Lt. Blackwell: Things we Know About Saveron PT 1 (JP With Yael and DeVeau)

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Jan 3, 2021, 2:33:46 PM1/3/21

((The Tea’se Me Boutique & Lounge - Ashalla District))

((A bit after the Festival ))

The Denobulan carefully took his tea… a Rigelian dark blend that ended up being a luxurious blue color… and carried it and Alora’s tea to the couch where they’d taken up residence in the social area of the tea shop.  He set them both down on the table next to it, and sat at the other end of the couch from his Human companion, continuing the conversation they’d been having previously.

Yael:  So the Tamarian just walks in and *sits* there.  Refuses to explain why he’d come in, and just… sits.  For two hours, he does nothing but *sit.*  He doesn’t fidget, doesn’t speak.  I could barely tell he was *breathing*.  I felt like a complete and total failure, not getting him to communicate.  But I didn’t want to call medical, as he didn’t appear to be in distress.

Of course, he would never give specifics or detailed information that would violate his crewmates rights.

Alora leaned forward, lifting the teacup and saucer, breathing over the top which set the steam dancing.  Tentatively, she sipped at it, the heat thrashing out at her in the attempt, then decided to wait a few minutes to allow it to cool.  

DeVeau: So then what?

Yael:  After two hours had passed… I had run through *everything* I could think of, honestly I was running out of ideas… when he suddenly stands up, gives me this earnest look, and says… “Guinan, Ten Forward always open.”  And then walks out!

For a moment, Alora froze with her eyes simply staring at the Denobulan beside her.  Guinan?  Of course the name was well known thanks to the infamy of the ship upon which she served, though not as a commissioned officer. 

DeVeau: Do you know what that means? 

Yael:  I have no idea!  ::he laughed lightly::  But apparently he gave his staff a glowing recommendation for my office, so I must have said *something* he found useful.

DeVeau:  He said you were a good counselor and appreciated you. 

Alora shook her head.  At least, that’s the interpretation she got from it.  Perhaps she was wrong, but considering the subject matter, his words, plus the rather positive review, what else could it mean?  

Rue walked into the teashop, having gotten an odd hankering for tea that wasn’t simply replicated. There were times that she took pleasure from fresh tea steeping, and it seemed like a good time for it. She walked through the shop and paused as she noticed Yael and DeVeau, grinning with a wave, without approaching at first, as she didn’t want to be rude.

Alora, however, had no such trepidations.  The wave was returned with an enthusiastic one on Alora’s part.  The wave turned from one of greeting to one of beckoning, which Ashley followed up with a verbal invitation.  

She saw the beckoning hand and walked over, smiling. She was dressed casually - a light blue long sleeves shirt under a vest, and black pants. 

Yael:  Lieutenant.  ::giving a small wave of his braced hand toward her::  Do you have time to join us?  We’re expertly wasting time together.

Blackwell: Hey there ::chuckled:: I have time, but I’m not interrupting am I?

DeVeau:  Oh no, you’re not interfering at all.  We’d love to have you join us.

Alora patted the seat on the other side of her.  Since the movie night with Wyn, she was looking forward to getting to know Rue better.  What better opportunity?  

She moved to sit down, sliding into her seat, resting her hands on the table gently.

Yael:  What brings you here?  Do you have a favorite blend?

Blackwell:  Oh, I’m pretty easy. I like a good oolong tea..and I just thought I’d pick up some before heading back to my quarters. And you two? Did you two meet up here or just a happy coincidence for tea lovers?

Yael:  We’ve been systematically trying as many new places as possible.  But this one is hard to resist returning to.  They even have some very obscure Vulcan teas, which are fabulous if you have trouble falling asleep.

DeVeau:  I tend to gravitate toward the fruit teas, though I venture beyond that as well.  

Blackwell: Well then, I’ll consider myself lucky to arrive at the right time to join you. ::She looked up and waved to a member of the wait staff, ordering herself a pot of oolong tea and then looked to the two::  So what are we talking about?

DeVeau:  Oh, this and that.

Their conversation had already gone from one thing to another.  They’d been down a couple of rabbit trails, and Alora was certain they’d probably find a few more.  

Yael:  Very profound things, of course.  ::he nodded seriously, then smiled::  Or less profound things.

Blackwell: I’m good talking about anything.  ::she laughed softly, leaning back as her pot was delivered with handleless tea mug:: 

DeVeau:  So is Ashley.

Alora’s eyes glittered and she grinned at her violet hued companion from over the rim of her tea cup.  

Yael:  Have you told Alora how we first met, Lieutenant?

Blackwell:  Oh no, I haven’t had a time ::She laughed::

Yael:  It was brilliant fun, the turbolift plummeting seventeen levels with absolutely no regard for its occupants.  ::he turned to Alora::  Thankfully the safeties caught on and stopped us shooting out the lower decks like a missile.

DeVeau:  Oh man, I’d probably freak out.  So what happened?  

Blackwell:  Mostly, we ended up talking and just getting to know each other ::she grinned gently::

Yael:  I did my best to keep the Lieutenant from climbing onto the roof of the lift to rescue us.

He chuckled lightly at his slight exaggeration, but he was sure Alora would catch on to his humor-filled tone.

Blackwell:  That is also true ::She grinned wide:: 

DeVeau:  Why am I not surprised?

Blackwell: Because you likely have heard rumors ::she winked fondly::

Yael:  All good ones, of course.

DeVeau: So have you guys met other people in such interesting ways?

Blackwell: Oh, on missions and such in the past. When I was on the Constitution, was when I met one of my closer friends, during a mission. I ended up saving him once or twice.

That immediately caught Alora’s interest.  She eased back on the couch, one leg crossing over the other and sipped at her tea.  

DeVeau:  Well, go on!

Blackwell:::A laugh:: I think saving was an exaggeration really. He was exposed to a flower that was toxic to him..and I just made sure he got out safely. His name is Commander Saveron

Yael:  Saveron?

He stated the name with familiarity, then glanced to Alora… they’d both spoken of knowing him before.

DeVeau: Well well well, Sav gets around.  

Blackwell: ...You both know him ::She blinked with surprise and chuckled:: Small Universe.

Yael:  We were friends.  *Good* friends, for a time, at the Duronis Embassy.

DeVeau: Oh yeah.  I knew him.  Loved Saavok to death too.    We uh...we courted for a while.  


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