team
to crack the satellite’s coding. Well done, Commander. However, I have
to inform everyone that LtCmdr Chen will be leaving us shortly - for
bigger and better things. He is being promoted to Commander and taking
up duties as the First Officer aboard the USS Gorkon, under Captain
Reynolds. I am so pleased for him and although we shall miss him, he has
all our best wishes to take with him.=/\=


Handley-Page: =/\= And I am happy to welcome Warrant Officer Johnny
Mendes, who will be joining our Intelligence Team. Our new Acting chief
of Intelligence will be Lieutenant Sabina Tiam. Congratulations.!=/\=

:: Leo looked again at the Captain’s pip in the palm of his hand, and

Handley-Page: =/\= Finally, I have to also inform you that my presence
is required at a conference on Earth, so I am going to be away for a few
weeks. Lieutenant Commander Taybrim will be Acting CO in my absence, and
I have full confidence he will be a perfect fit. When I return, I expect
the starbase to be in one piece! =/\=

:: Leo chuckled audibly so that everyone could hear he was only

Handley-Page: =/\= Adieu mes amis.=/\=


:: Leo closed the com link, then stuffed the pip in his pocket. He got
up from his chair and left the room, looking for Kaitlyn.::

To Be Continued…

Captain Leo Handley-Page
Commanding Officer; Starbase118 Ops,_Leo
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