Grogu - "So What Next?"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Aug 4, 2022, 1:16:43 PM8/4/22
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

(Engineering, USS Belladonna))  



Grogu hadn’t expected to find a couple of people in Engineering that he’d never seen before.  Although he knew about the evacuation and knew that Starfleet had come to assist in that evacuation, but he had no idea they had come to the heart of the ship.  Upon his arrival, he was informed the *real* reason for everything - not an ion storm, but a bomb.  



Thankfully, the officers in question were more than capable of dealing with the explosives on the warp drive.  Yes, the warp drive, which would only make anything that did go off exponentially worse.  With the disabling of, that danger was past.



Grogu: Does that mean we can drop out of warp now?



Sherlock: We can slow down...well...once we have full impulse control back. There's still the danger of colliding with the other ships.



Luthas: Among other space objects.



Grogu nodded, but at least they could drop to warp 1, and once the impulse engines were functioning properly, then could slow even further.   He didn’t get a chance to say anything further before one called another officer somewhere else, maybe on the evacuation ship. 



Sherlock: =/\= Sherlock to Taybrim. =/\=



Taybrim: =/\= ?



Sherlock: =/\= We've got some good news, Commodore. The bomb is deactivated. =/\=



Luthas: =/\= It’s no longer technically live FYI but the explosives and tri cobalt are still here. If they’re shot they’d still be set off. =/\=



Grogu: Let’s hope no terrorists show up.



The little green man mumbled under his breath.  



Taybrim: =/\= ?


Sherlock: =/\= Recommend we transport the tricobalt and explosives off the Belladonna as well. =/\=



That was an excellent recommendation.  Get rid of them.  


Taybrim: =/\= ?



Luthas: =/\= Once the bomb is trans ported, what do you want us to do? =/\=



Taybrim/Sherlock: =/\= ?



Grogu glanced between the two officers, his frown wrinkling his already wrinkled brow even further.  



Grogu: If the explosives are transported off the ship, will you detonate them?



Luthas/Sherlock: ?



Taybrim (If Any): =/\= ?



Could they find a place where no one was around and take care of them?  Far away from any stars or planets?  Space did have plenty of space. 



Grogu: So it’s very unlikely, but I know enough about tricobalt to know it wouldn’t be good to have in certain hands.  Wouldn’t it be better to destroy it? 



Luthas/Sherlock: ?



Taybrim (If Any): =/\= ?



Grogu was going to have to trust the Starfleet officers.  The most immediate need was now the impulse engines and getting other systems under control.



Grogu: Since I’m pretty useless here, I’m going to see what I can do to help with the impulse engines, unless there’s something else?



Luthas/Sherlock: ?



Taybrim (If Any): =/\= ?



USS Belladonna
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