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Iain Turnbull

Aug 6, 2022, 11:58:54 PMAug 6
to Starbase Ops (IC)

((Sickbay – USS Narendra.))

Henry stood relatively still as the Starfleet Lieutenant – Blackwell – ran scans over him. He presumed he was being checked for weapons, or anything biological within him.

That was fine, he had nothing to hide and really just wanted his phaser wound seeing to and pointing in the direction of the nearest crew bar. Failing that, a replicator would do.

DeVeau: Have you finished the scan?

Blackwell: I’m done, nothing dangerous on him..and we can do the standard inoculation and he should be fine, from what my readings show.

Maxwell: Glad tae hear I'm no dangerous.

He offered a grin even though he was certain that opinions regarding his threat level were unchanged despite the scans and his lack of weaponry.

DeVeau: This will help with the radiation exposure.

Blackwell: Seems like a lot has happened - glad to see you are in one piece, Commander ::And she glanced towards Henry:: Seems like he need some care as well.

Maxwell: Hang on, radiation exposure?

DeVeau: can you roll up your sleeve far enough to be free of the injury. If not, I’ll need you to remove your shirt.

Maxwell: Aye sure, I reckon I can manage. What's the plan?

There was a hiss from the hypospray that was pressed to his neck, and Henry felt rather warm for a second or two before returning to normal. Attempting roll the sleeve turned out to be more of a difficult task than he had initially thought. He offered an apologetic shrug, before unbuttoning it and sliding the injured side free.


DeVeau: First we need to deal with your phaser wound.  After that, we need to discuss what happened on the Belladonna.  Lieutenant, I’m assuming you have standard first aid training and can assist. 


Blackwell: Yes, Commander. What do you need me to do?

Henry winced slightly as he moved his arm. It seemed to be hurting more now than it had previously. Still, he couldn't help himself and some of the family humour still slipped out.

Maxwell: Well I was enjoying a wee cruise, now I'm surrounded by Starfleet officers that are trying tae get my shirt off.

She glanced towards Maxwell, a slightly amused narrowing of her eyes.

Blackwell: Don’t get cute. I’d like to know who you are and precisely what is going on?

DeVeau: There should be a hypospray of pain reliever.  Give him a single dose, and we’ll clean the wound. 

Henry raised an eyebrow as Alora picked up a PADD type he wasn't familiar with.


DeVeau: I’m going to run a scan myself.  Just to be sure.


Maxwell: So how's it all going?

He motioned out towards the main part of Sickbay.


Blackwell: Well we are still getting evacuees off, and now we have gamma radiation and …well whatever has happened to you - so to say that things are getting more and more complicated is just slightly an understatement. So I feel like getting right to the quick of it simplifies things, doesn’t it?

He grinned.

Maxwell: Don't mince your words do you?


The PADD held in front of him hummed and whirred and a moment later Alora sighed softly.  


Blackwell ::She smiled, still looking like her amiable self, even with a slight sharpness at the edge of that smile:: Sometimes I’m blunt. Comes with being a communications officer.


DeVeau: Being blunt isn’t always a bad thing.  And we’ll be blunt in a minute.  Come, let’s take care of this wound.  Then we can have a talk.

Maxwell: I kind ae like blunt.

And he did. Blunt got you answers.

Blunt let you know where you stood. Blunt was good.

He gave a soft yelp and a childish pout as his arm was shifted to a better position for treatment.

Blackwell: ?

Henry stuck his tongue out briefly, before turning his gaze to the work being done on his injury. His wound was cleaned and medicine applied before a dermal regenerator was run over it. Alora stepped back and sighed. 


DeVeau: All right.  Now we talk.

Maxwell: Um, ok? What do you need tae know?

Blackwell: ?


DeVeau: I need to know what happened Henry. 

Maxwell: Could you be a bit more specific?

Blackwell: ?


Henry Maxwell.


Starbase 118.


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