JP: Lt. Nalni & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Dancing To An Understanding" (Part II)

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Enad Nosirrah

Nov 5, 2020, 10:44:32 AM11/5/20

((Starbase 118 Ops - Ballroom))

DeVeau: German?

Nalni: I ask because I met him briefly on the Conny during Commodore Rajel's promotion party and he seemed put together, but when I saw him again towards the end of the mission, he was extremely reckless. At first glance, he seemed like a simple and respectful man until he did what he did. 

DeVeau: ?

DeVeau: Well….

Alora didn’t really like to dwell over what had happened.  It was awful, and now her friend was gone - the first familiar face, and one of the first people to greet her after her posting on the Ops.  His departure had been difficult, probably more difficult than it should have been - but Alora cared about people, especially friends, very deeply, even if it wasn’t returned in the same way.  To lose that connection, a connection that had been formed even before Ops, before her transfer away from the Veritas, a tie in to normalcy when she’d been attempting to move on with life, even if it had seemed odd to others.  German had sort of been a stake in reality in a sea of changes that had occurred at a manic pace. 

DeVeau: He was a friend.  And he was Chief Science Officer.  Unfortunately, this last mission hit him really hard, and affected him in a way no one expected.  He’s stepped back for now, and is taking some time off.  

Alora could have gone into more detail, but she wasn’t going to.  Anything further wasn’t her story to tell, so she was going to leave it at that.  

In a way, Nalni could relate with the story. She had grown accustomed to her first posting, then when she had learned a specific duty post, a transfer order was put in place for her to be on the Constitution. She hadn't spoken about it in a long time. 

Nalni: I can kind of see what you're saying. The first ship I was on, the USS Nowak, I served with for several years before the Conny. 

DeVeau: Oh really?  

Nalni: I was more laid back and actually had a relationship going on for quite some time. 

DeVeau: Did you keep in touch?

Nalni: ::shakes her head:: I haven't heard from them since I left. Which is more or less one of the reasons I built a self defense around myself. 

Such was the life being a part of Starfleet. She got bounced around so many times that once she felt part of one crew, she was put on some other ship. It was nothing to complain about, at least for Nalni. She had an idea for what she was getting herself into since she grew up on her mother's freighter. 

A self defense.  Perhaps that was why she was so caustic?  So quick to react and so quick to dismiss?  Alora had never been like that, but she could understand why someone would want to do that. It probably hurt less.  

DeVeau:  It’s hard to move like that.  I’ve done the same.  First the Mercury, then the Garuda, Invicta, Za, Veritas, a research facility, now here. Seven places in seven years.  Made friends...and left most of them behind when I went to the research facility.  German was the one familiar face I knew of when I came here.

It had been later that she discovered Ruwon, but he’d been so busy, she hadn’t had the opportunity to hang out with him. He’d come to check on her...but that had been it.  

Nalni: Of which of those ships did you meet Mr. Galven from?

She didn't know him well enough to address him by his first name yet. Nalni would like to and she had a feeling he would be able to come back at some point. Some people had to adjust to their own sense of purpose longer or shorter, depending on where they're at in their recovery. 

DeVeau: The Veritas.  It was nice to see a familiar face when I came to Ops.  

Nalni: This shoreleave has been pretty eventful anyways. What about yourself? 

DeVeau: Sort of.  Eventful in the sense I’ve been keeping busy, not in the sense that anything’s gone crazy.

Except the rainbow orb of doom, but that had been Ashley’s fault. 

DeVeau: What do you like to do when you have downtime?

Nalni: Read and also catch up with work, but I've learned from some helpful people like yourself to also catch up with the crew. 

Helpful?  Did Nalni just call her helpful?  Alora hadn’t expected that at all.  

DeVeau: I love to read too.  What sort of things do you like to read?

Nalni: Old mystery novels. What about you?

DeVeau: Oh, all sorts of things.  Mysteries, yes, but non fiction as well as high fantasy, historical fiction.  My tastes pretty much run the gamut.  Have you had any other adventures while on shore leave?

Hopefully any Nalni had were a bit less crazy than the ones Alora had.  

Nalni: Counselor Yael took me to a Japanese restaurant the other day. Have you ever had sushi before?

Alora’s smile spread into a grin, eyes twinkling.

DeVeau: I love sushi.  Actually, I lived in Japan for almost half of my life before going to the Academy.  Let me guess, he took you to Raging Ramen?

Nalni: I believe that’s the place. Have you been?

DeVeau: That place is good.  They have both authentic and inspired dishes.  My favourite is the authentic beef udon.  It really is like what you would have if you went to Japan on Earth.  What kind of sushi did you have when you went there?  Did you like it?

Nalni: I don’t remember the name of it, but I do know that it was hella spicy. I thought I could handle it since I have different taste buds from most. 

DeVeau: Different taste buds?

Nalni: Because of my breathing device, it pumps in the Barzan atmosphere into my lungs which causes my other senses to be slightly different. I’m sure a scientist like yourself would know what I’m talking about, right?

DeVeau: Oh yes, and I suppose that makes sense.  

Alora didn’t know much about the Barzan atmosphere, but now her curiosity was piqued.  Perhaps she would do some reading, learn some more about the woman’s world and people.  

Nalni brought her hands down all of a sudden and was done with dancing. She was needing to go to the bathroom. And quick. 

Nalni: Where’s the restroom? I think I drank a little too much too quickly. 

That was unexpected, and obviously the end of their dance.  Alora motioned to the door through which one would normally go to get some food. 

DeVeau: Through that door.  Are you feeling unwell? 

Nalni: ::shakes her head:: No, not sick. Just… yeah. 

DeVeau: Okay.  Well...thanks for the dance.

It had been interesting.  Alora watched Nalni hurry off, then turned and began to make her way around the room once more.  There were still more people she wanted to dance with, and the night was still young!


Lieutenant Nalni 

Engineering Officer 

StarBase 118 - USS Narendra 



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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