Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Temporary Measures"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Aug 3, 2022, 9:18:28 PMAug 3
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118


((USS Narendra, Sickbay))


Less than half of the Belladonna passengers had been evacuated.  That was bad.  


Arys had managed to convince a Terra Prime member to turn on his organisation and actually help save the ship.   That was good.

A couple of people had gotten shot, one of whom was dying.  That was bad. 


They had made it back to the Narendra.  That was good. 


But now Alora was doing something she hadn’t done for years - not since she’d served as a medical officer on the Veritas.  She’d learned a lot in those few months, and it was coming in quite useful right then.  Arys had suffered second degree burns - evidently something had exploded after Alora had moved into the air shaft - and Alora was grateful for that education and experience that allowed her to help.  Could she perform surgery?  No.  Could she treat the burn?  Yes.  


DeVeau: All right, so if you feel it starting to wear off, let me know. I need to remove the fabric around the burn. 


Of course, Arys knew that, but during her short stint as a medical officer, Alora had found that patients liked to know things, liked to know what the officer was doing.  While this wasn’t just any patient, this was a doctor who needed to be treated, Alora still talked through what she was doing.  Taking a laser scalpel from the kit, Alora proceeded to carefully but quickly slice through the material around the area of the burn.  Fibers had fused to the skin, necessitating the removal.  Once that was done, they could work on getting said fibers loose.  


Trovek: I... ::she swallowed hard:: Don't know why they weren't doing anything. 


Alora glanced up at Arys and nodded, but she put her focus on dealing with the matter at hand.  


Trovek: I need to get back to my patient. Can you please hurry? 


Alora offered a hint of a smile.  She understood the doctor’s desire…her need.


DeVeau: I’m working as quickly as I can, but we also need to make sure this is done properly.


Alora didn’t want to do half a job and leave it for Arys to fix later.  


Trovek: Instead of a bandage, I would go for a film of synthetic skin. It's a temporary measure but allows the most flexibility in the digits, and is easily applied. 


DeVeau: Makes sense.  


The fabric was cut away and Alora set it aside. There was a lot still to do, but she worked steadily.  The kit had the film in question and Alora was grateful she didn’t have to leave to go get some.  


Trovek: I don't know if they had the requested stasis unit ready. They didn't even have the team I asked for. It's... ::she bit her lip in frustration:: Like they didn't care. First this Henry, then Bailey. 


Alora didn’t know either, but she also didn’t know what had happened before.  She had found it rather odd that Sheila hadn’t been ready, and that she had hesitated.  Was there a reason behind it?  It was a question she didn’t have an answer to.  Nor did she have one for…Henry.  If that’s who he really was. 


DeVeau: Let’s focus.  Let’s do what we can do now.


Trovek: I need to be able to do the surgery if necessary. We can always take care of the arm later. But we don't have enough Doctors available for me to not be able to function. 


DeVeau: I know.  We’ll get this to where you can work and take it from there.


Trovek: ?


Alora’s emerald gaze flicked up and rested upon the doctor’s face for a fraction of a second.  She would get the wound cleaned and covered.  Temporary measures - an she would give Trovek some more medication to deal with the pain.  So she continued her work to do just that.  Finally, when it was all said and done, the job was passable.  Temporary.  It would do for now until she could get full treatment when things had calmed down and they were back at the station.   Taking another hypospray, Alora lifted it once more.  


DeVeau: Anetrizine, 0.5CCs more to deal with the pain along with a dose of  corophizine to prevent infection.  


Trovek: ?


Alora injected the medicine into the woman’s neck, then proceeded to put the used devices aside and closed the kit.  


DeVeau: You’re going to need better treatment then that once we return, but you should be able to function til then. 


Trovek: ?


Another small smile flitted across her face and she nodded as the doctor hurried to her patient.  Alora took a quick minute to clean and returned the devices, then headed out.  There was something else she needed to deal with now.



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