Backsim: PNPC Snezhana & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Great Minds Think Alike" (Part I, NT)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 29, 2020, 12:05:21 AM7/29/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Starbase Ops - Alora’s Office))

Alora admired the beautiful rose that had been sent to her, the name of the one who sent it quite familiar to her.  Raymond knew what she liked, and he was just so thoughtful.  Although there were true purple roses on Earth, this one seemed to almost glow with the colour.  Within the layered sphere of petals, a silvery anther rose atop copper filaments, and a golden stigma peeked from the center.  The stem, leaves, and sepals were also silver and glimmered as much as the purple glowed.  Unlike Terran roses, there were no thorns, and the petals curled inward more, creating a bowl shape with an opening just large enough to see within.  It was truly gorgeous.  Except, Alora didn’t really know much about Alvanian flora.  They were not commonly distributed, probably because so many were toxic or poisonous.  Obviously, this one wasn’t, because she knew Raymond would be sure not to send anything that could be dangerous. 

Looking through the manifest, Alora paused at the first Alvanian she came to - a Masha   Snezhana.  Now, she knew better than to think that just because the woman was Alvanian she would know anything, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.  With that in mind, Alora tapped her commlink. 

DeVeau: =/\=Alora to Ensign Masha Snezhana.=/\=

Snezhana: ::she paused, slightly out of breath.:: =/\= This is Ensign Snezhana, How can I help you commander? =/\=

::Masha was one of those up to date individuals. She knew all the up and coming in fashion and on the station… And within the fleet.::

DeVeau: =/\=Oh, just call me Alora.  I just received a gift from a friend, a beautiful Alvanian rose. I was wondering, per chance, if you knew anything about them.  =/\=

Snezhana: =/\= Melk’J’ava - As a matter of fact I do. What would you like to know? =/\=

DeVeau: =/\= Everything.=/\=

Well, it was true.  Alvanian plants just weren’t common, and Alora was delighted to have the opportunity to own one.  

::Masha let out a musical laugh. It would be easier to talk in person.::

Snezhana: =/\= I can meet up in say… an hour? Just finishing up my work out. =/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Excellent.  If you don’t mind coming to my quarters, could we meet there?  If not, just say where. =/\=

Snezhana:=/\=Absolutely - be there in one hour. =/\=


((Starbase 118 Ops - DeVeau’s Personal Quarters))

::Masha was cleaned up, dressed in a shoulder exposing long sleeve that dipped in a low ‘v’ in the front and back. The dark, but soft blue accident her pink skin and she wore shorts that had worn fringe on the front side. Make up was in a ‘neutral’ palate these days… well, neutral for her skin tone. Sandals and her hair in long curls finished off the look. She made her way to meet up with Alora to talk of plants.::

DeVeau: Hi!

Compared to Masha, Alora was frumpy.  She had her hair pulled back into a pony tail, a few tendrils teasing her face.  She wore a sleeveless halter t-shirt of white and black jeans, standard fair for lounging in her quarters.  If it mattered to her, she didn’t give any indication, and motioned for Masha to come into her quarters.  

Snezhana: Hi. ::she waved.:: Sorry about the wait - I so had to wash up before socializing. ::her charisma was youthful.::

DeVeau: It’s not a problem, but please don’t feel that you have to ever dress up for me.  

::Masha just smiled - she would always dress up.::

Another wave of her hand indicated the rose that sat in the middle of her coffee table, the only adornment upon it.  

DeVeau: A friend sent this to me today, and while there are files on Alvanian plants, most of them have to do with the toxic and poisonous ones.  There’s not much to find on those that aren’t. 

Masha: That’s because there are so very few - they’re rare even to us. If you don’t mind - how did he get this? 

DeVeau: I suspect that he knows someone from Alvania.  But anyway, what can you tell me about these? 

::She nodded. Flowers weren’t one of those things considered much of a commodity, so it wasn’t sold from her homeworld. That and most were dangerous to too many people. Not great housewarming gifts.::

Masha: Well to start, it needs a high pH, it has to be monitored. 

DeVeau: Ah, so a slightly acidic soil.  I can do that. 

Masha: Yes, keep them moist but not soaked - too much water will rot the roots.

DeVeau: Well-drained and loose?  Wow, this sounds like it has a lot of similarities to Earth’s African violets. 

::Masha didn’t know the reference of plants, but if there was something familiar, then it might be easier to tend. She pulled the pot closer to her, turning it on the table to get a good look. The thornless stem had a good color to it, and was short, which meant it was young and healthy.::

Masha: Keep the pot almost twice as big as the plant itself. And ::she held up a finger, then pointed at the center.:: When this part starts to grow and turn colors, pick it off. 

DeVeau: Twice as big.  Got it.  That’s a bit different from African violets - they like to be ‘cuddled’ so puts only slightly bigger.  What happens when I pick that off?  What should I do with it?

Snezhana: It’s part of the seedling, and this is one of those plants, that if you let it be it will overgrow. There's some word for it - but basically you don’t want that to happen.

DeVeau: Understood.  Interesting.  Do you, per chance, know how to cultivate it?  Grow other flowers from it?

Masha: Hmm. No, but I can find out ::sing-song but coyly suggested.::

DeVeau: Oh, you know, I feel like I’ve been so rude!  Please, won’t you sit down?  ::Alora motioned to the other side of the couch as well as the two armchairs, all available seating to her taste.::

::Masha took a seat, crossing one leg over the other. Now she studied the woman’s face intently. She was lovely, with well shaped cheekbones and one of those long elegant necks.::

Snezhana: You probably hear this all the time - but you have a beautiful face.

A single eyebrow arched upward, and she canted her head.  

DeVeau: Well, no, but thank you for the compliment! Not all the time.  Some people had told her that.  Someone special had told her that at one point in time…

DeVeau: You’re very kind to say so.

Masha: ::she smiled.:: It's true.

Now Alora felt like she should complement back.  The thing was, she didn’t mind giving compliments, /liked/ giving them, but when done on the heels of one given to her, she was always afraid she would seem insincere.  

DeVeau: So, since you’re here and I haven’t had the opportunity before now, I’d love to know more about you - and your people if you’re willing to share!


PNPC Ensign Masha Snezhana

Tactical Officer


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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