Lieutenant JG Karen Stendhal - Back in action!

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Stefania Delago

Sep 19, 2023, 9:33:17 AM9/19/23
((Shuttle - Bridge))

It had been a long journey for her, right after the update class at the Academy following her Leave of Absence (LOA). Karen felt a bit disoriented, though she made sure not to show it to the rest of the crew to maintain professionalism.

The final exam for the class at the Academy took place aboard SB118, and it was delightful to be back there after such a long absence. She considered herself fortunate that Starfleet had assigned her back to the same station. Despite her extended LOA, which lasted about three years, she was able to rejoin right after completing the class. Additionally, luck was on her side, as they retained her previous rank. She had expected to return as an ensign, but the understanding and kindness of her superiors pleasantly surprised her.

However, after her time at the Academy class, she didn't get a chance to rest. They immediately sent her into action. Fortunately, it appeared to be a relatively simple mission: a Flower Festival and some diplomatic work. Yet, as Karen knew all too well, there were often surprises hidden among the flowers!

Hael: =/\= LtJG Stendhal, this ‘ere be LtCommander Rustyy. =/\=

oO Rusty? Is that Rusty? Oo Even though her memory was a bit rusty when it came to crew names and such, she remembered!

Stendhal: =/\= Lieutenant Commander Rusty? How wonderful to hear your voice and that awesome North American accent again! It's a pleasure to meet you once more! =/\=

Hael: =/\= I tell you wha’, you done ge’ ‘ere at jus’ the righ’ time. If’n you would head on righ’ up to the bridge. =/\=

Karen squinted her eyes, making two small lines as she strained to understand. As always, some of that slang was challenging, and the universal translator didn't always assist effectively, often translating slang with more slang for her. Consequently, she ended up repeating some phrases, resembling an exotic parrot.

oO I've done ge’ what? Oo she asked to herself, seeking clarification.

Stendhal: =/\= "I've arrived at the right time, haven't I? I'll head up immediately, Lieutenant Commander!"=/\=

Hael: =/\= Thank’ya much. See you in a few.=/\=

Stendhal: =/\= Well, y'all are mighty welcome! =/\=

(Short Timeskip)

Thanks to the computer's guidance and assistance, she quickly found her way to the bridge.
"It was a pleasant sensation to be aboard a large starship once more, with people bustling about and the fresh scent of the durandansomething metal that the ship was constructed from...

Hael: Lieutenant Stendhal, welcome aboard. If’n you’ll join me, we’ve got us quite the problem planet side.

Karen greeted them with a warm smile and a polite bow. She cast a curious glance around, eager to acknowledge and greet the rest of the crew.

Stendhal: Thank you, Lieutenant Commander! I'm delighted to be here and eager to assist with anything that may arise on the planet and during the Flower Festival.
What exactly has happened down there? ::She asked.::

Hael: Uh… ::he chuckled.:: Well’s ya see, we showed up to help cause folks was gettin’ sick from metals in the buildin’s an’ now we be tryin’ to … um. Well…

oO Je suis désolé, je ne comprends pas bien...Oo  

Karen tried to follow the sentence, but she was getting a bit confused about what sort of metal sickness was.

In the meantime, she recognized McLaren and Fairhug, and she offered them a warm smile.

McLaren/Ross/Fairhug: ?

If she understood correctly, there was a strange case of body-swap occurring down there, and it didn't sound promising. Her face displayed a mixture of surprise and shock.

She couldn't help but imagine herself swapped with someone like Rusty, and the thought almost made her chuckle.

Stendhal: That sounds quite extraordinary! A case of body-swap? Have you determined what's causing it?

McLaren/Ross/Fairhug: ?

Karen listened attentively to their conversation, crossing her arms in a more focused posture. It was truly intriguing.

Stendhal: Alright, I'm ready! Just let me know what I can do to assist.

McLaren/Ross/Fairhug/Rusty: ?

Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
SB 118 
ID: C239604KS0

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