JP - Lt Sheila Bailey & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - Deliberations and Decisions (Part IV)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 19, 2021, 10:16:39 PM1/19/21
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Promenade - Commercial District Starbase 118))


Bailey: My mind has gone a bit blank. Mind if we change topics? 


DeVeau: We can.  Though...I should probably get going.


Bailey: You don’t have to go. I’m enjoying your company. I think all this talk however has been a bit much. 


Alora smiled then reached over and placed a gentle hand upon her friend. 


DeVeau: I can understand that.  I suggest you talk to Ashley Yael, then counselor.  He’s good.  Really good.  Partly because he understood.  Ashley had been where they had been, struggled it in his own way.  He knew how hard it was.  


Sheila may not have known what she wanted to do, if she wanted to see a counselor or not. Yet somehow she knew it was time to go get her medical and counseling appointments done. They both were long overdue. And maybe if she went she would experience some relief. 


Bailey: I’m not...maybe. 


DeVeau: It doesn’t hurt to try. I go to him.


Would that help?  Knowing that she wasn’t the only one who had counseling?  Whether by force or voluntarily, sometimes that knowledge did encourage others. 


Most folks saw a counselor at least a few times, if only for a basic check in since it was required to have at least one. Same for medical exams. Yet officers seemed to know it was more important to go at least once a year if not more. While serving with Starfleet a many number of things could happen to change both mental and physical health. Plus Sheila would be setting a bad example to her patients and staff if she didn’t go. 


Bailey: You might be right. 


Taybrim: =/\= Captain to Senior staff. =/\= ::he punched up the commline to those who were at the epicenter of this, both affected and sober.:: =/\= Considering the unusual and stressful chain of events yesterday I have made the decision to grant the staff shore leave while the Festival continues and the station finished clean up operations. No one was seriously hurt by this and there was only incidental damage to the station. All evidence indicates the contaminant got into the drinks through a combination of accident and incompetence rather than malicious intent so everything should bounce back fully. Thank you all for your hard work, efforts and understanding.  Captain out. =/\=

Well then, that was convenient, wasn’t it?  

Perhaps now she had her chance. Though there was still one thing left that she wanted to make sure she had with her before the two parted ways. Something that would mean a lot to her. 

DeVeau: Ah, looks like you have the time to do so now that shore leave is in effect.  

Bailey: I think I will, just not yet. I need some time, I think. 

DeVeau: You know what they say, there’s no time like the present. 

Bailey: At least tonight. Some sleep might do me some good. 

Alora nodded slowly.  She hoped the woman would seek help.  If anyone could help her, it would be Ashley.  

Here Sheila quietly called Alistair back over to her. It was time for him to go back to work which meant he was to put his harness back on. The young pup was more than eager to do so, a fact that made Sheila smile. She loved how much having the animal around improved her mood. If not directly then over the long term. Ali was the one person that would be with her no matter what. He would be with her when she was alone, when she was lost, when she felt like she had to...had to do what she did. What if he could be trained to alert medical or some other person she trusted, press a button that would call them, when the situation was desperate? 

Bailey: Well I won’t keep you. Mind though if I cash in that favor, get a picture before you go. 

DeVeau: Oh sure.  I don’t have a camera.  I can send you a picture.  

Bailey: I can always draw with a reference photo. And if you like I can send you a copy when I’m done. 

DeVeau: Oh, I’d love to have a copy! Alora wasn’t much of an artist, though she admired those who had that sort of skill and talent.  She leaned toward the performing arts.  

DeVeau: If you want a picture now, we could head back to my place and I could take one there.  

Bailey: I guess that would be a little out of our way. I’m in no rush for it now but it would mean a great deal to me. 

DeVeau: Sure. 

Bailey: You could always put one in my mailbox, I check that regularly enough.   

DeVeau: I can send a digital photo no problem.   

Alora could just have the computer take one in her quarters when she got home.  Mentally, she made a note to do that later.  For the moment, she found herself hungry.  She needed food - and something to distract her.  Going to the commercial district would be just the ticket.  

Sheila would have preferred a physical copy of a photo, nevertheless a digital copy was just as good. It meant that she would be able to work on her drawing far easier on the go. A physical photo was likely to go straight on her wall. Despite it all she was grateful. Hopefully she could start making better connections. Focus on the better times. 

Bailey: That would be perfect. ::Pause:: I guess I’ll be seeing you then?

With a smile, Alora nodded and rose. 

DeVeau: Definitely.

She started to walk off, then paused and glanced back at Sheila.  

DeVeau: You take care. Okay? Bailey: I shall try. You as well. ::Sheila waved as Alora set off::

With that Sheila watched Alora go. It wasn’t hard to imagine that life would get better. Yet she also knew that it wouldn’t at all be easy to go forth with what needed to be done. For now she was looking forward to winding her way through the park, Alistair by her side. Perhaps she would find what she was looking for along the way, whatever that may be. 


Lieutenant Sheila Bailey

Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


"The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm." - Florence Nightingale


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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