Ensign Egil Renot: A Few Irradiated Screws Loose

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Richard Townsend

Aug 3, 2022, 5:52:04 AMAug 3
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((Engineering, SS Belladonna))

After the atmosphere had been vented out and the fires died down, Egil felt a gnawing anxiety in the pit of the stomach. It was in his very nature to be a safety perfectionist. In their haste to not.. Blow up.. He didn’t have time to find the exact right EVA suit and specifications for this exact situation. So many things could go wrong. The task at hand was the only thing keeping the poor Ensign from having a full blown panic attack.

Renot: Lowell, don’t try anything funny. I’ve got a phaser if you try to pull one on us, we’re trying to get out of here alive.

Kent: Well, this makes me a horrible person, but I want to live, too!

Well now that was a plot twist. Egil’s brow shot up. He wasn’t expecting a Terra Prime member to want to live. He wasn’t blindly following now. Perhaps a bit late. But better than never, Egil supposed. He could tell there was true panic in his voice. He felt bad that Lowell absorbed all the lies and hate like a sponge.

Asta: I don’t even comprehend how you could not figure out that blowing up the ship you were riding on would, in fact, kill you too…

Egil looked back and forth between the two. He did understand what it was like to be under the sway of propaganda and such being fed to you constantly, being told how and what to think and act. That deviating from the norm that the masses made up made you the bad guy, just the others. You did not want to be the others. He used to follow the masses blindly and then he deviated to be himself.. And here he was. He shook himself back to reality with a sigh.

Renot: Anyways, back to business, I am in. Got access and all. Ready to commence shut down.

Asta: Good.  I’m ready to shunt power.  ::They paused and looked over towards Egil.:: That will drastically affect our warp bubble… and your ship is inside our bubble, right?

Renot: Yeah, it is. Merged nice and tightly. They’ve got to leave our bubble first. I’m surprised the plasma surge didn’t knock them out.

Asta: Can you call them?  Tell them to back away.  To be safe I can’t drop any speed, so we’ll surge ahead once you start the shut down.

That would mean he would be stuck here for a bit at least. For how long, who knows.

Renot: Don’t have much time though.

Asta: Tell them to move away first, then we can shut this down.

Renot: Yeah, that’s most critical, on it now.

Sadie looked over, offering Egil a rather genuine smile. He could tell even through the EVA suit that they meant it. He took it to heart and gave a rather warm smile back in return with a thumbs up.

Asta: I know, you’re telling your friends and home to leave you.  But I’ll keep you safe, I promise.

Renot: I believe you… And I trust you. I don’t have a home anyways. Not really, honestly. Kinda got kicked-- I’m oversharing, think I’ve lost it. Ignore me! Wait, what have you got there?

Maybe it was an engineer thing that he trusted them so willingly. Or… Maybe it was just Gamma radiation getting to his head. Yeah, it was likely that. He sounded far too chipper near the end. Egil eyed up Lowell.

Kent: No I’m not going to shoot at you, I don’t have a weapon!  I only have a fire extinguisher!

Asta: Shut up, Lowell.

Renot: Did you want me to stun him? Now is perhaps not the time. Let's get out of danger first.

Asta/Kent: ?

Egil tapped his combadge, keeping an eye on the two, ready to jump in if needed. At this moment, he felt like an older brother trying to keep his two younger siblings from strangling each other.

Renot: =/\= Ensign Renot to Narendra Bridge. We’ve got the fires under control. We need you guys to back off so we can drop speed safely without crashing into you guys. We need to take the impulse offline and divert power to the warp core. As soon as they snip the wires of course. =/\=

Bridge: =/\= ?

Asta/Kent: ?

Renot: =/\= We have Kent right here with us. Keeping my eyes on him. Helped us suppress the fires at least. =/\=

Bridge: =/\= ?

Asta/Kent: ?


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