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Noelle Motuelle

Sep 21, 2023, 1:09:50 PMSep 21
to SB118 Ops

(U.S.S. Narendra - Bridge))

Rustyy couldn’t help but smile along with Karen. They both shared more jovial attitudes, finding the light in things. It was good to see another familiar face. Even if only for a minute. 

After a quick update, leaving out some of the parts that weren’t exactly pressing to the main mission, Gogi was quick to mitigate duties. Which Rustyy didn’t mind at all. Less that he had to think about. He still thought for a moment on the race shuttles, but pushed it back for the current, more pressing situation. You know, being in the wrong bodies and all. 

Fairhug: Then let’s go. ::calling out across the Bridge:: Sol, you have the Bridge.

McLaren: Response

Fairhug: Rustyy, Sal and the others might need your expertise with the device.

Hael: Ain’ no problem. Ya’ll have fun. 

Rustyy returned Karen’s wave, along with a big goofy smile. He may look older, but the short, stocky engineer certainly didn’t behave like he was older. 

He stole a moment to look about the bridge. Sometimes it was easy to not actually see what he was looking at. Taking a moment helped to refocus. Not some higher awareness, zen kind of thing. Rustyy was far from that level of enlightenment. Nope, it was just a moment to breathe and get his head out of the clouds.

The engineer could hear Sol and Ross talking to someone that … well who’s voice sounded like Sal. But there was something off…


Lightbulb moments

Oh right! The swap thing. Weird.

Rustyy stepped over to the pair of them. Like a third wheel. Fortunately, a tricycle was a very real, useful and functioning kind of bike. So no awkwardness here! 

This swap thing sounded like a horrible mess. Confusion, loss of connection from body and mind. If they only knew about all the situations with one of the teams, they could see just how devastating it was. 

Ross: =/\= Commodore, we are just discussing the nature of this body-swap. Can you describe the effect to us? Are there any gaps and mistakes in the swap, do your memories mix and get confused? If so, a restart of the device might solve the situation. =/\= 

Tito (as Taybrim): =/\= Beam up the device. I think you might have a way to reverse its action from up there… ::he looked at Sal.:: We aren’t exactly feeling ourselves down here. ::He glanced at Gil:: And we are not alone. =/\=

Well that sounded rather ominous… But hey! something to get his hands on. 

Hael: I can help wit’ tha’. ::he piped up.:: Jus’ tell me where’ya wan’ it. engineerin’ or one’a them science labs.

McLaren/Ross: =/\=Response?=/\=  

Tito(Taybrim)/Taybrim(Garev): =/\= ?

McLaren/Ross: ?



Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael

Chief Engineer

Starbase 118 Ops


LtCdmr Rustyy Hael
Chief Engineer
Starbase 118 Ops
USS Narendra
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