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((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))

From her position on the floor the Vulcan-Risian peered around the room. A grouping of Starfleet officers were the only individuals seen. Iru could have possibly left, taking her chance to escape. 

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Nevermind, the reporter seems to have left.

Renot (as Tito): Right, good. R…. Renot… Are you able to walk on your own or do you need assistance? Willow? Ensign? Are you two able to manage or do you need help?

Garev (as Renot): I'll be fine, Lieutenant.

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): I’m not the one you need to worry about. 

She licked her lips, the faint taste of caramel coating them. Naturally, it was part of their job description to have and show concern for their fellow crew mates. Logic dictated as such. Yet, despite not being in her physical body, she held more concern over herself than for the individual body that she occupied. 

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Do we have to go? If it’s all the same to you gentlemen, I wouldn’t mind resting for a while.

Having a physical, as well as mental rest, painted pictures of heaven in front of their eyes. However, they could not afford to take the time to do so. Not only would it be a significant waste of time, but they would bypass the ability to lay eyes on one gorgeous blond. Thankfully, one of them, wearing a blue uniform, appeared to have enough sense to yank Willow from the floor, draping an arm around their shoulders. Willow, or in this case Ksivi-Sava, despite being unsteady, was able to remain upright. 

Renot (as Tito): Right, lets get all of us to medical and then R….Renot…. And me… to Taybrim. I think? I don’t recall.

Garev (as Renot): I think at this point, we just need to find…anyone.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): When this is over, would anybody care to join me for a swim? I don’t normally like natural environments, but somehow, I miss the beach.

When in the correct physical body Haukea, despite having grown up near several large bodies of water, wasn’t much for actual swimming. That wasn’t to say she didn’t love the ocean, she certainly did. She loved dancing in the rolling waves during the yearly moon festival. She found it enjoyable to wade into the water as far as her knees or upper thighs, letting the cool, salty water wash over her. On occasion she would merely let herself fall back, soaking her hair, coming up with it sticking to her face. 

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): I’d be glad to show you. 

Renot (as Tito): Response

Ksivi-Sava: ::slurring while stumbling along:: They’re so huge and scary and dirty. So many disgusting things live there.

Animals such as stingrays and jellyfish, logically, only struck out with their stinger when antagonized or perceived a threat. 

((Lab, Cardassian Embassy, Sannin VII))

Garev (as Renot): Hello, I hope we aren’t interrupting.

It was then, after some time, that the group of them walked into the lab on Sannin VII, deep within the confines of the Cardassian Embassy. The two medical officers that greeted them appeared at once both knowable and a mystery. One, clearly seen as Maddison Marsh, was familiar, while the other, a handsome man, was a mystery, a stranger. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Not at all. 

Wethern (as Marsh): Responses

Garev (as Renot): We require assistance.

Ksivi-Sava: ::pointing at Wethern with a bloody finger and such an excited smile in Willow’s blood-smeared face, it betrayed a distinct lack of mental faculties:: Wait, you’re a doctor! I know that! ::elucidating at Renot as Tito, while still pointing at Wethern:: I know this man. He’s a doctor.

While the two medical officers present in the room were likely equally capable of treating the injuries Willow’s physical body sustained, the conscious that belonged to said body, while holding to some weakened sense of logic, was becoming uncertain, hesitant even, at having the unknown male officer treat said injuries. 

Marsh (as Wethern): You look pretty roughed up. I can only imagine what the other guy looks like as a result. 

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): They actually look a whole lot better. 

Garev (as Renot)Renot (as Tito)/Ksivi-Sava (Willow): Response 

Wethern (as Marsh): Responses

The male doctor proceeded to make a hand gesture at the chair to their left, directing Haukea on where to sit. Haukea, as Ksivi-Sava, nearly moved unthinkingly towards the chair before they realized ‘Ksivi-Sava’ was in fact ment. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Have a seat, Ensign Willow right? 

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): This might sound silly, but that’s actually my body. ::They pointed towards the body of Haukea-Willow::

Garev (as Renot)Renot (as Tito)/Ksivi-Sava (Willow): Response 

Wethern (as Marsh)/March (Wethern): Responses

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): Could we actually have Marsh provide treatment? 

Garev (as Renot)Renot (as Tito)/Ksivi-Sava (Willow): Response 

Wethern (as Marsh)/March (Wethern): Responses

Ensign Haukea-Willow


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