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Jan 1, 2021, 5:44:12 PM1/1/21
to StarBase 118 Ops a Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Starbase 118 Ops - Sickbay))

Ashley didn’t know it at the time, but Meeks was heading to the brig to treat the more rowdy of the inflicted.  Any less luck and he might have found himself there instead of sickbay.  Meanwhile, Solaris was wrangling Captain Taybrim and Maxwell at the Gardens, and others were filtering into sickbay.  Many of his crewmates, new and old, were fighting to gather information about the sickness brought down on them, some more successful than others.  Others were convalescing in private rooms just off the main sickbay, as he had been for a while.

In fact, the sickbay was *packed.*

He felt a bit woozy, to be honest, though it was nothing serious.  Just the remaining unsteadiness from the roller coaster of whatever hormones and endorphins had been out of control.  Thankfully he was steady enough on his feet to help out, and kept his internal uncertainty to himself, a smile steady on his face as afflicted people passed him in the line.  He didn't want to give off bad vibes if they themselves also felt badly or unsteady.

The Denobulan hybrid kept to his post, however informal it was, and maintained the flow of inoculations as person after person arrived.  He didn’t figure any of the doses.  He simply applied them as he was ordered, not being a doctor himself.  Thankfully, having come from a family of doctors, such things were not foreign to him.  His electro-stabilizing braces also made certain he could apply the hypos gently, without tremor in his hands.

He must have been there for some time, and eventually he found the repetitive action to be a bit of a strain, but he kept at it nonetheless.  The doctors, nurses, and cadet medics around him looked more strained as time passed, and the least he could do was a little manual labor to help keep things moving.

Little did he know, Doctor Foster had spied him where he was working.

Antennae curled forwards, Wyn headed towards him.

Foster: Hey, you’re up.  How you feeling?

Yael:  ::turning, then smiling almost nervously at the Andorian::  A little groggy.  But I’m on my feet.

Foster shrugged with a light half smile.

Foster: I guess that’s better than dead.

Yael:  ::nodding in agreement::  Or unconscious for an indeterminate amount of time.  ::pausing::  Do we have things under control now that there’s a medication for this?

Foster: Last I saw there’s teams headed out to distribute the antidote all across the Commercial Center.  ::he smirked just a little:: They’re even tracking down the Captain.

Yael:  Captain Taybrim…?

Amethyst eyes widened in concern as Foster busied himself loading cleaned hyposprays.  He hadn’t considered the Captain had been impacted, but with a base-wide infection why *wouldn’t* he be caught up in it as well?

Then he wondered exactly what kind of trouble Sal had gotten into, if afflicted.  The Betazoid man was typically in a good mood, so the drug might have amplified those naturally positive feelings.  Well... he hoped the man had gotten kissed by someone special, if it had to happen.

Yael:  It was something at the Festival, wasn’t it.  We were poisoned?

He still wasn't sure if "poisoned" was the appropriate way to describe it, but it still seemed valid in the lacking of other descriptors.

Foster: From what the labs say, everyone drank it.  So something contaminated the drinks.

Yael:  ::thinking on it for a moment::  I suppose I can imagine why someone would want the Festival to be particularly *invigorating.*  We were certainly… enjoying ourselves.

Foster shrugged at him, an interesting and hard to identify smile on his face.

Foster: Well, I hear what happens at the Gratitude festival stays at the Gratitude Festival?

Yael:  ::chuckling lightly at that, turning away slightly::  And what about what happens in Sickbay?

His tone was still proper, but his expression hinted that he was teasing lightly.

Foster:  ?

Yael:  I… should apologize, for what I did.  It was rather *forward*.  Drugged or not.

Of course, he meant for his planting a rather serious and passionate kiss on the good doctor earlier.  His memory was clearing up since he'd been on his feet, and he recalled quite clearly his behavior earlier.  Afflicted or otherwise, he was still the culprit... however much he might have enjoyed the brief expression of affection, it was usually best to make sure the *other* person wanted it first too.

Foster:  ?

Yael:  ::moving forward with a curious confidence::  I should at *least* offer to take you to dinner before kissing you.  ::pausing::  If you're interested, I'd be happy to make it right.

The invitation in his comment was clear as he turned his amethyst eyes back to Doctor Foster, an eyebrow rising in the hopes he’d pick up on the message.

Foster:  ?

Yael:  ::offering easily::  I’m free tomorrow evening.  If things here have calmed down, and you’ve had a chance to rest up from this chaos… you could join me.

Foster:  ?

Not wanting to press the issue if Foster wasn’t interested, Ashley quickly turned the topic back to the work at hand.  And there was still plenty left to do, and plenty of people lined up needing help.

Yael:  In the meantime, I can continue here at the hypo-line.  I feel well enough to keep going.  ::indicating the make-shift hypospray line::  Unless there’s something more pressing you need extra hands on?

Foster:  ?




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