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Arys Trovek

Aug 7, 2022, 8:14:46 PMAug 7
to Starbase118
((Sickbay, USS Narendra))
People who knew Arys had often said that whom she did and did not take a liking to could be a little arbitrary. Most officers aboard Starbase118 seemed to adore Taybrim, but Arys didn't have more of an opinion about him than she had with Captain Oddas on the Juneau.
Dal however was someone she had taken an instant liking to, and despite the fact that their first mission together had gone sideways, she trusted him. 
Trovek: Treating radiation poisoning is basic medical training, and I am fairly sure Taybrim took a bunch of marines along. The alternative would be risking that someone snaps and causes mass panic, and if that happens we'll not need a way to tag and treat people quickly, but we need an Olympic-Class vessel as support to deal with mass casualties and fatalities... ::she paused:: But you are a search and rescue expert, I would love to hear your recommendation before asking you to call Taybrim to make a recommendation.
It wasn't that the Doctor was nervous or apprehensive about making the recommendation herself, but despite promoting her and making her CMO, Taybrim didn't seem to care much about her opinion on matters. 
Dal: First – yes, we have a full company of 36 SARs trained marines onboard. I picked them myself. They are all capable of assisting in basic medical procedures including inoculations. Second – yes, I agree, we should get the Archangels. ::he paused and clarified, one antennae canted as he realized he was using jargon.:: That’s the team name for the SARs in the 292nd. ::moving onwards:: in EVA suits and onto the Belladonna. That will greatly expedite the evacuation.
Trovek: And are we going to be stuck with the current rate we are evacuating at? 
If so, they would be here forever, but luckily Dal tipped his antennae lightly in a ‘no’ gesture.
Dal: Once the Belladonna drops out of warp – which it should be able to do when the bomb is removed, our evacuation capability will greatly increase. We’re limited for safety reasons because of the warp bubble merge. It’s a tricky and dangerous situation for both ships to be in. But at a dead stop we could pull evacuees with the cargo transporter if we had to. That’s not an ideal situation because right now we’re using the emergency medical transporters and if we use other systems they’ll come in without the medical scans and support that we’ve set up for the current evacuation groups.
Trovek: That sounds a lot better, and should make sure we are done relatively soon - before someone snaps.
Dal: ::he nodded an assent:: Exactly. Once the Belladonna is stopped the Prophecy can also start taking in a minimum of thirty six at a time, and possibly a lot more as well. But that doesn’t invalidate your idea of having the archangels onboard the Belladonna. In fact it makes it more important – someone needs to triage, organize and inoculate these evacuess so we can transport closer to maximum capacity.
Arys nodded. What they now needed was to make sure that they could make maximum use of their increased transporter capabilities, and not have it end up in chaos. If the Archangels could take over a field-triage, they would be faster in getting help to the people who needed it. 
Trovek: Sounds good. I would go with them, I want to go with them, but.... ::she glanced around sickbay. It wasn't chaos, but the events of the past few minutes had once more diminished her trust in her own doctors:: 
He tipped his antennae forward.
Dal: Pick two to four of your team to go with the SARs team. Get them on standby. We’ll do this movement after whatever crazy maneuvers the bridge is doing to get that bomb off the Belladonna. They will meet with Marine Captain T’Anok once onboard and split into evac teams. Sound like a plan?
Trovek: Sounds like a plan. And you'll... ::her voice trailed off::
Dal: Yes, I’ll make the call.
Trovek: Perfect. 
While Dal placed the call, Arys realized that she now just had to figure out who of her staff to send. For a moment, she considered that Bailey was a good fit, and that tagging people was just about the amount of medical work Arys trusted the Doctors to do. Then she realized that, wheelchair-bound as she was, Sheila couldn't possibly fulfil such a task. 
The Bajoran-Human hybrid dreaded having to address all of that later. 
Trovek: Are we good to go through with it? 
Dal: response
Trovek: Good. With the break in the evacuation after this last group, we have some breathing space. If you need to be somewhere else, I suppose I would let you go. 
Dal: response
She gave him a look and offered a smile. 
Trovek: I am lacking nurses, doctors, counsellors, and someone who tells me everything is going to work out just fine. I'd be more than happy to keep you around. 
Dal: response

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