Lieutenant Nalni - Self Indulgences (tags:McLaren/Harper/Amaase - FAO:Nijil)

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Enad Nosirrah

Nov 29, 2020, 8:29:57 PM11/29/20

((Bajoran Temple Gardens, StarBase 118))

Amaase: Are you seeing this? ::she looked at both Nalni and Kherys::

Nalni took another drink, glancing around at all the other attendees at the event. It wasn’t particularly odd as to how everyone was acting. At least not in any type of vile, rude manners. Some were hugging, others kissing, this and those people leading on innuendos. 

Kherys glanced over at the counselor.  So she sensed something was off as well.  It wasn’t just her.  

Harper: It does seem to be...odd at how intimate people are being.  

As if to make her point, a mand and a woman threw their arms around each other, kissing deeply.   Kherys turned away from their weather obvious display.  

Amaase: ?

Nalni: Until it becomes a Betazoid wedding on Risa. 

Amaase: ?

How the cadet was reacting to Nalni’s statement added some weight to the fact that there was something off about certain people. As she guzzled down some more contents of her beverage, Nalni started to feel somewhat more relaxed. A rather alluring feeling that she hadn’t felt in a long while ever since she transferred from the Nowak. A deep rooted sensation she only had for a certain romantic interest. 

Nalni: Oh my… How are you two feeling? I’m getting about fifty shades of warm fuzzies. 

Amaase: ?

Kherys’ frown deepened as Nalni’s emotions began to shift and change.  What was happening?  

Harper: You’re right, Ensign, something is off. 

Amaase: ?

The Barzan officer adjusted her breathing device, then hit the side of her cheek as way to hopefully get back a sense of reality. 

Nalni: I think I can combat it, cadet. What do you suppose is happening?

Harper: I don’t know…

Amaase: ?

Harper: It just doesn’t seem...natural somehow. 

The emotions felt real, that much didn’t seem out of place, it was the suddenness of it, coupled with displays that would normally never be exhibited in public.  Kherys’ eyebrows shot up as one particular couple got really heated with their desirous ministrations. 

Nalni: How are you feeling, Ariana?

Amaasei: ?

Harper: Maybe we should speak to one of the Prylars.  

Nalni: I’d advise against that just in case what’s going on is part of their ritualistic practices. Don’t want to offend. 

Amaase: ?

Kherys’ gaze slid over the people gathered, searching.  Finally, she caught sight of one, mainly thanks to the tall, dark form of the first officer.  That was fortuitous.  

Harper: There’s one...and the first officer.

Nalni: ::narrows eyes:: It appears that they seem to be just as perplexed as us. We should go over  

Amaase: ?

Kherys nodded slowly. 

Harper: That’s fine.  

Nalni inclined her head for the two Betazoid hybrids to follow. Every now and then, the sense of warm intimacy was needed as if it was a form of obsessed attachment. Nalni surmised that her breathing device was the only form of catalyst that was keeping her from going fully under the spell. 

Somehow the cadet had gone up in front of her slightly when they approached the first officer and the director of Intelligence. 

Harper: Commanders.   

::Nijil greeted the others with a nod, though barely paid them mind.:: 

Nijil: Ensigns, lieutenant. D- ::he silenced himself as another, over jovial sound rose up.:: 

Amaase/Hanak: ? 

Nalni: Sirs. 

McLaren: ?

Harper: My apologies, Commanders, but...have you noticed anything...odd? 

::So he wasn’t the only one to notice. The atmosphere seemed intoxicatingly bubbly, Nijil finally figured out. The hair on his arms rose too. 

He turned to Hanak.::

Nijil: If you would excuse us. ::he was paranoid, always. So conversing something that seemed sensitive to non-Starfleet….::

Nalni tried paying no attention to the non Federation officer by taking a drink of her beverage. Soon, the sensation came back which caused her to quickly adjust her device again. She arched her eyebrow, lifting her drink as if studying it. 

Hanak: ?

Nijil: I insist. 

McLaren: ?

Hanak: ?

Amaase/McLaren: ?

Nijil: What have you noticed?

Harper: Something isn’t right.  Just...doesn’t feel right.  

::He rolled his eyes, though subtly. Didn't they just establish that much? He was looking for more detailed examples. But at least his … feeling… was matched by others.::

McLaren: ?

Nijil: Have you two noticed anything?

Nalni: I have. Especially within my own self. Every now and then some kind of aromantic feeling of self indulgence comes over me. 

Amaase: ?

McLaren/Harper: ?

::Alright… so now what. He took a breath to collect himself and his thoughts. There was only mild comfort to the news that others noticed.::

Nijil: Alright. ::he held back the annoyance in his tone.:: We need more than just feeling to move forward. While I agree something is off, that’s not enough to go by. We need something more tangible. 

Nalni: I’m somewhat familiar with the internal sensors. 

McLaren/Amaase/Harper: ?

Nijil: Yes scanners would be a good place to start. 

Nalni: The Jefferies tubes may be an even better beginning. 

McLaren/Amaase/Harper: ?

She witnessed the first officer nod and consider things. Nalni glanced around some more and there were pretty heated exchanges with several groups near and far. Nalni was no stranger to love, but to engage in it so quickly perturbed her. 

Nijil: Sol, take cadet Harper and Lt Nalni with you. Head up to the station's internal sensors. We want to know if there’s something in the air. And if it’s isolated. The Counselor and I will find the Captain and brief him on what we’ve noticed. 

McLaren/Harper: ?

Nalni: Aye, sir. 

Amaase: ?

Once they split up, Nalni turned to Solaris and Kherys. She took another drink before setting it down and then wiped herself off as she started to feel lightheaded again which caused her to stumble a bit before adjusting her breathing device yet again. 

McLaren/Harper: ?

Nalni: Your concerns are noted. Although I’ll be fine. What about you two?

McLaren/Harper: ?

Nalni: Depends on where to go first. I was thinking either the subspace array, fusion generators, or the secondary sensor controls. What are your thoughts?

McLaren/Harper: ?


Lieutenant Nalni

Engineering Officer

StarBase 118


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