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((Engineering, SS Belladonna))

Renot was quite thankful for the EVA suits, though it made him nervous to be working in a place where he would die instantly and was only protected by a thin layer of material. He had the impulsive thought to try and stress test the suit and see if it could be torn or burnt while he was wearing it and they had no atmosphere around them.

He pushed the strangely destructive intrusive thought from his mind. Last thing he needed was to freak Sadie out by having the Starfleet engineer absolutely lose his mind and start trying to destroy himself. The heat was starting to recede, and Egil felt like it was giving him some sense of mental clarity. 

Egil reached a hand up to tap his commbadge to speak to the Narendra bridge crew.

Renot: =/\= Ensign Renot to Narendra Bridge. We’ve got the fires under control. We need you guys to back off so we can drop speed safely without crashing into you guys. We need to take the impulse offline and divert power to the warp core. As soon as they snip the wires of course. =/\=

Taybrim: =/\= Good to hear from you Ensign.  We are ready to move out of the warp bubble.  How long until you’re ready to do the shift? =/\=

Asta: =/\= Give me four minutes still.  This is a critical shift.  As long as I’m not on fire, I can do it correctly and safely.=/\=

Aristen/Tito: =/\= (?)

Renot: =/\= We have Kent right here with us. Keeping my eyes on him. Helped us suppress the fires at least. =/\=

Taybrim: =/\= That is good to hear. =/\= ::He said with a tentative positivity.::

Asta: =/\= Now if there wasn’t a bomb on the warp core… =/\=

Taybrim: =/\= The bomb has been disarmed.  But we still need to remove it from your ship. =/\=

Renot: =/\= Well, that’s good. That’s a big step out of the way. =/\=

Aristen/Tito: =/\= (?)

Taybrim: =/\= We have a plan to use transwarp transportation to pull the bomb off while the Belladonna is at warp.  ::he paused:: Ensign Renot, are you versed in transwarp theory? =/\=

The Commodore sounded hopeful.

Renot: =/\= It’s not… what I am specialised in, but the theory is still fresh in my mind from the Academy. Cadets didn’t get access to the meat of the data, sir. If you granted me access to it… Even temporarily, I should get it.=/\=

It wasn’t a 100% yes or a no. He was confident he could get it. He could run a simulation or two to solidify the calculations and theories before they actually did it. He felt strangely more confident than the anxious mess he usually was.

Aristen/Tito: =/\= (?)

Taybrim: =/\= Chief Engineer Asta, do you require Ensign Renot to shut the impulse drive down? =/\=

Egil and Sadie exchanged glances. A good part of him wanted to stay to finalise the safety of the Belladonna and her crew. He did like working with Sadie… 

Asta: =/\= I feel safe with Ensign Renot here.=/\= ::they took in a long, deep pause.:: =/\= But he’s done fantastic work and it’s to the point where I could finish the switch myself.

Renot: =/\= If you are absolutely sure, Sadie… =/\=

Aristen/Tito: =/\= (?)

Renot: =/\= If you need me back sir, you can transport me back. I’ll need a few things, but that can easily be sorted I imagine. Uh, I should probably get treated for Gamma radiation the moment I get back, darling. I touched the tricobalt with bare hands and feel… odd.=/\= 

Egil leaned back and looked around. He really could not describe how he felt accurately other than… odd. The first sign was that he was oversharing with Asta. The second was him just calling his commanding officer ‘darling’. If he had thought ahead and not been panicking about being so close to a live bomb, he would have at least put gloves on.

Renot: =/\= Yeah, ready whenever, darlings… oO Egil, just stop. Oo =/\= 

Aristen/Tito/Taybrim/Asta?: =/\= (?)

He looked over at Sadie, smiling and giving them a thumbs up.

Renot: Was a pleasure working with you, Sadie, honey. Listen, I’ll try to keep you updated or such on how things are going. Engineers gotta stick together. oO Yup, I’ve lost it. Oo

Asta: ?



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