Captain Taybrim - One of Those Embassing Awards Ceremonies (Tags: Any/all)

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Jamie LeBlanc

Dec 10, 2017, 9:08:50 PM12/10/17
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((Cabo Beach - Little Risa - StarBase 118))

::As the fires glowed in the twilight sky, drinks were shared and a cheer rose around for Theo Whittaker, moving on to new and bright opportunities, Sal Taybrim dug his feet in the sand feeling ever more thankful for all of his crew and the wonderful community on StarBase 118.

What he hadn't shared with Theo was that Hauke had initially discussed the possibility of giving Theo temporary command of StarBase 118, sending Sal off to lend aid. Though she had floated it as a possibility, it was clear that what she wanted was what actually transpired - she wanted to see Theo stretch his wings and prove himself and she was happy to see Sal stay safeguarding the station he loved so dearly. That, more than anything told Sal that Hauke and the rest of the admiralty had big plans in store for Theo Whittaker.

And Sal Taybrim? There was no place he would rather be than on this Starbase and in the middle of this crew.::

Taybrim: Alright, before I let you all go, I'd like to recognize this wonderful crew for all he hard work you have done. First, I'd like to tell everyone that we received a formal thank you from Captain Doreln - and if anyone is interested, you all have access to a free two-week, two-person cruise on board the Starliner Meredia sometime in the next year - in down time, please. Of course if you have had enough of cruises, ::he paused and placed a hand on his chest:: I know I have... you can offer that cruise to someone else and they can take your tickets.

Any: ?

::Taybrim smiled gently. While he assumed that most of the crew would not want to be near a holographic cruise ship any time soon he was also thinking that most of them had loved ones who would adore the opportunity. Sal certainly had someone in mind.::

Taybrim: Next I'd like Commander Whittaker, Lt Commander Hael, Lieutenant Maxwell, Lt. Commander Aitas, Lieutenant Kasun, Lt. Commander Taelon, and Ensign Lyndsay to join me.

::He waited for them to rise and Sal gave the group a wide and proud grin::

Taybrim: You all showed a great ability to work with the Starliner Meredia's crew, guests and others to protect a large amount of innocent people from harm. Captain Doreln was most impressed by your work as well as how well each and every one of you presented yourselves on the ship. To recognize this I am awarding you all with the Join Meritorious Unit award.

Any: ?

::As they were on the beach and not in uniform the standard protocol was that the awards would be waiting for them in their homes or quarters. But that didn't stop Sal from coming forward and shaking everyone's hand personally.::

Taybrim: Thank you, each and every one of you. Your actions made me proud that you are my senior staff.

Any: ?

Taybrim: ::He looked among the crowd and waved one last person who was conspicuously missing from the front of the stage:: And don't think I forgot you, Commander. ::He winked at Trel'lis and waved her up:: For using canny diplomacy to evacuate a large amount of civilians before helping Lieutenant Kasun catch a wanted illegal trader, Lt. Commander Trel'lis is awarded the Diplomacy Ribbon. ::He smiled to her gently and reached out to shake her hand::

Trel'lis: ?

Taybrim: Thank you again for all the support you have given myself and this crew for so long.

Trel'lis: ?

::As people settled Sal reached out and caught one passing officer's arms, gently guiding him back towards the stage::

Taybrim: Hang on a second, Max... I have one award left to give... ::His dark eyes twinkled. Oh yes, Sal did so enjoy this::

Maxwell: ?

Taybrim: It comes to my attention that mission after mission you have done an incredible job. ::Yes, that was even with the unfortunate punching of one Mr. Martantathru:: I find that you every time you face adversity, you always come back stronger. And I have complete confidence in you. Therefore, I am promoting you to full Lieutenant and Chief of Tactical of StarBase 118, effective immediately.

Maxwell: ?

::Sal smiled, full of pride and trust in another up and coming officer.::

Taybrim: You have never disappointing me, Arturo, and I trust you will continue to be a fantastic member of this fine crew. ::He smiled earnestly.::

Maxwell: ?

Taybrim: And to everyone, whether this is your first time on board the station or whether you have been here for years, know that you are here among fantastic friends and steadfast crewmates. I am so excited to get to know some of you better, and to serve by some of the finest crew Starfleet has ever seen. ::He lifted his drink:: To the crew of StarBase 118!

Any: ?

Captain Sal Taybrim
Commanding Officer
StarBase 118 Ops

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck
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