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Nov 24, 2015, 3:13:50 PM11/24/15
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((Bridge, USS Albion))

Anders: ::Looking at the view screen:: So much to a peaceful draw.  Transporters are down sir, we can use a shuttle to round up the lifeboats.

Taybrim: Get all the remaining shuttles mobilized. 

::As Baylen was looking to see how many shuttles could be used he saw something that was a great bother to him::

Anders:  One of the pulse wave devices is stuck in the torpedo tubes, and it is over loading.  ::running the number quickly:: it will over load in less than four minutes sir.

::Baylen looked over at Sal for a moment, the Captain was in a deep thought about everything that had just gone down.:: 

Anders: I can get down there and disarm it sir?

Taybrim: Get down there now.  Let engineering know and co-ordinate with them!  ::They hadn't survived so far only to get knocked down by a malfunction.:: Go!  

::Baylen darted around the bridge and got to the access hatch ladder at the rear of the bridge and picked up an engineering pack and grabbed each side of the ladder with his hands and feet and slid down it fireman still, all the way to the lowest deck of the saucer section, he dropped quickly, the friction in his hands burned but he did not have time to think about that.  While he was darting to the next ladder to head to the Torpedo Room, Baylen hit his combadge.::

Anders: =/\= Baylen Anders to Chief Engineer Theo Whittaker, I am double timing to the Torpedo Control room and tube two, we have a pulse wave device stuck in the tube and on an overload countdown.  I really could us some help. =/\=


::Baylen kept running as fast as he could to the second ladder, the hatch was covered in junk that he tried to move but was too heavy.::

Anders: oO Oh to the Hell with it Oo

::Baylen pulled out his Phaser and turned up past the highest safe level and fired and held the beam on the junk as it broke up.  He could hear the unauthorized Phaser Alarm going off.::

Anders: oO And no turbo lifts but that damn alarm works. Oo  Computer kill the Alarm.

::No reply from the computer, the Alarm kept sounding, Baylen rolled his eyes and grabbed the ladder the same as before and slid down the four decks and darted into the Control room, he had to flip over a few seats and blown out LCARS station to open the tube access hatch way.  He looked for his Engineering help but they had not made it yet so Baylen crawled in, he could smell the burnt gas and the plasma residue all around.  He coughed a few times and pulled up his shirt over his nose and mouth to help filter the air a little.

Once he made it to the Torpedo he opened the panels with a spanner and took out the inter locks.  He was trying to remember to the data sheets, so that he could pull the power coupling device.::


Anders: I have a pain in the ass torpedo here.  Its on an over load and we have right at a minute and I cant remember what is the power cell and what is the mag cell.


Anders: ::Smiling:: Thats right.  

::Baylen starting to pull on the power cell, but it was stuck, he pulled so hard his hands slipped off and fell back landing on his butt in front of Theo.::

Anders: It seems to be jammed, I would say we can try and decompress the tube but it wont clear ship in time, or it may not leave the tube.


::Baylen and Theo both grabbed the power device and pulled for all there was, but it did not budge. Baylens tricorder started to beep, 10 , 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,...
Baylen turned away to face Theo and closed his eyes and held his breath for his last second alive and the torpedo sputtered and died.  Baylen turned and looked at it cunfussed.  He scanned it.::

Anders: Its a dud...  It does not work. ::Grinning::  


::Baylen was so excited he grabbed Theo in a man hug and started jumping up and down smiling.::

Anders: Sorry, I got excited. I thought we where goners.


TAG/TBC Wishing you Fair Winds and following Seas...

Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders Mission Specialist Fleet Operations 118th Fleet Star Base 118,_Baylen

ID: R238606GH0


~The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.~

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