Ens. Noah Glover & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Babies" Part 2 - Final

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Noah Glover

Jul 9, 2020, 10:33:14 PM7/9/20
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((Starbase 118 Ops, Habitat - Noah Glover’s Quarters))

Glover: Has science always been your field of expertise?

DeVeau: Yes, since entering Starfleet.  Actually, before that.  I went to Ishikawa School of Science and Technology which was a great jump start before joining.  I’ve never regretted it.  

There had been some downsides, Alora admitted.  Bad things happened, whether or not she was in Starfleet, bad things would happen.  Maybe they wouldn’t have been the same bad things, but something eventually would have.  The good outweighed the bad, however, and even though she’d lost much, she’d gained much - even when it didn’t sometimes feel like it.  

DeVeau: What about you?  Why security?

Glover: I joined the security department because I want to keep people safe, and it challenges me physically and mentally.

DeVeau: I can understand that, and it’s important to do that, even if you aren’t in security.  I assume you study martial arts.  

Glover: Yes I do.  I practice Judo and Kung Fu but favor Judo over the two.  I find that using your opponent's body weight in your favor is always good when in a fight, especially if your opponent is bigger than you.

DeVeau: Oh yes, Aikido is what I favour, though I’ve also had some experience with Suus Mahna as well.  I prefer Aikido though, because I know how to protect myself without relying on strength.  I know a little Judo, but not much.  

Glover: That is really good to hear, I think it is best if everyone knows how to defend themselves.  Maybe we can practice together one morning.

DeVeau: Sure.  Maybe you could teach me Judo.  After all, they are related.  Are your parents in Starfleet?

Glover: They both were actually, but have since retired.  They were both engineers, my father was surprised when I decided security but he finally came around.  What about your parents?

DeVeau: My father’s the president of Starconn Intergalactic.  My mom likes to call herself a Domestic Engineer - she’s a stay at home wife.  She’s acts and sings in community theatre though.  She and my dad also both dance.  I think my mom hoped I would go professional in the music and theatre world, but it was Science that called to me.  

Noah thought back to the moment he had told his father he was going to be a security officer.  The look of disappointment in his eyes would never leave Noah's memories.  His mother however was much more accepting of his choice.

Glover: I bet you had some adventures on your previous ships.  I had expected to be assigned to a ship but I am finding life on a Starbase isn't so bad.

DeVeau:  It really isn’t.  I like it.  It’s a different atmosphere, you deal with different issues, but it’s just as important.  And yes, I’ve had some adventures.  My first assignment was on the Mercury and I came on board in the middle of a mission.  

Glover: We have that in common, coming on board in the middle of a mission, and what a mission it was!  I didn't think I would be that close to death during my first mission but I made it!  ::gently laughs::

Alora got that sense of déjà vu.  After all, she had just been talking about this recently with some of the ladies.  

DeVeau: There was a super volcano and we had to help rescue some inhabitants.  

It was more complicated than that, but Alora elected not to go into it. 

DeVeau: Other than not being on a ship, is this what you expected?

Glover: Well honestly, I knew it would be big but I never could have imagined it would be this massive.  This station is huge, the dome alone blows my mind.  Is this your first station you have served on?

DeVeau: Yes, I was at DSX and Astrofori One for a while.  It was neat, and I was heartbroken when it was destroyed.  DSX was amazing.  I made friends with some cyborg spiders that had evidently been created back before it was a Starfleet Base. Of course, there’s also a lot to do for downtime on a Starbase. 

Glover: The Holodeck is already one of my favorite places to visit.  I love having the ability to create and visit places we would never have the opportunity to visit before.  Like the Wild West for example.

DeVeau: Yes!  Thank you so much for that invitation, I had a blast!  I love that sort of thing, so if you’re ever interested in doing that again, let me know!

Noah noticed their glasses were empty so he made his way back to the replicator.

Glover: Would you like another drink?

DeVeau: No, I’m fine, thank you.  I should probably get going anyway.

The time had slipped away from Noah, having such a good time chatting and spending time with Alora.  He ordered his drink and walked back over to the seating area.

Glover: Thank you for the surprise visit, I really enjoyed it.

DeVeau: I have some more babies to deliver, and I have some work to take care of.  I don’t want the Chief of Science to get mad at me - he’s a real slave driver. 

Glover: ::smirked:: I could see that in him, he did try to kill me back in Tombstone!

Alora laughed and shook her head. 

DeVeau: No, no, not really.  German and I actually worked together for a while on the Veritas, so it was nice to see a familiar face when coming here.  

Glover: Ah.  He has been nothing but welcoming to me as has everyone else so far.  Thank you again so much for stopping in and for the… ::thinks of the name of the plants:: the African Violets.

DeVeau: No problem.  I’ll send you instructions as well as the information about the nutrient dense soil program I have in the system.  I recommend repotting at least once a year, but twice is more desirable.  Anyway, that’s in the instructions, but if you have any questions, ask me any time.

Noah nodded graciously as he walked Alora toward the door.  He enjoyed himself so much he wanted to ask Alora dinner or perhaps for a walk through the dome sometime.

Glover: I appreciate that so much.  I am sure I will be coming to you for advice.  ::hesitated for a moment as the door to his quarters open:: Would you like to go for dinner one evening this week?

There it was. He made his shot and now the ball was in her court.  He prepared himself for being just friends, but he had enjoyed himself so much he had to at least try.

DeVeau: Oh sure, meals are much nicer with company.  Maybe we can invite a couple of others to join us.

Noah wanted to chuckle on the inside.  That wasn't what he had in mind for dinner, but he understood.  Alora was several ranks his senior and they had just met not too long ago.  He realised he was thankful for her friendship.

Glover: There is a nice small diner in the dome.

DeVeau: Sounds great.  Just let me know when.  I have the day shift, so my evenings are free. 

Glover: Dinner with friends sounds like a lot of fun.  I really look forward to it.


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