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Jul 21, 2015, 10:24:19 PM7/21/15
to Starbase 118 IC
(( Main Counseling Office )) 

:: Cadfael sighed, and set down the coffee. He didn’t seem to notice he was now out of coffee, nor did his posture relax at all. It was clear he wasn’t going to win, but he did not feel comfortable around this guy after spending the last however long it was since they met wanting to punch him in the face. oO He isn’t Vance. Oo ::

Peters:  And what would that be?

Yael:  What do *you* think it is?

:: Ahhh, the classic answering of questions with more questions.  Ashley knew he was pushing the man, but it was the approach recommended to him, and he was sticking with it until proven ineffective.  Peters’ anger would be something he might have to chip away at over time. ::

Peters: That’s why Vance asked you to look after me, isn’t it? So you could tell me?

Yael:  No, Lieutenant.  That was my personal observation.

:: By the stars, was this Denobulan a smug little bugger…and personal observation be damned. It was going to be a living nightmare to get this guy humored. ::

Peters: So...what, you want me to warm up to you? Tell you whether or not I’m socially inept and awkward with everyone who isn’t Vance? Tell you about the Darwin and how everyone ignored me because I was caught in a space pocket? The Victory, where I can’t remember much of anything except the Sickbay? The smug yet intriguing little gremlin I met in the previously mentioned rift who wound up saving my life? My stupid and desperate maneuver to wire one implant into the ship’s comm system so I could hear the orders that were part of your rescue? The dual EARS implants? 

:: He stopped, furious at Yael for even bringing up the personal observations in the first place. Professional favor or not, apparently Vance’s loss affected Cadfael more deeply than he knew. And it hurt just relating these things in a string of questions he didn’t want to answer that were bound to come up anyway. ::

Peters: oO What the bloody hell is wrong with me? Oo

:: Even expecting an outburst, Ashley was surprised at the intensity.  He’d been expecting *something,* sure… but not *that.*  Purple eyes widened slightly, and he let Peters digest the moment of silence that came once he appeared to finish.  He certainly didn’t want to interrupt if the man wasn’t done. ::

:: After a moment, a kind smile on his face, he asked gently… ::

Yael:  Did that feel okay, getting all that out?  You *have* been through a *lot,* haven’t you.

:: Again, not actually a question. ::

Peters:  No slag, Ensign Obvious. Care to tell me something I didn’t know? 

:: He was irritable, frustrated as all hell, and this smug little….It was annoying. Some portion of him wanted to walk over there and clock him one across the jaw as he leaned back in the chair, silent for a few more moments. The tears of frustration started to blur his vision, and he blinked them back before he shed a few. ::

:: The Lieutenants ire had certainly been earned, and the anger was obviously rooted in some serious emotional turmoil.  But Ashley was less concerned with the engineer “warming up to him” than he was helping the man learn to actually process that anger, and possibly find the next Vance.  Peters didn’t have to *like* Ashley.  That was beside the point. ::

:: What was more important was the microexpression Ashley had thought he had seen glance across Peter’s expression after his outburst.  One of shock. ::

Yael:  I’m going to pencil you in for a bi-weekly session, Lieutenant.  I believe you can greatly benefit from learning some anger management techniques, which will allow you better ability to socialize with your fellow crew in the future.

:: Bi-weekly sessions. Great. He was going to be seeing this smug little frack twice a week for the rest of his career until such time as Cadfael didn’t need Ashley’s help anymore. This could only get worse from here. Why is it he got along fine with Vance and the new chief of engineering, but lousy with this guy? Maybe it was the persistence in the Denobulan’s manner or maybe that damn smug grin that wouldn’t go away. He blinked a few more times to keep the tears at bay and just narrowed his eyes at the counselor as though daring him to provoke so he could throw a punch and walk away. ::

Yael:  ::indomitable in the face of the sizzling lieutenant before him::  It may be difficult going for you, but you may find yourself at peace with yourself… if you give it a genuine go.  But for the moment, I suggest you find something relaxing to do.  I’ll let engineering know you won’t be returning today.

:: Enforced introspection wasn’t his preferred method, but he didn’t want the man to simply bury himself in work to attempt to forget all he’d said here. ::

:: Keeping him from engineering was like taking away a canine’s favorite chew toy for punishment. And someone in the heavens was definitely punishing him. This was going to be a living hell for the rest of his tour on the starbase. ::

Peters:  You... :: He couldn’t finish the thought and finally, the dam broke as a single tear streaked his face. Pure anger gleamed in his eyes, hands clenched tightly into fists as he started toward the door. ::

Yael:  Lieutenant.  ::meaning to halt the man for one last moment::

:: Peters paused in his tracks, wanting to wipe that smug little grin off his face. But there was nothing he could do except walk away before he put himself in sickbay for a broken hand. ::

Yael:  Please keep in mind, it isn’t my intent to torment you.  I do what I do entirely for your benefit.

:: It was the only thing the Denobulan said without a smile. ::

Peters:  Yeah right. :: and walked away without another word, clenching his eyes shut to prevent further tears. ::

Lieutenant JG Cadfael Peters
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