JP: Counselor Ruwon & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "A Friendly Face" (Part 2)

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Sep 24, 2020, 3:45:55 PM9/24/20
to StarBase 118 Ops a Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Starbase 118 Ops - Counseling Office Waiting Room))

Ruwon: Of course not. Life would be dull without trouble - but it’s nothing too interesting. I’ve mostly just been getting Dit accommodated - she’s a bit...different from the others her age. 

Any girl who’d seen what she had would be, and his daughter tended to find the kids her age, well, soft. They’d not seen any sort of hardship, much less violence. It made her somewhat unpopular among her peers. 

DeVeau:. At her age, I imagine that's especially hard.  

Ditala - she must have grown so much.  Alora had barely met the girl and doubted she'd remember the science officer.

DeVeau:. How old is she now?  Sixteen?

Ruwon: Seventeen. Time seems to flash by, doesn’t it?

Ah, well, Alora had been close.  Ditala might almost be considered an adult, bit Alora remembered herself at that age.  Not quite an adult, still a teen, still trying to figure one's self out and her place in this world.  Well, that was her own experience.  Maybe Ditala was more adjusted, especially having a counselor for a father.

DeVeau:. I hope she finds some community here.

Ruwon made a noncommittal sound, shrugging one shoulder.

Ruwon: It’s a bit of a work in progress.

DeVeau: So where did you end up after the Za?

Ruwon smiled again, seemingly happy to change the topic. Dit’s adjustments were difficult for him - after all, this wasn’t the world he’d grown up in. It was better by far, but it meant that it was difficult to judge siduations. Or how to reply to them. The Federation wasn’t going to reward her for assassinating her classmates, for one. 

Ruwon: All over the place. ::He chuckled.:: Earth for a bit, then we bounced through ships - USS Shanghai and the Princeton. Finally, here. ::He waved a hand.:: It’s been turbulent, but...interesting. Yourself?

DeVeau: Well, I first went to the Veritas.

Which had resulted in some very interesting missions.  Then there was the time she had spent on Limbo.  While there had been some horrible things that had happened, her time there had also been exciting...fascinating. Memorable, certainly.

DeVeau: Then I was tapped for a special...research project.  Unfortunately, it’s not one I can really discuss.  After that...well, I was stationed here!

After much.  Alora didn’t really want to delve into that right then and there. 

DeVeau: So...yes, turbulent.

That was putting it mildly.

DeVeau: But I’m here now.

Ruwon: Turbulent and classified rarely make for good bedfellows. I hope you’re finding the station a bit less - well, turbulent?

Alora chuckled softly.

DeVeau: For now.

Ruwon: Not feeling optimistic on that front, eh?

DeVeau: Well, we are in Starfleet, out in the galaxy.  I mean, stuff is going to happen.  The best we can do is deal with things as they come. 

The Romulan nodded in agreement. 

Ruwon: I’ve found that’s a good way to weather things, if nothing else. 

His combadge beeped, and he looked at it, surprised for a moment, before he smiled apologetically. 

Ruwon: That’d be my next appointment. Would you like to catch up later? I’m sure to have time later in the week. 

DeVeau: I would /love/ to.  

Alora lifted a hand and waved. 

DeVeau: Contact me after your appointment and let’s set a time.

Ruwon: ::He grinned.:: Can do. 

With that, Alora turned and made her way out.  What a lovely surprise that had been.  


Counsellor Ruwon
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Ensign Taelon
Starbase 118 OPs


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
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Starbase 118 Ops

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