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Jamie LeBlanc

Nov 1, 2015, 1:04:22 AM11/1/15
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((Sal Taybrim's Quarters - StarBase 118))

::Sal was having a good dream that involved white sand beaches on Risa, sunshine, a cool breeze, friends and plenty of alcohol. The sort of dream that one just does not want to wake up from. The casual ceremony and delightful dinner had left Sal full, relaxed and happy, and he had hoped for a nice night of undisturbed sleep to cap off such a lovely evening.

Unfortunately there was no such luck. The blaring of an emergency comm-line signal gnawed into his brain as the screen by his bed flared on and off until he was awake enough to answer it. Donning a robe he flicked the display on, only to come face to face with a sour-looking Commodore.::

Kinney: I'm sorry, Commander, did I disturb you? ::He didn't sound very sorry.::

::Sal blinked blearily and wiped the sleep from his eyes checking the chronometer. 0400. Cruel.::

Taybrim: It is the middle of the night, Commodore. ::he admitted mildly:: May I ask what is wrong?

Kinney: ::clearing his throat:: I have a priority one mission for you, and time is of the essence. ::Commodore Kinney paused just long enough to see that Sal had his bearing before moving forward with the orders.:: The USS Stormcrow has gone missing, ad we need to locate her as soon as possible.

::Sal blinked. Stormcrow. Why did that sound familiar?::

Taybrim: How did she disappear?

::Kinney coughed, leaning forward::

Kinney: The Stormcrow was docked at DS285, standard repairs and shore leave. The Captain, Haz Arrhimen, requested a report on the death of his brother Gij Arrhimen. Shortly afterwards his chief engineer filed a test engines request, and they took the Stormcrow out at 0200 this morning. After running a series of basic performance drills, the Stormcrow went to warp and did not return. We can't hail her and we can't pick her up on sensors; however Captain Arrhimen and his senior staff are no longer onboard DS285.

::Arrhimen. Sal frowned deeply - oh yes, he remember that name. Arrhimen was man who demanded they look into the Annabelle's Lament; his brother had died in the freighter's explosion and the sticky bombs were the cause.::

Taybrim: Where was his last known heading?

Kinney: Sensors last read the Stormcrow on route to the Romulan neutral zone, destination appears to be the Valdis system, which was recently colonized by Romulans.

::There was a sinking feeling that started in his throat and lodged a big pit of foreboding into his gut. Captain Arrhimen was known for rash decisions, it was why he was stuck with the older Cheyenne class Stormcrow rather than a refit or newer vessel. Sal had a pretty good idea of what Arrhimen was driving at.::

Taybrim: Do you think he's going to commit an act of war?

Kinney: No, you're going to stop him from committing an act of war. StarBase 118 is the closest installation to the Valdis system, and if you mobilize immediately you should be able to reach the area before the Stormcrow. I'm authorizing the immediate launch of the USS Albion. ::He leaned forward, starting directly into Sal's eyes:: Make it happen, Commander. Starfleet cannot afford war.

::Sal gave a dry swallow. Not what he wanted to hear, and it was especially no dream vacation on Risa. But his crew had just proven themselves. He only hoped they wouldn't be too angry at the rude wake up call.::

Taybrim: Yes, Sir. Understood.

Kinney: Good. Kinney out.

::The screen flashed up with the UFOP logo before going to black and Sal groaned in the darkness. Stretching, he donned a uniform while ordering the computer to send a wake up call to the senior staff, and to mobilize the crew for the Albion. As confirmations of consciousness started to pour in from various departments, he cleared his throat and sent a communication out to the officers::

Taybrim: =/\= Taybrim to all senior staff; we are mobilizing the USS Albion to launch in 55 minutes, at 0500 hours. This is a time sensitive mission. All crew to stations by 0450; senior staff will be briefed in the Captain's ready room at 0515.=/\=

::His voice had a note of apology in it, he knew it was early and this was a fast turnaround. The commline closed and Sal grabbed the last of his things before rushing out the doors of his own quarters with a massive checklist of things to be completed in the scant 55 minutes before the Albion launched::


((Bridge - USS Albion))
(40 minutes later)

::Petty officer Reainis was pacing around the bridge doing last minute checks and calling out the time remaining with a near-Vulcan efficiency. She looked up from time to time, ticking things off her PADD and checking systems as one by one everything went to green::

Reanis: T-Minus fifteen minutes and counting.

::Sal nodded assent and settled himself into the Captain's chair. It did little good for multiple people to be pacing the bridge and sitting down helped stay his feet. He perked his head up as officers entered the bridge.::

Anyone: ?

Taybrim: ::He looked up, offering a nod:: I apologize for the rude wake up call; but as soon as we launch and get underway I will explain everything.

Anyone: ?

Taybrim: We're headed for the Valdis system, maximum warp. We're already cleared to enter the neutral zone from the Romulan government and the Valdis system is expecting us.

Anyone: ?

Taybrim: ::He gave a nod of assent and a heavy sigh:: Yes, those bombs are causing ripples that are rocking boats.

Anyone: ?

OOC - It's time for everyone to sim themselves onboards the Albion! Mission briefing will be coming out in the next day or so! You are welcome to finish up the ceremony tags, and please note anything from shoreleave as a [BACKSIM] from here on out

Commander Sal Taybrim
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"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

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