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((Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Narendra))

One patient turned to two. Ivin didn’t like this at all. He wasn’t too entirely sure on what was going down on the surface to cause this type of condition. He’s seen hundreds of Cardassian patients in his lifetime and this… This was something else entirely. Not only that, it was affecting two people of different species.

Zumagi: That paired with her current health status, yes. ::pause:: Did you get anything else from those readings you gathered?

Wyn drew in a sharp breath through his teeth. That caused Ivin to furrow his brows. Seldom that was a good thing from a doctor. He would know.

Foster: That I can trace, to some degree.  Doctor Trovek is supposed to be on light duty.  That’s not because her body is breaking down from her condition – in fact keeping her with a light exercise routine was directly beneficial to her neuro-readings.  But this energy pattern prompted a surge in adrenaline and cortisol in her body, which had directly detrimental effects to her delicate neurochemical balance.

Zumagi: Well that’s… Peachy. 

He hoped he used that phrase right, he was still learning some Earth slang.

Foster: If it was artificially induced, then the hormonal imbalance may show up very differently after the fact.  What’s elevated in your patient currently?

Zumagi: Adrenaline and cortisol, as is expected, but also her thyroid hormones.

Wyn Lifted a brow and the corresponding antenna at the Bajoran, which prompted Ivin to perk a brow right back. This rather grouchy looking expression crossed his face, though it was simply his thinking face.

Foster: Curious.  Not quite what I expected… but I think I follow.

Zumagi: Got any ideas on how to treat this?

Foster: So what if we treat this like an artificially induced panic attack.  One of monstrous proportions.  Can we apply the same treatment methods to alleviate this condition enough to at least get the patient responsive?

Zumagi: It’s absolutely worth a shot. Responsiveness will get us places. Her neural damage will need to be repaired but… I’m… not a neurosurgeon.

Between the two of them, the two surgeons could work many miracles and amazing victories. But neurosurgery was something that rather scared Ivin.

Foster: ?

The Bajoran dipped his head in silent acknowledgement. Ivin stepped aside and prepared the requested hypospray before walking back to Foster and handing it to him to do the honours.

Zumagi:  Here you are, doctor.

Foster: ?

Ivin watched him administer the hypo and then stepped over to watch the readout on the biobed.

Foster: ?

Zumagi: Her condition is… improving. Huh. She is showing signs of responsiveness. It worked!

Foster: ?


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