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Arys Trovek

Aug 7, 2022, 5:51:53 PMAug 7
to Starbase118
((Sickbay, Starbase 118))
Catherine had decided to be proactive and get her medical exam done by whoever was available at the time. That person turned out to be Doctor Harper, an Ensign who had blushed when realizing that she had forgotten to introduce herself. 
Harper: I see here you’ve been sick recently.
Vargas: Oh, I contracted Craat's Disease a few weeks back, I think it's lingering. 
Craat’s disease was an illness that was more of a nuisance than anything else. Symptoms in adults were rarely severe, but comparatively persistent, and in Catherine's case, that meant a snotty nose and a headache. 
Harper: And you’re half Cardassian?
Catherine had been prepared for the question to pop up eventually, as it usually did. Her record clearly stated Cardassian heritage from her paternal side, but thanks to a minor cosmetic surgery Catherine had years ago, none of that was visible to outsiders. 
Vargas: Yes, that is correct. Human-Cardassian. 
Which was a lot rarer than Bajoran-Cardassian hybrids, of which there had been plenty after the Occupation. 
Harper: You said you think it’s lingering. Are you still experiencing symptoms? 
Vargas: It's... not much. Barely an inconvenience. A recurring headache, mostly. 
Doctor Harper nodded and input some notes on the file before she set the PADD aside on a small stand next to the biobed. She picked up a medical tricorder and tapped at the device, which began to softly whirr in response.
Harper: I'm going to run a scan. 
Vargas: Sure. 
It didn't really seem like the woman needed Cat's agreement, but now that the 'Cardassia-Issue' was out of the way, the Engineer relaxed slightly. 
Lifting the device up, Kherys set her eyes on the output as it hummed and trilled while fulfilling its duties. Her eyes darted up to glance at the woman, then back down at the readout. 
Harper: I apologise for my initial rudeness upon our meeting. I was…
It was what? Awkward?
Catherine hated when people did that - leave a sentence unfinished. She wasn't good at guessing others' emotions.
Vargas: ... Unexpected?
Harper: response 
Catherine nodded and shrugged at the same time, avoiding looking at the Betazoid. Could Kherys read her thoughts? She hated the idea of that. 
oO Hi? Oo 
When Kherys didn't respond, Cat decided that no, she could not. Fair enough. Maybe Harper was also some sort of hybrid. Or maybe Cat was just not easy to read. She knew that her brain was quite Cardassian, and she didn't mind that. It made her smarter than most humans. 
Vargas: It's not a very long story. I was a half-Cardassian child on Earth during the Dominion War. That sucked. A few years ago someone made a comment and I decided I don't want to deal with that again, so I had cosmetic surgery done. 
Harper: response
Vargas: I am not conflicted about it. I just think it's of no one's business.
Harper: response 
Catherine shook her head. Her medical file, she knew, did not have any information on the medical history of her biological parents. Her mother had given her up for adoption and opted not to disclose her name, and neither did she provide any kind of information about the Cardassian who had fathered Cat.
Vargas: No, nothing. It's a sealed record, and somehow I doubt my mother and father were a young, happy cross-species couple that for some terrible reason was forced to give up their beloved kid. That's just the reality of it. 
Harper: response 

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